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Hello mamas...

You have all been so wonderful with your advice with previous questions, so hopefully I will have luck with this one.

My little princess has the curliest hair... I mean ringlets galore! :) Any hoo, we are looking for a good conditioner to keep her hair healthy. We use a Johnson & Johnson leave in at night after her bath and Johnson & Johnson detangler in the morning because she looks like a big ol' lion when she gets up. Her hair is beautiful but it appears to look a little dry. We need to wash her hair every day because her and my 3 yr old look like garbage pail kids by the end of the day from all the playing outside & rough housing....some days we could make a whole new sand box from all the sand in her hair. :) Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Hi J., As a cosmetologist, I can tell you that Johnson & Johnson products, even for children, have very high ph levels, and leaving on overnight is not a good idea, as that's what's causing her hair to dry out. Go to a beauty supply store and ask for a low ph shampoo and conditioner suitable for children. Hope this advice helps, Sincerely, CJ

I use garnier fructise leave in conditioner on top of my conditioner because I have dry and fine hair. It could help.

Jojoba oil works really good for me. Plus, a little goes a long way and it is cheap! Also, leaves my hair shiny like Bio-silk.

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Please don't cut her hair! People pay good money for that hair. My daughter's hair is ringlet city too - even now that it's down to her butt - she will be getting it cut, but only to mid back. Anyway, when she was this age I stopped using kid products. They just didn't do the job. I know that's hard with not having a product that doesn't say "no more tears", but I pretty much trained her how to keep the soap out of her face while we washed it.

Sometimes the specialty stuff is just too expensive for constant use - we go through it so fast - my daughter not only has curly hair but it's super thick. My suggestions of drugstore brands: Garnier, Pantene, and Herbal Essenses for curly hair or moisture are good - shampoo and conditioner separately. I can't use any "bargain" brands on her like Suave, Dove or anything - doesn't work. My hairdresser had my using Infussium leave in a few years ago as well. Most other leave ins were not helpful. We also sometimes just take regular conditioner and work it through her hair and leave it there. Works just fine. My mother in law gives my daughter a few tubes at a time of conditioner from her hair coloring kits that are left over and those work really well, but they are a limited supply, so we don't count on those.

I also recommend only combing when it's wet. Use your fingers otherwise. I also braid her hair at night after the shower - when it's still damp so that the next morning when I take them out, I can style it and there aren't so many tangles (not so much in winter, but definitely in the warmer times of year). I was also once told that Satin pillow cases help tangles. Not sure how much I believe it - my daughter has satin sheets - but you can Google it and see what you think. I figured that it couldn't hurt to try it since she needed new sheets anyway.

I also only have her wash her hair every other day. It's getting tough now though because she's in 4th grade, and developing, playing sports and sometimes her hair is just stinky and sweaty and she has to wash her hair on back to back days. Good luck and enjoy the hair and compliments she gets.

Hi J.,

I am a hairstylist. Johnson and Johnson is not a good product. It is drying your babies hair. Look for natural products to use.

Wet her hair when you need to but do not use shampoo everyday. Too drying.

N. Marie

I use Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner for curly hair in my son's hair to keep him from looking like Cramer on Seinfeld. It smells nice and doesn't seem to make his hair gloppy. Also I wash his hair 3X a week to keep it from frizzing and getting dry. For stuck in arts & crafts or a little blob of yogurt etc. I wipe his hair with a wet washcloth at bathtime to tide him over. Daily shampooing makes his scalp itchy and dry and really makes me tired!

You might want to consider cutting her hair short while she is in the "garbage pail kid" phase. You may love her pretty long curls, but she would most likely be happier with a short haircut, at least until she is a pre-teen. A short haircut would allow you to get the sand out (and whatever else is in there), by brushing her hair vigorously with a relatively stiff brush. Brushing will also carry her natural scalp oils out to the ends of her hair, and help with any tendency toward dryness. Washing her hair every day is just too drying for most conditioners or moisturizers to deal with, especially when her hair is long.

If you can't bring yourself to cut her hair, try some Black hair moisturizers. Many Black hair products have lots of oils and heavy duty moisturizers in them.

Or you might consider putting her hair in a ponytail or braids and covering it with a bandana while she is playing, although she may rip the bandana off and get dirty anyway. Good luck!

Www.kinky-curly.com. Enjoy

Wash as seldom as possible (in my house that is avg. every other night) And use leave-in conditioner afte. We brush and braid it before bed every night, this saves a good 1/2 hour of carefully brushing while she moans and cries in the morning. And I always use the squirt bottle to make the curls pretty!

Dear J.,
My daughter, Angel, also has been blessed with beautiful curly hair. She's an adult now and straightens it every day which just kills me. Women pay a lot of money to get that kind of hair. I let her hair grow very long and at night after her bath I combed her hair out and put it in a braid. That way, in the morning, all I had to do was take the braid out and run my fingers through her hair or use a "pick". ZERO TANGLES! You might think that the braid would make her hair frizzy, but it didn't and of course she had all kinds of hair pretties. It was a super easy solution, especially for during the week when she had to get ready for school in the mornings. For special occasions, I'd let her hair air dry so she could have her beautiful ringlets down to her fanny, but for day to day the braid at night was a lifesaver.
You didn't mention how long your daughters hair is and at 2, I'm guessing it's probably not all that long, but longer hair can actually be easier when it's curly. When my daughter was really little before her hair got long, I'd run a pick through it in the morning then use a squirt bottle to dampen her hair and arrange her curls.
I tried kid products but eventually just used adult conditioners. They worked better for her.

I wish you luck and I would let her hair grow. That way you can put it in ponytails or braids when she's playing and keep it more manageable.

Hi J.,

Coconut oil can be used, take a teaspoon full and rub into/around your palms then lightly incorporate it into towel dry damp hair- focusing on ends and not scalp (or the scalp will look greasy).
I use Coconul oil on my skin when I get out of the shower because I read that it restores the acid ph balance to the skin that soap strips off.
You can use a bigger amount of coconut oil once a week on hair for deep conditioning, going even to the scalp, letting it sit for a few hours, and then washing out.

The nice thing about raw virgin coconut oil is that is doesnt have any PARABENS in it which can give estrogen to the body. And a lot of hair products have isopropyl alcohol,
which one doctor claimed accumulates in the liver.

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