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Cute Ways to Tell Everyone You're Pregnant

I would like some cute ways to tell everyone I'm pregnant.

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My bother wrapped up a gift with tampons and a note saying that his wife won't be needing these for 9 months! Thought that was cute!

My friend bought her mom an orchid and used the pregnancy test as a stake to anchor the plant. Even though it kinda had her pee on it, she at least rinsed it off first, and everyone loved it. I thought it was a great idea! Congrats on #3!

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I just found out that i'm pregnant with our 3rd about 3 weeks ago (we also have 2 little girls). I told everyone with the following poem:

I do not have a face to see,
or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss;
I don't yet have a name.

You can't hold my tiny hands,
nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song,
or cuddle me so near.

But all will change come August 14th,
when they say I'm due.
I'm your new grandson or granddaughter;
I can't wait till I meet you.

All I ask between now and then
is your patience while I grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait,
because of all the love we'll know.

So as you're waiting patiently,
please pray lots of prayers for me.
I cannot wait to be a part
of this wonderful family!

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Great Ideas! we're expecting our first little boy in August and my parents are going to be grandparents for the first time... I told them that I had been learning how to upload movies to youtube and had them watch our video. They were all so surprised... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqbvSye2WQY
Let me know what you think!

We had a t-shirt made for our son that said "Im going to be a big brother in January 2009." Or you could get yourself a shirt that says something like "Im carrying precious cargo" Good luck, I bet you could google some good ideas.

Last Christmas I walked in wearing a shirt that said... "Guess Who's Pregnant" When I took off my coat or when new people arrived to our family parties they would gradually notice it.
Since you have older ones it would be awesome to just let them tell everyone they are going to be big sisters!

Congratulations! And what a perfect time to find out about a new baby. :)

With my first, I found a stuffed NASCAR Dale Earnhardt car (my mom loves him) and sent it to my mom with a note in the box saying something like "I picked this out all by myself, just for you, Grandma." It took her a while, but she was surprised nonetheless. We told my husband's sister by asking her what her plans were come April 2006. She looked at us like we were crazy. "I can't think ahead to tomorrow let alone next year!" My husband had the perfect comeback. "Well, we thought you might like to become an aunt around that time."

With our second, I think I just told my mom straight out. But, we still wanted to do something fun, so I took a picture of the pregnancy test and I emailed it to my doula (childbirth assistant) that I had hired for our first and asked her if she had any plans for January. She figured it out right away. :) We used the same picture but left it on the camera to tel my husband's sister. I put it in the middle of a bunch of other pictures and took the camera to her house and just told her we had some really cute pictures to share. She nearly flipped when she came across it, lol. I think we showed it to my husband's dad too, but he didn't really know what it was, lol.

Just be creative. :) It's always fun telling and hearing about new babies.


Congratulations first all. I had a friend of mine e-mail me a picture of her daughter with a poster that said "I am going to be a big sister!" It was perfect. I hope you find the perfect way to tell everyone!!


Congrats on the new baby! You could get a "big sister" t-shirt and put it on your youngest girl and wait for people to notice it and ask why the youngest is a big sister. I know someone that bought little picture frames and framed a piece of paper that said "insert picture here when new baby arrives in 2009". What I personally did was had a bib embroidered that said "I love Nana and Papa and can't wait to meet you" and gave it to my in-laws. Or you could wait until you have your first sonogram picture and make copies and frame them and wrap them up and give away as gifts.

I hope you liked some of these ideas. Good luck and what a great Christmas gift you have in there!

Being Christmas, you could wrap a gift of a few baby items (a bid, a baby bottle, or rattle)and put a card inside that says "It's Girl or maybe a Boy"
I did this one year for my parents.
Congrats to you!

I took pregnancy tests, wrapped each one in plastic, put it in a baby sock, and wrapped it up for Christmas. It took a second for my parents and his parents to figure out what it was but once they got it - their reaction was great. You could always say you forgot to give them one present and make it a late one. Have fun!

My bother wrapped up a gift with tampons and a note saying that his wife won't be needing these for 9 months! Thought that was cute!

Have family over for dinner. When setting the table, be sure to include a small, infant-appropriate setting just next to you. When serving yourself, set aside small portions of food for the baby, and of course eat them. Someone's bound to question why the two plates for you.

I was at a family gathering and every one was getting their little ones in their high chairs and putting on their bibs.I said you know next year I'll be needing one of those high chairs. Every one just kept doing what they were except my Nephews wife, she turned around and looked at me and said Oh I can't wait to see how beautiful your baby is.Then the rest of the family realised what I said. It was a real shocker for them.

