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Cross-eyed 4 Yr Old, Only Sometimes

Recently I noticed my daughter's right eye goes crossed just for a second, but pretty often. Do any of you have children with this happening? I haven't taken her to a doctor yet, I only noticed it the other day. Most of the time it's not crossed, but obviously the muscles are going funny. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I had the same problem when i was 3. You really should take her to the eye doctor as soon as possible. Dr. Roger Friedman is great and he is in Tarzana. Good luck!

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Hi S.

I have a 17 month old son Dylan who has hypotonia (low tone) and so far the only diagnosis I have for him is Developmental Delay. He has a strabismus. I noticed it when he was 4 months old. He is having surgery in 2 weeks to correct it. Talk to your pediatrician about it and then I suggest you go see a pediatric opthamologist if you are concerned. It might be a strabismus. Good luck!


HI! I noticed the same thing when my son was 1 and he is now in glasses. Ask your pediatrician for a referral to a pediatric opthamologist. Ask your pediatrician to dialate the eyes if they do not do this as this will help determine any weaknesses.

This happened to my son when he was about 4 also. We took him to the doctor and found out what he had was Strabismus. He ended up needing surgery to fix the wandering. He also had to get glasses. He is now 15, wearing contacts and has never had a problem with his eyes again.

good luck

I am 49 now, but when I was about 4, I had several surgeries to correct lazy eyes. My parents said it was the hardest decision they ever had to make, but they ended up being glad they chose the surgery, and so am I. I have never had any problems with lazy eyes, since those surgeries.

S., this could be a musculatory problem, this could be a "lazy" eye problem, this could be seizure related, a neurological disorder, etc... The first thing to do is bring it up with your pediatrician. Next, as you'll probably be instructed to do so by your pediatrician, have her seen by an opthmologist. I was born cross-eyed (strabysmus) and had to have two surgeries to correct the straightening of my eyes, once at age 2 and again at age 22.

You need to take her to a pediatric opthamologist. My daughter had the same thing at about 1 year old and the first approach was to patch the good eye a few hours a day. Well, she ended up having surgery and is perfectly healthy now. She's 5 now. I know, surgery sounds horrible. I fretted about it for weeks but it was the right thing to do. Start with seeing the eye dr., then go from there. Ask your ped for a referral.

My daughter's eye wanders out to the side and it is important to take care of anything you see that is irregular.

Great pediatric opthamologist:
Dr.Sheryl Handler in Encino ###-###-####

Our daughter wore an eye patch for 3 hours a day for a few months and was greatly improved.

my sister used to have a "weak eye" per opthalmologist. there were two ways to treat it. another little boy had the same problem. sometimes one eye would drift, giving the "wall eyed look" of eyes not being in sync. one way to treat was the way we did with my sis. when it happened, we told her to straigten out her eyes. sometimes, at first, she was told to close her eyes and open them again. this kept on until they were in sync. after a while, we could see her eye drift or cross and just say "straighten out your eye." then, she would instantly pull it into line. doctor said muscles of one eye were weaker than the other. the little boy had to wear glasses with one lens covered, to force focusing vision through the weak eye. then, he was allowed to wear two visible lenses, not fogged. this helped him.

My son started going a little cross-eyed at 4 years old and we actually didn't pick up on it until his yearly check-up. After seeing an eye doctor we found out he needed a pretty severe prescription (a +7 for far-sightedness). He started wearing glasses after that, and while it was a little hard for him to get adjusted to them at first, it wasn't long before they became a part of his routine. The doctor said that if we hadn't corrected it when we did, his eye-turn could have been in-correctable. Now he's almost 7, wears glasses every day and loves life. He's doing extremely well in school and loves his glasses.

I had the same problem when i was 3. You really should take her to the eye doctor as soon as possible. Dr. Roger Friedman is great and he is in Tarzana. Good luck!

Yes you are right to be concerned. I would have it checked and dealt with sooner rather than later. There are lots of great things they can do, depending on what is the cause.
Make notes of when and why so you can share info.
Good Luck!

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