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Creative Ways to Wrap Money for Christmas

I have searched on the web for some creative ways to give money as a gift. I have found origami designs, put the money in a large box so they don't know what it is, and also placing the money in one of those plastic games that lock and you need to solve the puzzle to get the money out. Other than those ideas do you have any others? Maybe for a teenage boy?

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A relative received a large sum of cash as a Christmas gift years back wrapped around a soda can and then wrapped. When handled, it kind of glugged and he wondered what kind of a liquid gift he could be getting.

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My idea is really just the big box but with a little twist. One year, we ordered something for my dad that I knew he wanted, but it didn't come in time for Christmas. So, we wrapped a big cardboard box and just stuffed it with crumpled newspaper, then on one of the flaps of the box, I wrote with a marker what the gift was and said it should be coming soon. It was so fun watching my dad be so confused at the empty box and dig through newspaper looking for something. Maybe you could tape an envelope with money to the inside of a box flap? It does also depend on the overall humor of the boy you are giving it to.
Just another thought, when we were given money growing up my parents just put it in an envelope and stuck it in the branches of the Christmas tree, we would get through opening presents and my parents would say there were more, but we couldn't see any and we would have to find it in the tree.
Good luck! He'll love whatever you choose, because in reality he is a teenage boy and you are giving money, so he will be happy! :)

Look up Martha Stewart.com. she has some different types of boxes that you can make and wrap the money in them with a ribbon tied around them. I made little brown coffins for Halloween for candy and such. the same can be done for cash.

This is kind of funny to me but may upset the kid. Give it to him in rolled coins. You can buy 25.00 rolls of the different presidents in the form of coin dollars.

I've seen money in a bar of glycerin soap (might be a good idea for a teenage boy! Ha!) and frozen in ice... Good luck! :o)

HOw about origami? There are some awesome ways to fold money. You could do a theme - like jungle or whatever and put it all in a box.

Hi J.,
I get those take out boxes from michaels and fill them with either marshmallows or chocolate chips for reindeer poop or snowman poop and put the $ in a little plastic bag and stuff it in there. My teenage neices and nephews always loved it.. even my 8 year old son wants one.. last year i melted the chcolate over the marshmallows and it was a big hit! even if i dont give them a present they want that!
Good luck

HI!!! I happen to be doing the same thing for my 14 yr old son and i decided to get a "Build a Bear" done. He is really into football, so i am getting him a bear dressed as a player and slicing a small slice in the little football for the gift card to go into. But you can choose any kind of animal and any kind of outfit. Good Luck!!!

How about if you attach it to a brick and wrap the brick? That'll really throw him off.

My son recv'd a money box. My aunt made it but you can also get them on line. She took a small square box about 5" x 5" square and decorated it on the outside. Made a slot on the top wide enough for dollars to fit through. The she taped 30 $1 bills end to end together, rolled them up and put them inside. she taped sone small ribbon bunched up together on the end of the first one and stuck the ribbon where it just came up through the holeso it looked like decoration on top of the box and put a cute little tag on it that said "pull". (tape the box so they can't open it.) They have to pull on the ribbon and then all the money comes rolling out one by one, I hoped i explained that ok. It was really cool. all the kids loved it. It looks like so much money when you do it that way. My mother-in-law just did it for her Christmas party and it was a big hit too. She ordered her boxes on line. They are called a "money box". hope that helps.

I know this doesn't exactly answer your question, but just wanted to mention what we usually do. Instead of just creative packages, we like to give "creative money" to our nephews and nieces. Hubby always stocks up on rolls of the new presidential dollar coins - I think they're issuing 5 new ones per year right now - and we give them each a sampling of the ones from that year, usually $20 total. Also we gave rolls of the Arizona quarters the year they came out. This way the kids can save some for a collection, or spend them all if they like, but they're a little more special than just ordinary paper money. In the past I've found little inexpensive containers - such as lipstick cases - that hold the coins perfectly. Reminds me I need to figure something out for this year! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

We are giving my 15 year old nephew $ for xmas and I just got him a "cool" wallet to put it in...he'll be 16 in Feb and will need a wallet for his drivers license. Kind of boring, but a little more fun than just a envelope. Merry Christmas!

I believe the flylady.net video that was mentioned is the "Everybody loves money" dvd that's available on The House Fairy's website: http://www.housefairy.org/housefairyland.php

People have mentioned the flylady.

One way on there was to get a hardbound book. Youo bend the book and slide the money into the spine.

Then on a few pages througout the book write "It's in the spine" One word on each page. As they find the words in order they will know to look in the spine for their money.

ANother way was to get a loaf of bread and take out a few pieces from the front then in the middle, hoolw it out and place the money in there. Replace the front slices and re-tie. You would be giving "bread" with bread!

I'm sure there are several fun ways.

In college my roomate and her finance gave me a gift and sent me on a treasure hunt through the apartment to find it leaving clues to the next location to look. That could be a fun way to.

Good luck!

FlyLady.net has a video or book about all kinds of creative ways to give money as gifts. You can look for it on her website or email her. I get her email updates and have heard a lot of great testimonies about this. I was trying to look around for you since it's a big site but I wasn't having any luck. Maybe you can look into it more. It sounds like some great ideas but I've never looked into it further. Good luck! I hope you find something...

A relative received a large sum of cash as a Christmas gift years back wrapped around a soda can and then wrapped. When handled, it kind of glugged and he wondered what kind of a liquid gift he could be getting.

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