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Crayons That Don't Break Easily?

Hi all this may sound like a odd question but has anyone found a crayon that is harder to break than the others? We keep buying crayons after crayons and after even an hour they end up broken. I have tried the crayons that you twist out of a plastic tube but the first day my kids had them all twisted out and broken. Our kindergartener needs crayons to do her homework but unless we continually buy new ones all she has is little stubs to use. And half the time we can't find the right colors even though I take them away from the kids when not in use. Do I just keep buying new crayos?

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I don't know about crayons that don't break but I have a great idea for using the pieces once they are broken. Take any papers off the crayons and then sort them by color into the tins of a well greased muffin pan. If you want a rainbow effect then don't sort them by color. Put the pan into a 400-degree oven until the crayons melt. Then let the crayons cool completely, take out of the pan and have fun coloring. They are great of little hands and if you mix the colors you can have a great time coloring rainbow pictures without switching crayons. Good luck in your search.

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If Twistables don't work for you (my kids had them all twisted out--it was way more fun than coloring!) then I would give each child their own crayons. The 5 year old and 4 year old ought to be able to take care of their crayons better and not break them, allowing for the occasional accident. The 2 year old, no way!
My boys each have their own "art box." My 4 1/2 year old's is a pretty big Sterilite Show Off with a lock-on lid, and has a tape dispenser, stapler, ruler, markers, crayons, stickers, pencils, pencil sharpener, etc. in it. He has his own box of crayons in it, too.
The 2 year old's "art box" is just a $1 plastic pencil case like they sell at Walmart around Back to School time. It has washable markers and a box of crayons. If he breaks his crayons, he lives with broken crayons.
I also stock up on the 24-color boxes during Back to School sales, when they're 20 cents each. So it's no big deal to pull out a new box if I need to. I think I've only done that once, though, and we have about 10 boxes of crayons in the closet!
Another thought--if your 5 year old usually keeps her crayons in one piece, but breaks a few and ends up with stubs, you could just replace those broken colors with fresh ones from a new box. I bet the 2 year old would be happy to have all the broken pieces from the older kids. mine sure doesn't care!

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I second Deb, she beat me to it!

Crayola Twistables, they are the good ol' crayons in a plastic cover you have to twist up as you go. They are a great idea and my kids love them. Definitely the way to go to extend their life! :)

We sell the Melissa and Doug line of art supplies, they are awesome!
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