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Crib Sheets

I am looking for suggestions on larger crib sheets. We bought a crib mattress and it ended up being slightly larger than the standard. We just made sure it met the minimum requirements for his crib. Well, then the crib sheets say they fit a standard mattress. So we are having problems with the sheets fitting. We can get them on, but a couple have torn because the mattress is too big and it's hard to get them over the last two corners. We aren't able to return the mattress now. Any suggestions would be helpful. We will be using this bed for his toddler bed too, so it will be the same mattress for a while.

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Thank you for all of the great suggestions. I ended up buying the Gerber brand knit sheets at Toys R Us. They worked great! I wish I would have thought about it before. I will keep the patterns on hand though for when we convert it to a toddler bed and he may want something different.

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If all else fails, try standard crib sheets that are jersey knit. They have much more stretch to them than the usual woven cotton ones.

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I would suggest buying twin sheets and sewwing them to fit, or just buy material and make your own!!!

Here are a couple free online patterns to sew your own - the measurements would have to be measured from your mattress, of course, but this way, you could pick your own fabrics, like fleece or velboa or flannel for winter and cotton prints for summer, and find pretty (or inexpensive, or both) fabric to match your decor perfectly! You could also buy adult sheets on clearance at somewhere like TJ MAXX or Marshalls, or Ross, and maybe even get the material cheaper from those than at the fabric store!





Good Luck!


I don't know what size our mattress is but I find the gerber brand ones to be very tight and hard to put on. We also have the Koala brand and Kidline brand which fit easy.

The kidline we have is regular cotton and all the brands are jersey knit.

If your mom or MIL (or anybody for that matter) knows how to sew (even remotely) crib sheets are very easy and quick to make. I only have 1 store bought crib sheet and the rest my grandmother has made for me (they are so easy for her to whip up that I had to tell her to stop making them for me because I have a whole drawer full!) I am sure you can find a pattern or easy instructions online and just measure your mattress to make them fit, or there may be a preset pattern for the size of your mattress. Plus, this way you can go to the fabric store and pick whatever kind of pattern you want! (A standard sheet only requires 1.5-2 yds of fabric, so it's inexpensive as well)
If you do find somebody, see if they might make you coordinating bumpers too! :)

They do make "deep pocket crib sheets". Just google the phrase and you will get pages of online retailers.

They also make sheets that pretty much encase the entire mattress, and zip or snap shut.

If you want to keep using the sheets you have, they also make "sheet suspenders" to keep sheets attached to mattresses. Again, just google the phrase.

Good luck.

I'm not 100% sure they'd fit your mattress, but I have the Pottery Barn Chamois Sheets on our normal sized mattress and they could certainly stretch more. It may be worth a try. They are a bit pricey new, though. I got mine off eBay.

I have found that cotton jersey sheets have much more stretch to them. I got some at Target but it was a few years ago. I would check Target and Babies R Us. If you still can't find, try a google search or amazon.com.

Good luck

If all else fails, try standard crib sheets that are jersey knit. They have much more stretch to them than the usual woven cotton ones.

How about trying to find knit crib sheets. I'm not sure if they are out there anymore but they might be stretchy enough to fit over your mattress. I am 10 years out from the crib stage but I know the bassinet sheets come in a knit fabric. The crib sheets may too.

Good luck,

Our crib is an odd size as well. We had to buy our sheets directly from the manufacter.

My best suggestion would be to have someone (if you dont sew) make you a couple. I can't sew at all but from what I understand its fairly easy, my mom made the ones for my sons crib and pack n play, she just needs crib measurments. She is in cedar rapids and does sell her work if you're interested let me know and I'll get you her contact info.

I think they call them like "jersey knit" sheets or something like that, while they're hard to find, I found some at JC Penney last summer. They're stretchy, so they're more likely to fit!

You may also want to look up the manufacturer's website of the mattress and see what brands they recommend. If you don't get anywhere with that, call Babies R Us and ask one of their associates. I'm sure you're not the first mom needing sheets to fit a larger mattress.

Good luck! I'm sure that trying to make what you have work, is maddening!

I had a mattress that was unusually small. I pinned the sheets tight underneath so they wouldn't move or cause breathing problems. I don't know just how big it is, but if you don't have access to a sewing machine or someone that can do it for you, I would think about pinning twin sheets tight underneath.

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