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Curious About Breastfeeding While Possibly Pregnant

Hi, I'm a SAHM of two girls, ages 3 and 8 months. I am still nursing our 8 month old 4-5 times a day and have noticed that my milk supply has decreased, while my breasts look fuller than ever, which is weird. I also have been experiencing a lot of discharge these past two days. I have yet to get my period since my daughter's birth so I'm wondering if I'm about to get it OR if I'm preggers.
Any insight would be helpful.
I should also note that I'm pretty darn tired...

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Totally fine and healthy for both you, baby and unborn baby.

I tandem nurse and did through the 2nd pregnancy too and asked about it to make sure but no problem. SOmetimes at the end of the preg. it gets hard cause your nipples are sore and contractions happen but it makes the labor WAY quicker and easier because your uterus is so toned from it all the way through. Enjoy your baby and kudos to you for not giving up!

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You could be pregnant. You don't need to get your period again after baby to get pregnant. You could be ovulating.

Also, why do you think you have less milk?

It's totally fine to nurse while pregnant. I did it to 5 months in my second pregnancy... ds was 19 months when I stopped due to contractions. I really didn't need to.. but I had a c-section with #1 so I was nervous.

Take a pregnancy test, otherwise, don't worry.

You probably know by now whether you are pregnant or not.

In case you're interested, it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy while still breastfeeding a previous baby. If you want more info about that, here are some resources...




Best wishes,

both are possible. it is possible to get pregnant on the first ovulation that would then if you don't get pregnant lead to your first menstration. I have several friends who have experienced this while nursing. Doc's will tell you that generally nursing more than once or twice a day will generally repress ovulation but it is an individual thing. easiest way to find out is to go get a first response kit. First response was found by consumer reports a few years ago to be the most accurate pregnancy test on the market. good luck.

Sounds like your estrogen is peaking and you are getting the increase cervical mucous and breast tenderness associated with ovulation. Some women experience a dip in supply around ovulation which will rebound as you continue nursing through it. It is perfectly safe to nurse while pregnant. I became PG with twins when my DD was 9 months and nursed through the pregnancy. Some doctors tell moms to wean -but it's outdated and mis-information unless mom has a signifigant history of cervical complciations, and preterm loss. A good book is Adventures in Tandem Nursing - if you are indeed pregnant.

Honestly, I would say take a HPT if you think there is even the slightest chance that you may be pregnant(ie: you've had sex in the last two weeks or so). This will get you into the doctor sooner for prenatal care sooner if you are pregnant. If it comes out negative, wait a week and test again.

My personal opinion on the discharge is that it may be fertile cervical mucus. This means that you will be ovulating very soon and then in about two weeks (10-16 days) you would get your period (or if you timed sex correctly, you'd be pregnant). Is it watery or looks like egg whites? That type of discharge means you are fertile. Go to www.fertilityfriend.com and read thier online turtorials. It will help you to understand your cycle.

I'm not sure what to tell you about the decreased supply. Is your daughter nursing for longer? Does she seem hungry even after feeding on both sides? Are you pumping and this is how you know? She is older and now starting to eat more table food. This may be the cause for the decrease.

The fullness of your breasts, if you are about to get your first pp period is caused by your pre-period hormones which are very, very similar to what you feel once implantation happens (7-10 days after you concieve). There is no way to tell if that is a pregnancy symptom or not. Only an HPT will know (or a blood test by your doctor).

Good luck!

PLease be careful...MY ex-husband told me that I probably would not get pregnant and I had 2 boys 15 months apart...I stopped nursing the first at 6 months when I became preg. with the 2nd...Good for the 2nd but the first ended up having asthma...Use condoms and be careful...this is hard on your body to be preg so close together...
Eat healthfully..no empty calories ...Lots of dairy and fresh fruits and veggies..fish twice a week and nothing fried..Stay away from tuna since mercury in it it might be a contributor to autism....Feed your little girls well...they should have similar diets and little or no pop but fish every wek to build their growing brains...
I am so proud of you breats feeding..keep up the good work MOM!

M., I breastfed my second child until she was 15 months and I was 6 months pregnant. I did need more nutrition and more rest but, stopped breastfeeding because the girls thought it great fun to "poke" each other while I nursed.Not the most comfortable with Mamma in the middle. My children are all close in age (20, 17, 15, 13, 11) and emotionally. They are each other's best friends. Nutritionally, be sure to take your vitamins and eat very well. No empty calories. Looking back those tired times of little ones all about are very precious. I know it sounds trite but, they will only be little once ~ enjoy them to the fullest!
P. ~ wife to one great man, mom to five awesome kids and busier than when they were little!

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