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Cuddling with Kids

So yesterday my son (almost 7) wanted me to lay in bed with him and read to him. I did and then when we were done reading we were just laying there talking. My husband said that he's too old to be cuddling with him and me laying in bed with him was weird. Is it weird? When do you stop cuddling with them? He also thinks it's weird when we cuddle on the couch with a blanket. Any input would be appreciated.

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Thanks so much for all the quick responses. I feel so much better about it. Yes we are both fully clothed and we were under blankets because we were cold. I think it's because my husband was never affectionate like that with his parents so that's why he feels this way. I still hug my mom and dad when I see them and tell them both I love them when we part. I tell both my children I love them everyday and cuddle with them both (I have a 4 year old girl and 7 year old boy). I will continue to cuddle with them for as long as they let me. Thanks for making me feel better about it. I'll also talk to my husband about it. Oh and he did not say anything in front of the kids, he mentioned it after they went to bed.

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There's a theory that kids whose parents stop cuddling with them, touching or hugging them, tend to have sex earlier. The human need for touch is very strong.

I cuddle with my daughter (almost 9) as much as she wants, or will allow! My 28 year-old stepson still likes close, long hugs. He's been getting them from me since he was two years old.

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You got great answers and support here, but wanted to add mine. It's not weird, keep cuddling! Everyonce in awhile my 12 year old still wants to hug & cuddle mom...I love it! Enjoy while you can!

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Cuddle Cuddle Cuddle! My daughter is 4 1/2 - sometimes I'm too tired to cuddle at night, then regret it because one day she won't want to :(
I have a 16 year old nephew that I see infrequently. When I do, he will let me hug and kiss him and hold his hand :) I was there for his birth, so it's a very special bond when you can cuddle - at any age.

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I think it is sad that your husband feels this is wrong. I assume your husband is, then, not cuddling with him? That is sad. Kids need physically attention, at any age. Heck, HUMANS need that physically connection with another human. Keep cuddling him, as long as he will let you. And then, still hug him and tell him you love him. People need to be touched, at all ages. Is your husband affectionate with you? In public? It seems like he may have a problem with showing physical affection? It is his problem, not yours, not your son's. Keep it up!

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I don't think it's weird. My husband and I both cuddled our son as long as he wanted it.
I think you should find out why your husband feels this way. What about it bothers him so much?

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your husband is out of line. i hope he's not sharing this attitude and making your baby feel bad about cuddling with mom. i lay in bed and read to my teenagers, cuddled with 'em on the couch with blankies and movies. still do when i get 'em to hold still long enough. and i'm glad my young adult sons still hug and kiss their dad.
if your husband doesn't want to cuddle, that's fine. everyone has their own comfort level with physical affection. but he should lay off you and your son and not try to make you feel badly.

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I don't think it is weird. When our kids wake up in the morning they all come get in bed with us and cuddle. It is nice family time. We just lay there and talk about our day and watch tv for a 1/2 hour so. This is also the time when we decide what we are going to eat for breakfast. This is my fav time of the day and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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not weird...a good way to relax and talk about what is going on in their lives. a great way to keep bonded to him and make him comfortable talking about issues coming his way soon. sometimes we forget that a 7 year old is still really young. ask you husband why he thinks is weird...maybe he had something happen when he was young.

your kid is probably craving this close attention from dad too, but he is unwilling to give it to him so he comes to you.

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I will continue cuddling with my children until they start asking me not too. I don't care if it's 7, 17, 27 or 37. I think it's a mother's right! And knowing that my kids, at 6 and 7, will probably be hitting that period where they will not want to hang out with me as much or hug and kiss me in public, I am seizing every opportunity I have right now to get in as many hugs, kisses and cuddles as possible.

I think that if you were to ask your husband what memory he has from his own childhood regarding the whole cuddling issue (and if he is willing to be self-reflective on this point), it may be very revealing. He may have been brought up in a household that wasn't very open to allowing boys to hugged and cuddled once they hit a certain age. Or maybe he's just never been the type who is into hugging and cuddling.

I don't see anything wrong with a mom cuddling with her children. What you described sounds very sweet and loving. With your son getting older, your window of opportunity to enjoy such moments is probably going to be closing soon so enjoy it while you can.

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Cuddling your child never has an age limit. Humans NEED touch - which is why hugs for anyone and holding infants is so important.

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Are you married to my husband too?! :)

I was 23 and still would climb in bed with my mom!!! Seriously. It's not like you are naked with him!!

My boys are 10 and 8 and I still love on them - hold them, cuddle with them and read with them....my husband doesn't always like it but I tell him to pound sand. Just because he wasn't raised in an affectionate family - doesn't mean I won't stop showing affection for my children.

We watch movies together - there are times I will pull the hide-a-bed out and get our PJs on and snuggle under the covers while watching the movie!! Hubby just rolls his eyes and doesn't say anything anymore.

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