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Creativity Needed: How to Display Daily Routine for Preschooler and Toddler.


I am trying to come up with a illustrated "planner" for our day. I am not very rigid in my day but I know that having a visual helper will help my kids with transitions. I want it to be pictures/photos of the different things we do each day but am having a hard time figuring out a way to display this so it it "changeable" each day (like school one day, zoo the next), ect. Anyone have any ideas on how we can create and lay this out?

Thanks so much!

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you could buy posterboard for fairly cheap, do a basic map, then put pictures and things on it. I like the idea of laminating them, that would work really well. Pictures of the kids doing things would be great, like if you had one of the kiddo in his backpack on the way to school for school, or one of the kids at the zoo for zoo, that sort of thing, that would be neat.

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I just made one of these for my 2 1/2 year old son who has trouble with transition. I bought red posterboard. I took pics and logos from all our fav. places to go including park, library, grocery store, school.... I did four a day from left to right the size of a 4 by 6 photo. Velcro holds them on. His name is on top of the posterboard. I have an envelope to discard them in once we are done. All of this is taped on our fridge. Its working out good so far.

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Get a pocket chart from a teacher store like Lakeshore. Then you can laminate the picture and time cards, and switch them around as necessary.

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Hello L.,

Good for you to think of doing this for your children. Preschoolers and Pre-K children love having a predictability in their daily routines.

May be you can use a "Magnet Board" you can write on, make your own personalized magnets using pictures/photos, this way it will be easy to change on a daily basis.

You can copy/laminate photos/cut them out and use magnet strip on the back of each to create your personalized magnets and add new ones as needed with each passing month/season/holiday etc.
( Walmart should have everything you'll need to get started)

I am sure you'll remember to place it at their eye level, have fun and do share the outcome.

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A white board with magnets with the various activities on them. Another idea would be to use Velcro on the back of activities that can attach to a board with more velcro. I agree with the other posts about pictures (maybe with the word too) and laminating them. Then either magnets or velcro on the back that can attach to a board. White board would let you use magnets too. Velcro may stick to felt, so you could do a felt board. If you are creative you could make something out of felt and then stick it to a feltboard. The felt will stick to itself and stay and then no small parts or scratchy velcro.

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Take photos and then laminate them. Once they are laminated you can put velcro dots on the back and have a chart with the days of the week/ time etc and place the correct photo in the spot (Obviously, the chart must have the receptor for the velcro and should also be laminated).

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Map the routine for you and be consistent, they will naturally adjust to it and know by default what to do (set time to brush teeth, brush hair, eat breakfast, etc) For example...We religiously gave our preschooler a bath when I get home from work, and I forgot one evening and he actually came to us and say "Mommy I need a bath"...In the mornings I try to make breakfast at a certain time and at that time, my son usually screams "mommy I'm hungry"...If you really want pics, then take pic of them doing the different things (eat, brush teeth, etc) and put it on a big poster, make it with squares like a calendar and organize it

I did this for my daughter that has adhd and it helps wonderfully. What I did was take a piece of colored paper and put lamination on it then took velcro and made 8 different places on the colored paper to place the velcro then I went on line and print off different pictures brushing teeth washing hands the bus school bedtime and so on and I also lamnated those and stuck velcro on them so they would stick. We hung it on the fridge so she would see what they day had in store for her. It was a life saver no more melt downs and no more what are we doing next. Good luck

If you don't want to make your own, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka used to sell a magnetic white board on her website (www.parentchildhelp.com) designed for this purpose. It came with pre-printed magnetic pictures (basic ones for bedtime, bath, eating, playtime, etc.) and blank magnetic squares you could write on and change as needed.

Oooo! You're looking for a SchKIDule (schedule for kids). Just visit www.schkidules.com and I think you'll be happy with what you find.

One Step Ahead makes a couple of really cute ones with lots of ready-to-use pictures/cut-outs, etc.



I made a rewards and consequences chart for my kids for nap time (age 2) I used plastic bags on the poster and can slide the rewards in and out as they earn or lose them. For your purpose I would turn a posterboard horizontal then use sheet protectors to make pockets so that you can change the pictures in and out. If you want it to be smaller get a magnetic white board at walmart or a similar place and print/laminate pictures of the events and put a piece of magnetic tape on the back of each.

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