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Crazy Places to Pump Milk

In an effort to conserve time (as I'm sure all you working moms out there can relate to!), I came up with either a brilliant or ridiculous plan--I could pump breastmilk while driving! I have the Medela pump with battery pack and a hands-free bustier to hold the bottles....I figure I could get myself all set up while parked, do the driving (while covered with a nursing shawl or something), then when the milk stops coming after 10-15 minutes, pull off to the side of the road and take off the pump/reassemble clothing again. Is this actually plausible or a disaster waiting to happen? My husband thinks I'm crazy for even suggesting it.

It got me thinking, though, about all the crazy places we moms have to do the pumping. For me: the floor on a middle school girls' bathroom, the storage closet at my workplace, and a school board's conference room (room unoccupied). I always think--what would the average person think if they walk in on me right now??!!

So, ladies, where are all the ridiculous places you've pumped?

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Well, after making sure that I felt safe enough to drive, I gave pumping while driving a whirl--and found it to be very relaxing and "productive" at the same time! On Friday afternoon, driving home through rush hour traffic, I got 6 ounces of milk (instead of my usual 2 ounces at that time of day!!). It worked for me! Because it was a bit of a hassle getting the milk into its little storage bag afterwards (while parked), I'll probably just do it in emergencies. But I love that I have the option!

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I was lucky enough that I didn't have to pump often as I was home with my girls, but there have been the silly places while being out. The car, the dressing room at Walmart and my favorite was the dark room at the clinic I worked at.

I've pumped while my husband drives, and also on airplanes. I've never driven and pumped at the same time, though.

Sounds like you work in a school. I used to be a teacher, too so I know how difficult it is to pump there. What if you left early and pumped in the parking lot when you got to school? This might be a little bit safer/less messy. I would be worried about getting milk all over myself if I had to stop suddenly or something.

Good luck!


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MN law states that your employer must provide you with a clean, private place to pump, so please talk to your employer about finding you a place to do this. Please do not drive while attempting to do other things, even if it so called hands free. Your still distracted! You would feel awful if you caused an accident and then were charged with wreckless driving, wouldn't you? Don't risk other peoples lives - please!

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Last summer, I tutored kids in their homes and only had a few minutes drive time between each house, soooooo I pumped while I drove. It does take some getting used to!

I NEVER did it with the baby in the car and always stopped to set-up, change breasts, and then put everything away. I would then drive a little slouched over to keep anyone from seeing and potentially wrecking THEIR car. I wouldn't have been able to breastfeed as long as I did if I couldn't pump and drive.

Keep clorox wipes in the car for the occasional spill and disinfectant cleaner for your hands.


I've pumped in the car while my husband drove numerous times with just a hand pump. Nothing crazy though. I'd say go for it, pumping while driving. You'll be covered so there will be no distractions to other drivers. Good luck!

I have actually pumped while I was on the road. There were times when I was busy with work and had to travel. While on the highway, I just covered up and pumped while I was driving. By the time, I got to where I needed to go, I was done. It worked out great. Just had to be discreet in prepping and finishing to be sure others didn't see. If it works for you, go for it!

I breast feed twins for a year. I pumped on my commute while driving all the time. : ) I didn't have a special "bustier". I pumped one side at a time. I did occasionally stop at SA to fill my little Medela cooler with ice for free if I was in my car a lot for work or at off site events. I had a car charger adaptor thing, so did not use the battery pack for in the car. Not sure how many people I flashed, and can't really say I care, since I will never see them again. I also use to pump as a passenger with my husband. He use to get so freaked out I was flashing the world.

I did NOT pump and drive and TALK on the cell phone. I drew the line at that! : )

I've pumped while my husband drives. he thinks I'm crazy for it. I've only done this with my first son - he took breastmilk from a bottle - so I needed the relief and he needed a bottle. We were going on different occasions to see family - so it was a 3 1/2 hour car ride.

We've gotten a lot of good laughs about it. I can't imagine doing it while driving myself though.

I just had a funny thought come to mind while ready your question.... DONT GET PULLED OVER!!! Although you may get out of a ticket because they would feel so uncomfortable! You know much like when someone walks in on you nursing/pumping!

Good luck I hope you find a solution that works for you.

I don't know if I could do it, as something could come loose and milk spill, you just never know. Plus it is a distraction on the road. I just don't think it is worth it.

Some crazy places I have pumped, the bathroom at a grocery store, the bathroom at a golf course and a utility closet at work (my conference room I normally used was occupied.)

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