Perfect timing on the question too -- we just found out last night that my daughter and SIL are having their first baby!
What they did was make me a family memory book for Christmas. They did it through Creative Memories and it is wonderful! It had photos in order, starting from before I was married, then of course, the wedding, then kid's births, their school years, graduations, weddings... THEN to the current page where there was a picture of an ultrasound and the title on the page said, "Great New Addition" "Expected Due Date July 4, 2009"
Caught us off guard completely and they loved the reaction!
When we found out about my daughter in law having her 3rd child (which ended up being twins!), we were all at her 2nd child's first birthday party. She put him in the highchair with a big birthday bib on him so we could sing Happy Birthday, watch him eat his cake, etc. Then she took off the bib and it said, "Big Brother"! All of us got it pretty fast except his Grandpa - he kept saying "yep, he's a big boy alright" == very memorable.
(For the other baby, we were given a picture frame with a poem about the new baby on the way. It was adorable!)
How exciting! Congrats again and Merry Christmas!

I am newly pregnant too! Congrats! I bought a plain shirt from WalMart for my daughter and I bought iron on letters from JoAnne Fabrics. I made the shirt say "big sister to be" in sort of a crossword pattern. It's kind of hard to explain! I just let people notice gradually. It was really cute and worked really well. You could do something similar for your older girls. I think the whole project was under $10. I have pictures of the shirt, I can email them to you if you want.

My friend bought her mom an orchid and used the pregnancy test as a stake to anchor the plant. Even though it kinda had her pee on it, she at least rinsed it off first, and everyone loved it. I thought it was a great idea! Congrats on #3!

We told our parents and siblings first. My husband's parents and one sister came to visit so we got out the new camcorder to "show them our new toy" and then told them we got it because we'd need it when the baby was born. For my parents, I had a birthday gift for my brother and a pair of pants and some socks I had picked up from the store I was working at before it went out of business. So after those were handed out, I gave my mom something "so she didn't feel left out". It was a charm for her bracelet that said "I Love My Grandkids". She thought it said "grand-dogs" at first (we have a dog) and almost had a heart attack when she realized it said grandkids! lol

at 3 months, we started telling everyone else. My family and my mom's friends love Scrabble. So, I made a Scrabble crossword puzzle and took a picture and then took a picture and sent it out with the subject "Scrabble - I got 329 points!" and sent it out. It said something like "Baby Penquite due October twenty-fifth". Everyone got a kick out of it.

How about getting tshirts for your older girls that say "I'm the Big Sister"---just have them wear them sometime when your family or friends are around. Yes, the oldest daughter has already been a big sister, but everyone would hopefully realize what's special about your younger daughter now being a big sister! Then wait for someone to notice and comment about it! If you live far away from family/friends, pose the girls in a picture each wearing their shirts.

With our first, we gave each of the grandparents the movie "She's Having a Baby". We did have trouble finding it, since it's an older movie. Then, with the second, it was Easter and I gave my mom a present of the pregnancy test and a card from the grandkids. Signed from Ben and ? My mom was pretty quick to get it.

We thought up a fun way to tell my parents. We hadn't told anyone we were trying, so when we did get pregnant we knew it would be a huge surprise to my parents, because it was the first grandchild for them. So we went to Target and picked up a onesie with a cute saying about grandma on it, wrapped it up and gave it to my parents for valentine's day. It took them a minute to figure out what it was (my mom told me later she thought it was underwear at first...wierd), then they about fell over once they put it together! It was fun to see that true look of surprise on their faces.

Have your friends over and have your snacks ready. Baby carrots, baby veges, mini wheats, etc. Anything with the theme baby or mini. Once someone figures it out, it is fun. Also you can play a game. My mom used to make up games all of the time for baby showers, and bridal showers. Do you remember the game of Win, lose or draw (pictionary). You could do that too. Hope it helps. D.

I know a manager at the Olive Garden, so I made up a "Specials Menu" on a rustic looking paper with the Olive Garden logo and the specials were:

Baby Girl (Only in Italian) Ingredients: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Baby Boy (In Italian as well)Ingredients: Snips and Snails and Puppy dog tails

And it said something like: Either special goes great with your choice of Celebratory drink, make that a Shirley Temple for the mommy-to-be...

And for those of you that haven't figured it out yet, We are expecting a baby... and the date.

What if you made copies of your sonogram. If your doc hasn't ordered one, I know of a few places that will do free ones, even the 4D ones. You could put copy in cards and mail them out to people and just wait for the phone call to pour in. Will last for days..maybe weeks with our mail system..lol If can't do the sonogram, can send statement from doc, pics of your other children with a sign or pic of them kissing your tummy. Would love to hear what you do decide to do..Have fun and Congrats!!!

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