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Crayon Stains on Load of Laundry

Well, somehow a green crayon got into a load of laundry and I didn't discover it until after it had been through the dryer. Needless to say, every piece of clothing has green crayon on it. Does anyone know how to get this out?

What can I do next?

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This happened to me too, one red, one yellow and one green crayon...melted in the dryer.

I looked on the Crayola website and got great tips...

What worked best for me was to spray WD40 on the stains and then wash and repeat...some clothes were not salvageable due to the sheer amount of crayon that was on them...but I saved all my husband's blue jeans (he is 6'4 and they are expensive).

To clean the dryer, spray the WD40 on a rag and then use it to clean the dryer...then hot soapy water to remove the film of WD40. Do NOT spray it directly into the dryer.

Good luck...crayon in the wash totally sucks!!

The paper sack trick works... it's also great for candle wax and other wax-based substances. Just keep the paperbag between the iron and the item and have patience.

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I have had this happen to me before too! You need a paper lunch sack and an iron on low to medium heat (without steam). Place the sack over the crayon spot and run the iron over a few times and hopefully it will be absorbed back into the sack. Your success will probably depend on the material of the clothing, with some being better than others. Make sure you check the dryer for any remnants stuck to the sides. Good luck!!

just wondering if you have received any advice....

Have you tried "GooGone"?
I think our crayon clothes were green, too. :)

PreSpot & Sol-U-Mel!! They're the best!! My daughter went crazy with her crayons and a Sharpie a few weeks back, but everything came out. I'd missed a few spots and didn't find them until after I pulled my comforter out of the dryer and it still did the trick! Plus, it's from Melaleuca so you know it's safe for your family, pets, the environment, etc!
I hope this helps. Let me know if you want to try it out!


For crayon, lipstick, anything with an oily base is no match for Basic H2 from Shaklee. This cleans everything and is also great to get the glue from kids stickers off your furniture, walls, and clothing. If you've washed a crayon, then sooner or later you will wash a sticker that is left on clothing. It will leave a messy glue deposit that is almost impossible to get off. I had a name tag left on a sweater. The glue was horribly dried on and imbedded into the yarn. The Basic H2 just balled up the glue and the sweater was like new. Using Shaklee's Basic H2 is alot easier and quicker than trying to iron out crayon and glues and won't leave a stain. Good luck with whatever solution you try!

I found this advice on cleaning tips.
Hope it works for you.

L. H.

1 Melted Crayon + 1 Load of Laundry = 1Big Uh-Oh!

There's tons of advice on how to get crayon out of clothing but so far the most recommended is: 20 Mule Team Borax and hot water.

Soak the clothing in the hottest water possible with the Borax. Follow measurement directions for your load size to the tee- Borax has a tendency to be hard on fabrics. Wash your clothes and check the results. Depending on the amount of damage done by the crayon, you may need to wash more than once.

The paper sack trick works... it's also great for candle wax and other wax-based substances. Just keep the paperbag between the iron and the item and have patience.

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