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Cribs for Twins?

hi, i'm expecting twins in april and due to our small condo we truly do not have space for two bassinets or two cribs. has anyone kept their twins together in the same bassinet/crib at the beginning and for how long (2 or 3 months?) thanks for any info!

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Hi K.. Congratulations! I have twin boys who will be 10 years old in March. My boys "co-bedded" not only in a crib, but in the hospital, too! They actually recommend it! My boys were in the hospital - one for 4 1/2 weeks and the other for 6 wks. When I brought the first one home, I couldn't get him to sleep, he was so fussy! When I would go to the hospital in the morning to be with the other one, I would put him in the basinette with his brother and he would cuddle up next to him and fall asleep. Once they were both home, I put him in the crib next to his brother, and he put his arm over him and fell asleep (I LOVE that photo!) I had two cribs set up and didn't use the second one until they were standing up and pushing -- then I thought it was dangerous. But that was around two years old!

Good Luck!

I am the mother of 5 year old twin girls. They slept together in a crib for 7 months; first, side by side, then at opposite ends of the crib. I separated them only when they became too big and started to move around a lot. Worked for me. Hope this helps.

Hi I had Twin boys they are now 27!! But I did have then in the same crib for a while, I put a bumper pad though the center of the crib crosswise not up and down.

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I have 7 month old twins (congratulations and I hope you're up for the challenge!!! They are great!)
We kept them in separate bassinets until they were 5 months old. Then we went for cribs. BUT they were moving around a lot already at that time, rolling over, so we did opt for separate cribs. I guess you may be able to wait until about 4 months with one crib, but I wouldn't push it til 6 months. While our boys rolled over early, at 4 months, yours will definitely be doing it by 6 months of age, possibly sooner. They didn't hurt each other by being in the same crib (they still play together in one crib now) but they more or less annoyed each other. One is grabbing the other's foot or face, etc... Good luck K.! Please keep me in mind if you have any other twin questions. I'm no expert, but I'm doing it every day!

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Yes you can keep your twins together in one crib. My boy/boy twins shared a crib in our room for about 4-5 months. They did will together until they started rolling around and taking up each others space. I would suggest swaddling them when you put them to bed at night so they won't be banging into each other.
Enjoy your double blessings! Mine are now 18 months old and I can hardly remember the infant stages. They grow up so fast. :)

Hi K.,
I have 14 month old twins. They slept in the cosleeper together next to my bed for 4 months. Then, I put them in the same crib... they continue to sleep together. It depends on your babies. However, at first I think it soothes them. So, by all means put them in the same crib. Good luck.

Congratulations! I have triplets who shared a bassinet until they were 4+ months. It is actually very common to keep multiples together in a crib...they're used to it! The key driver in when to separate them is when they start to move around alot. There are products you can buy to help them stay on their backs which also helps ensure they don't roll into each other...but once they start moving around it's best to separate. Good Luck!

Hi K.,

Congratulations on the twins! We co-bedded our twins until they were about 3.5-4 months old. At that point they just became too big to fit into the same crib. But up until then they were fine.

Good luck!

mt campbell & jackson, 7.5 months

Hi K. -

My twin daughters are now 14 (!) and they started out in the same cradle. I liked the cradle because I could rock them to sleep simultaneously. I kept the crib near my bed, and in the middle of the night, if either one stirred, a little rocking generally put them back to sleep.

When they got a little bigger, I acutally put them on a mattress on the floor, which had carpet and was "child proofed." There was a monitor in the room, so I could go and get them when they awoke. But as they got older and learned to crawl, they would get themselves out of bed and play in the morning. Later still, I left their door open and made the passage from their room to my room childproofed, so they would actually get themselves up, play a while, and come get me when they were ready to nurse. It was a great advantage to have them be that independent so early.

Congratulations! My twins are almost 2 now and are terrific - you will have such fun but VERY busy. We kept our twins in the same crib until almost 6 months when they were rolling around too much and we were worried about them suffocating each other. At that point we could have gotten a crib divider and kept them in the crib together for another 3 months probably. We had already bought two cribs so we separated them but I am sure the crib divider would have worked. Good luck!

I am by no means an expert on twins, but I have heard it is good to keep them together all the time when they are newborns b/c they feel more secure, having spent 9 months so close in momma's belly.

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