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Creative Ideas NEEDED

Hello creative moms! Looking for some ideas if you have any….my soon to be 4 year old is having a "fun" week at pre-school next week and there are two days I am stumped on. One is Crazy Hat Day and the other is Silly Sock Day. Most creative gets a prize. Looked quickly online, but didn't come up with much. Not looking to spend too much on this activity, but would like to be able to send her in something cute. Any ideas on how to make these two items fun?
Thanks in advance!!

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For the silly sock day...the dollar store (of course!)

Buy several pairs of adult socks...different colors/patterns. Cut them open at the foot or ankle and have her wear them on her legs and arms...scrunched up like leg warmers. Then she can wear one regular pair on her feet. It would be cute if she wore a skirt with tights and then put the socks on over her tights. You could even cut holes in one pair so she could wear them like gloves (cut one hole for her thumb, and another for all four fingers...not one hole for each finger).
Hopefully you understand this description...I think it would look really cute!

Good luck!

Hi M.-
What about getting plain socks and a plain ball cap, grabbing a hot glue gun and letting her go crazy (with your help of course)? You could send her on a treasure hunt around the house to find special things to attach to the hat (scraps of fabric, small toys, postcards, cotton balls, straws, fake flowers) Maybe you could have a theme, like her favorite things, all one color, cooking stuff, favorite place, or anything really! You could make crazy socks by gluing on fabric scraps or fake flowers. Just make sure she can still get her shoes on!


Try familyfun.com or Martha Stewart's site (she had, not sure if she still does, a Kids magazine that had fun ideas). Family Fun ususally has lots of creative ideas that are simple and inexpensive to do. Have fun!


M. ~
Go to your local thrift store and see what you can find. That would be a great place to get alot of socks if you want to do the sweater thing....you never know what you'll find there!


Something to keep in mind for this in the future is if you garage sale at all keep your eyes open for crazy hats at garage sales. I will pick them up so we can use them to put together Halloween costumes too.So check you old costumes (if you save them) for any hats you could use.

For Crazy Hat Day you could take a bicycle helmet and glue artificial flowers, or stickers on it. You could also take a stocking cap and either safety pin or glue ribbons, or streamers onto it. At my sons school one little girl came in with a wig from an old Halloween costume and it was really cute! My son wore a Pirate Hat (also from a Halloween costume). Otherwise try to think outside the box, any baseball caps lying around you could embellish?

For Silly Sock Day, Could you put a pair of adult mens knee socks on her-over her pant legs? Thats definitly silly! Or maybe several pairs of socks in different lengths and colors, so that you can see all the layers of socks? Maybe go a different direction and safety pin lots of socks to her pants and shirts?

Good luck and have fun with it, you don't need to spend much- if anything- just try to be original!

How about something like wearing Mom or Dad's socks over his tennis shoes.

Take a baseball hat that fits him well and then decorate it with things from around the house. Maybe attach some construction paper and then add a favorite littler toy to it.

Hi! What about getting a cheap straw hat from the $ store, cut slits above the ears, of corse before she puts it on, add a old but colorful scarf to keep it on her head. If you have a glue gun, look at some old silk flowers or lace or even shoe laces to decorate, if you scrap book, cut-outs using felt or colorful paper should work with some rinestones, or big flashy buttons would work too! The socks are a different story. Good luck, and have fun. Let her help by picking from a stack of add ons you choose.

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