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Creative Grandmother Names?

Can I have some creative grandmother names? I know my baby girl will come up with something on her own, but "Grandma" doesn't want to be called such, so any suggfestion will be appreciated :)

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Thanks for all of the great suggestions! Of course I opened the door to both of my parents to choose their "new" names, but Mom just hasn't heard one yet that she truly HAS to have. She would love to be called Mimi, but there are so many "Mimi's" in town, she wants to be different. My favorites so far are : Grams, Gigi, Gima, Nonni, Nina, and Mim. What's so funny is I know this whole question/answer thing will be moot eventually cause Taylor will say what she wants :)

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I do not like to be called Grandma or Grandmother,mine call me Nanny.I don't have a problem with that,one of my daughters gand children call her Nana. B. Ingram

For some reason, my sons called my mom "MooMoo". My oldest son wanted his son to call me that. But my grandson had his own version for me , which is "Mooma". I'm the only "Mooma" I've ever heard of.

My Mom goes by the name "Bug". As the first grandchild, my nephew started calling her "bugga bugga" when he was just a baby and then it became "bugsy" and then shortened to just plain "bug". Also, "Ya-Ya" is Greek for Grandmother and that's an adorable name.

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My brother created the name, Gingy, when he was little for one of our grandmas. He just couldn't say Grandma, so Gingy it has always been.

For another gramdmother, my kids call her Special Grandma. My three year old is soo funny when she yells "Special Grandma!" and runs to hug her. She is actually Great Grandma, but try explaining that to your kids...so my oldest just called her Special and it has stuck for 8 years now.

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Like the old son Poppa oo mow mow :)
That's what our twins called us
He was Poppa I was ooooooooooomow

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We call my Mom Lolly. We call my Dad Pop. Lolly-Pop. My oldest could not say Grams so we came up with Lolly.
I know other Grandmothers called Sweetie, Easy(for Easy-Does-It), Honey, and Granny (of course).
Hope this helps.

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my cousin's baby calls her grandma "precious" :)

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For some reason, my sons called my mom "MooMoo". My oldest son wanted his son to call me that. But my grandson had his own version for me , which is "Mooma". I'm the only "Mooma" I've ever heard of.

Hi E.!

What is grandma's name?

My Mother in Law is Dolores and the kids call her DoDo, she loves it and so do we. We're goofy though - I call her MIL and she calls me DIL (Mother in Law, Daughter in Law), AND nevermind what we call the animals!


My mom's name is ANNA. Instead of nanna my son could only say ANNA - so that's her name. Good luck finding one!

Mom Mom

get it.. ? Mom times two? That's what we call my mother-in-law

Hi E.,

I'm a grandmother of 6 (all siblings) and felt that I was too young to be called Grandma--11 years ago when my first grandchild was born.

My grands call me Gran. I came up with the name because I felt that it was short and to the point and sounded more like a name than a title. In fact, my daughter and I got a good laugh a few years ago when she was teaching them the names and phone numbers of their closest relatives. She told them that my name was L. and they all looked totally shocked. The oldest two thought that Gran was actually my name (smile)!!

My son-in-law calls me Gran and my youngest daughter will call me Gran when she's trying to humor me.

I think your mom might like it. I love it.

Nanny and Grandma? That is what we used. If step grandparent we say Grandma/Grandpa with first name. Hope that helps.

N. H

I want to tell you about how my grandchildren picked the name to call me. When the first one was born we decided that we would let her pick the name. My daughter who lived only a few blocks away would come to my house and crack the front door open and holler Mom to let me know she was there so when Megan got big enough to name me she thought her Mom when she came to my house was calling me Mum so when she got big enough to name me it was Mum and it has always been that way with her. When her sister was going to be born my daughter said well I guess this baby will call you Mum also. My first grand daughter said Hold on there is no way my little sister is going to call her Mum. I was the first born and the name Mum is only for me to call her Mum. I have been her Mum all along.

When the little sister was born and started talking my name for her to call me was Grammy and the other three from my second daughter picked up on Brooke calling me Grammy so I am Mum to my first born and Grammy for the other grandchildren. I am sure your little one will find a special name. It is fun to let them come up with what they want to call the grandmom. No matter what she ends up calling her it will be special to the grand parent.

I hope you enjoy reading this.
L. in Ga.

Hi E.,
When my oldest daughter, E., was having her first baby, we talked about those grandparent names. I wanted to be called simply "Mama" as that is what I had called both my grandmothers all my life. It was an endearing term to me. Yet E. said that sounded too much like what the baby would call her, "Mommy." Since I could not have my special and sentimental name, I was left floundering to find one that suited me. I definitelly did not want to be called Grandmother, Grandmama, Grannie, Nana, Gram, Grammy, or Grandma. Even though those are perfectly good names for grandmothers, not any of them fit me. Perhaps, one of my favorite quotes will explain why. I do not know the author of this quote, but it says, "Your were born an original, don't die a copy." In addition, my husband refers to me a a mavrick for my individualism, not for my wild living. I just needed a name that not everyone else had. I settled on "Gran" and I love it. It fits me. However, you will never find it on a greeting card, a plaque, or other grandmother things. Yet, I am glad as that means that it is still fairly distinctly mine.
My husband choose the name "Pa" after a wonderful friend who had been a wonderful grandpa and wonderful role model for us.

