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Crib Recommendations - Saint Paul,MN

My 4 month old is outgrowing his bassinet. I am looking for a good crib and need help in choosing one as I read about so many cribs being recalled.
Cribs at babies R us are far more expensive than ones at stores like Walmart. Does it mean Babies r us has better ones? What safety features should I be looking for? Please recommend a good crib which is also very safe for my baby.Thanks!

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We have a crib by Million Dollar Baby. It's one of those that converts to a toddler bed, then to full size headboard and footboard. The style is called "Emily". We've had no problems and its on its 2nd child. One thing that I think you should definitely consider is NOT getting a crib that is drop-side. Get one that has stationery side rails that you cannot move up and down. The cribs with the drop sides are the ones that have mostly been recalled lately. Also, for a list of recalled products, check out www.cpsc.org. This is the website for the Consumer Product Safety Commission and you can get a complete list there. They also give the reason that the items were recalled, which can give you an idea of what to look for. PS - You can also sign up on the site to receive e-mails when an item (any item, not just baby stuff) is recalled!

Make sure that whenever the crib is put together, that the directions are followed EXACTLY as listed. This was part of the problem with recalled cribs, I think. Also very important in choosing a crib is making sure you have the right size crib mattress. One that is too small can leave gaps, especially in the corners where baby can get stuck and be injured or suffocate. I hope this give you some direction!!!

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no matter what crib you decide on, the best prevention against SIDS or any other kind of thing, is to keep baby in the same room as you. this is a good thing, and no your child wont stay in your room forever! its a very short time that they need this, so take advantage of it; you will not regret it!

there is a great video on how to make your crib into a side sleeper, but i simply used the crib on my side of the bed, so that he was right there, i could hear him and he could hear me, and it was fantastic to not have to crawl through a cold house to get to him! :P :P either way, he usually just slept with me anyway. :P whatever works for you!


thats the video for ya! :) good luck! i think cribs are all pretty much the same, i mean, at this point what ELSE could go wrong? honestly, i could do without one the next time, but ours did make a rather good toddler bed for our son :P

I can't remember the name of our crib, but after having 2 recalled we went for the bottom of the line, cheapest crib at Babies R' Us. It was just under $100 and we love it! Hope this helps~

I too had my old crib recalled about 6 months ago. For the new crib, we went with Delta Children’s Products Eclipse 4-in-1 Convertible Crib - Black Cherry from Target. It is actually on sale right for 199.00 normally 249. It is totally worth it!! I love it, my daughter loves and it has matching furniture too. Even though it's on the higher priced side, it will save you money in the future as it serves 4 functions (crib, toddler bed, day bed, & full size head board and footboard). Definitely don't get a drop side crib.
Hope this helps and Good Luck!

I had a big drop sided crib with my first two kids and never really liked it. When we were done with it I got rid of it. Well, we ended up with baby #3. This time I opted for a crib from Ikea. It was $99 plus the mattress. There were three options and I got one in the middle. My toddler and I both love it! It has the two mattress positions and is lower, so does not have the drop side. It can also turn into a toddler bed. I love that it isn't huge and bulky and it looks like there is more space in the room. It was also very easy to put together!

My son's crib came from Babies R Us and it was recalled. So just because you pay more for it doesn't mean it's safer.
Have you thought about looking at a consignment shop? I know Once Upon a Child won't sell items that are recalled and they usually have fabulous things for good prices.
I just checked the website and they have several stores in Minnesota. I don't if any are close to you, but it's worth a look.

NO DROP SIDES! theyre all being slapped with recalls. I bought my daughter the Graco Lauren 4 in 1 fixed side crib and its very steady, I decided that after the recall on her last one that i was going to climb in it to make sure it was safe.. nothing happend when i got in =] its not the prettiest crib but its def safe!!!

Babies R Us has had some pretty good sales lately and they also sometimes have 20% coupons if you ask.

The big thing right now with cribs is that you should not get one that has a side that drops. They can be dangerous.

You may want to go on Craigslist and see about a used one. Sometimes you can get a very high quality brand that is not too old and falls within all the recommendations and current standards. I would go to a upscale retailer; look at the brand names, talk to the sales associates and then get on Craigslist. That way you know what to look for.

If you get a used one, ask the seller for the serial number so you can check its recall status. That way you can have that peace of mind.

With babies r us, they're also having their sale right now where you bring an old item in like an old car seat, high chair etc and you get a certain % off. The turn in doesn't have to match the purchase. Chantal is right, they do frequently have 20% off coupons. You could end up getting a great deal.

I don't think they're more expensive because they're better necessarily. They're just different. You can get different and fancier styles at Babies R Us where the Jenny Lind cribs are common at Walmart. I would absolutely avoid a drop side crib though. Just so you have that peace of mind that your kid's crib is that much less likely to end up on the recall list.

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