One good thing is that in choosing a grandparent name, there is plenty of time before the darling little one will be using it.

I am a grammy, my mom and sister are nana's. I think one of the best I heard was a friend of mine, she is a Weena. Her name is Tina, and when her first grandson was learning to talk, he kept hearing Tina and it came out weena. It stuck.

They say your first grandbaby names you. It is true and they stick. What is amazing is that it really doesn't matter once they start to recognize and call you anything at all.

I am also heard of mimi, big mama, gamma, momo, etc.

Good luck

My mother-in-law is "Meme" (or "Mimi"). My mother was "Mamaw" (I called my grandmother that). I think the idea that children will come up with their own name is ridiculous. The name they come up with in invaribly a derivative of what the original name was supposed to be. They can't pronounce a consonant and the name gets changed. Good luck.

Grandma didn't suit my mom either, so we all call her Mimi.

My grandchildren call me Mimi. pronounced meme.
I was very young when I became a grandmother, and I wasn't ready to be called Grandma, but Mimi is fine.

My mother did not want to be called grandmom or grandma so my neices and nephew call her "Mimi" (me-me). And that works for everyone and easy for the kids to say when they were little. Now all kids friends also call her that instead of Mrs. SO SO.

Hope tou find one that works for your family!

Nana (my mom), Maw Maw (my friends), MeMa,Grammy ( my aunt) , Gram, Gran, Gramcrackers (my great grandma)
Good Luck

My mom and dad are "Nana" and "Papa", my husband's are "Gram" and "Grandaddy". My friend goes my "Nana" and her husband is "Poppop". You may think she will choose her own name for them, and she might... but if you always refer to your mom by a certain name, that is what your daughter will call her (maybe a mispronounced variation...). So, you are right to ask what "Gramma" wants to be called.
Side note: most times, whatever the first set of grandkids calls them is what all the subsequent grandkids (of YOUR siblings) will end up calling them, too... so be considerate to Gram's feelings on this...

My now-7 Year old came up with her own name for her grandmothers. Both grandmothers were ECSTATIC to be grandmas, but my mom thought it would be funny to be called "Goddess" (whatever....)

Anyway, my daughter, was having trouble saying "Grandma" and one day she said "Anno". It has stuck ever since...and even though she can say "grandma" she still chooses to refer to both of them as "Anno."

Have you asked grandma what SHE wants to be called? Hope you are able to figure it out :)

I have to say that my husbands parents thought Grandma and Grandpa sounded too old so they went with Nana & Pop-pop. I personally think those sound older, but that's probably just me. You could also go with Mimmi, that seems to be popular in the south. I personally can't imagine my children having their own children in the future and not being called Grandma! I think it is a name to be proud of.

Memaw...Not the way it is spelled just sounds that way...Nonna..Bubbe,Gammy

Well, being a "new" grandmother (my step daughter) at age 35 we opted for Mae-Mae and it seems to work, our grand daughter will be one in May and so far it works, kind of different but I like it, my own grandmother suggested it. Good luck

Gam Gam

I have a Aunt that didn't like the name grandmother either. She came up with a cute and hip name I thought you might like. She is now called "Mim". I think it's cute and timeless! Hope I helped.

I do not like to be called Grandma or Grandmother,mine call me Nanny.I don't have a problem with that,one of my daughters gand children call her Nana. B. Ingram

Hi E.-i am a grandmother with 10 grandkids and 2 more on the way--they have so many grandmas and each of us has a different name ....granny,nanny,nana,naynay,memaw,other gran,etc.----some of us grannies picked the names we wanted the kids to call us and some of the names;the kids picked on their on...so i really don't have any creative names for you---i just thought i would send along some of ours-good luck....vicki

My son is half-chinese, so his chinese grandmother is "paw paw" (pronounced like a dog's foot(!)) and his anglo grandmother is "Nanny".

My husband is German and they use the word "Oma and Opa", its cute and my daughter loves it!

E. my grandson is 21 years old and when he started talking he could not say granny,grandma so he called me nanny. My mothe thought that was not what she wanted to be called but, soon learned that was what he was going to call her as well. Let your child come up with her own word for her grandmother. Believe me they will adjust.

My mom goes by "Oma." Its German for Grandma. Short and easy to pronounce.

I don't want to be called Grandma either. My oldest son is engaged at 20. I am only 44. I more than likely will become a grandmother before age 50 and I hate that idea. We are still thinking of having another child ourselves. ANYWAY, I have thought about it and I want to be called "Grandmommy" When I was a child my GrandMA was 400 pounds and very mean to us all. My other grandparent was Grandmommy. She was sweet, loving, made cookies and let us climb her trees out back. So I have a fond memory of my Grandmommy and that is what I want to be called, someday, MANY years from now. LOL
K. Willard

My mom is called Mimi (meme) and I have also heard Mami. Just some suggestions. :)

I want to be called MeMe when I/m a grandma (years from now!).

My mom is called "Mema" and I have a best friend whose kids called their grandmother "Oma." I've also heard Nana, Mimi, Mamaw, Meemaw, Pasha, Grammy, etc.

Good luck!

Here's some I've heard being used for grandmas
MeMaw or MeMa
Little mom

Good luck

We've got a Grandma, a mamaw, and a Busia (polish). I've heard a lot of people call them Mimi and Nana. Granny. Those are usually the older ones.
Why not ask grandma what she would prefer?
The hardest part will be retraining yourself to call her by her new grandma name. Have fun with it though.

grandmommy grand ma
for get names like nena nana mamum

Ours are called Nana and Nanny. Also the great grandparents are called Mimi and great nana.

Noni (non-ee)is Grandmother in Italian. Or when my Grandmother became a great-grandmother she prefered Little Gram and the great grandkids called her Gigi (GG for Great Grandma)

My boss's granddaughter calls her "Gigi". My daughter call my mother"mammaw" but the other grandmother is "grandma". They will use what you call them. Babies start talking in sylibals or letter sounds. Don't confuse this with a word. Encourage them to use correct words for things. My nephew was learning to talk and used "Gaga" for grandma. they never continued to use the word they wanted "grandma" so now he is 10 and sounds like a 1 year old saying "Gaga". If they had continued to use the word they wanted he would have used it too. Not that baby talk isn't cute but you do want them to use grown up words at 15!!

Dear E.

I love to be called Grand-mom >>>but my youngest Great-Grand Daughter started calling me** MI-MI **and I love it and she is so Prcious they said no she is your Great Grand-mom and she is 3 years old now and she said no>> no >>no >> she is my ****Mi Mi ****
Have a wonderful Life Babies are so Precious and such a Blessing from God
Good Luck
Alittle about me I am a Grand-mom a Great Grand-mom also
I Knit and make the Baby Caps for **Arnold Palmer Hospital
God Bless you and your Baby
Love from a Granny

My boys have 3 grandmothers- and only 1 goes by "Grandma". They have a "Mimi" (Italian) and a "Nonni": pronounced no-knee (Croatian).
Congrats on your new baby girl!

Hi, E....
My granddaughter calls me Gee Gee, and you're right... when the time's right your angel girl will apply her own name for "Grandma". Also, my grandbaby calls my mother "Nina".

Good Luck,
B. D.

My mom goes by Nana, but there's also Nona or Mimi. I've also heard Memaw & Grammy.

I've been kicking around the name Yaya

A good name I thought would be nice is nana its cute and will make you feel young!

Well, I am faced with this myself. I am going to be a young grandmother this summer and want a younger sounding name. Plus my Mom and husband's Mom already go by Grandma. I am leaning towards Nana. I have also heard Mimi. You can also check different languages...like German is Oma. Hope this helps!
Nana P.

Go to
http://www.namenerds.com/uucn/granny.html . There are plenty of ideas there. We call my mom Amma, and we have a friend called Yaya.

Hi E. my grandchildren call me Mawmaw and I love it. God Bless

Lella is arabic, at least that is what my husband called his. I thought it sounds nice. Better than Norwegian which is Bestemor.

Working mom of 3 boys, 2 that are half Norwegian, Thor "god of thunder" and Anders "regal, ancient kings name" and one that is 1/2 Moroccan Ali Karim "highest and most generous" I like your idea!

i did not want to be called grandma......
and so i have my grandson call me bella (beautiful one:)
ask what grandma wants to be called!
oma is dutch and there are grandmother names in every language.......google names for grandmother in other countries. my ex husband is called the scottish name for
grandfather because my son decided that.
my mother is called nonie and you can look at nana.
hope this helps. try below also:

In my extended family we've had a Granny, a Mema, a Mamaw and a Nana.
(My favorite grandparent name was Honey. It's what my grandmother called my grandfather, so we kids followed suit.)

My mom is called Grams. She seems like it as she is a hip grandma.

GRAMMY....we made it up for our kids now teenagers and it stuck....plus we liked it because of the "grammy" award. we thought she was more special than any award!

other grandmother wanted to be called NANA because that is what she called her grandmother when she was very small.

perhaps the grandmother has a preferrence in the name she will be called by.

My grandsons call me MeMa, and because my Mother-inlaw didn'T want to seem old she had the grans to call her nanny.

How about "Gammy" That is what my granddaughter calls me!!

How about G-Nana or MyLove

My Mom goes by the name "Bug". As the first grandchild, my nephew started calling her "bugga bugga" when he was just a baby and then it became "bugsy" and then shortened to just plain "bug". Also, "Ya-Ya" is Greek for Grandmother and that's an adorable name.

My mother is named Pat and my kids call her PittyPat.

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