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Crayon off the Walls?

My awesome artist has drawn all over the hallway with crayon. Soap and sponges does not work. I would rather not go buy magic erasers and was hoping some of you would have a more crafty approach to cleaning crayon from paint. Thanks in advance!

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use a hair dryer to soften it. then clean it off with any of the following

WD-40 and a clean cloth
dryer sheets
baby wipes
baby oil and a clean cloth
magic eraser.

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Just use white toothpaste and a toothbrush and elbow grease :-). It works- we do it all the time, with no damage to the paint!!! Try it!!!

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I know you wanted a more crafty or inexpensive solution, but I just wanted to say that magic eraser type sponges are available at the dollar store. ;)

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WD-40 on a rag works wonders. The just wash off with a little soap and water.

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use a hair dryer to soften it. then clean it off with any of the following

WD-40 and a clean cloth
dryer sheets
baby wipes
baby oil and a clean cloth
magic eraser.

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Dear S.,
I don't know why you are opposed to Magic Erasers. I am so glad they invented them. They can be cut so you don't have to use a whole one at a time. My son and his friends are always getting fingerprints and scuff marks and Lord knows what else all over my white front door. I tried Windex, 409, cleanser...all it did was start taking the paint off. The Magic Erasers work like...well...Magic. Everything comes off, but the paint stays on. I also use them to wipe down the bathroom walls because I always leave the window open and with the steam of the shower, etc, it cleans the walls right up. There are no fumes, they don't irritate my skin, they work great.
My kids were both "artists" as well. So, I invested in an easel for them. It wasn't very expensive. One side was a chalkboard and it came with an eraser. The other side could be used with "dry" markers. That side had a tray at the bottom for paints and brushes, etc. It also came with paper and clips so they could crayon, chalk or paint as much as they wanted. I got plastic table cloths at the dollar store to put under it to keep paints off the floors or the driveway. They actually loved doing artwork outside. I still have some of their paintings.
There is nothing wrong with fostering a love for being creative and artistic, but the walls are not the place to do it. Your girl has a birthday coming up and Christmas is around the corner. An easel would be a wonderful thing to give her. My kids loved wearing one of their dad's old button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up. When they are that little, it covers their regular clothes. You can take her to a second hand store and let her pick out her own "art shirt". Something that won't matter how painty or marked up or chalky it gets.
I think if she has to help you clean her mess, she will be less likely to do it again. But get her an easel and let her go for it.

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Just use white toothpaste and a toothbrush and elbow grease :-). It works- we do it all the time, with no damage to the paint!!! Try it!!!

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why not get the magic erasers??? they really work and you only have to use half of it at a time...i cut them in half, so they last longer. because you know the kids will "decorate" the walls again! the only other thing i've tried that sort of works is dawn dishwashing liquid...the grease cutting gets most of the crayon off with alittle scrubbing. just don't scrub too hard...or you'll take off some paint too! good luck.
your pal, L. s.

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Have you tried using white tooth paste or a paste of baking soda and water? Scrub on with a finger nail brush, then rinse with a wet rag.

I remember my mom using toothpaste to get crayon off the wall, but really, the magic erasers are the way to go.

I am surprised to see only one person responded with the hairdryer trick. I have used that trick and it works great.

mineral spirits and a rag are worth a try, but it's a good idea to use gloves, and don't leave it where the kids can get to it.

There are amazing Graffiti removers that will remove it...spray and also liquid that you rub on. Good luck.

WD40 will get it off. Strange but true. But try a little test spot before you get cleaning to make sure it doesn't change the walls/paint.

I've heard milk (yes milk) works, and it won't hurt the walls.

We absolutely love the magic eraser spongesby MR. Clean - we use it constantly and am always amazed at how well it works. Just go get some and always keep them on hand.

Pine sol may cut the crayons, however the best bet is the Magic Erasers! They are great! The dollar store has generic ones and they do the trick too, at half the price.
Wishing you success!

WD-40! Works like a charm every time I have to get my 2 and 4 yr olds' "artwork" off the walls or the floors.

magic eraser or dryer sheets will both do the job.

I used to use baking soda to get crayon off of the tables when I worked in after school care. I don't know if it would work on painted walls or if it would take the paint off, but it might be worth a shot. Do a spot test first though.

I saw a program on HGTV where they used toothpaste and a sponge. I haven't had to try it yet. But they said it works every time.

I agree with Mr. Clean Magic eraser! It's great! Also..yes, washable crayons! And also try AWESOME Cleaner from the Dollar Store...I swear that stuff will get out anything!!

Once you use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser you will think, "what have I been doing without this thing all my life?" You will find yourself cleaning scuffs off of every wall, door, and baseboard. Then, like me, you may find yourself buying only Washable Crayons from now on!

Magic erasers.. and depending on the texture of the paint... sometimes butt wipes...

Careful allowing a little one to wash with a magic eraser... they are VERY abrisive... they are quite damaging to the skin... at least one horror story online about a little boy that felt compelled to rub his arms and face with the sponge... ended in ER... Terrible...

I've heard baby wipes work, but haven't actually tried it myself. Good luck

I gave up and painted over it.

I know you wanted a more crafty or inexpensive solution, but I just wanted to say that magic eraser type sponges are available at the dollar store. ;)

Clorox Bleach spray will do the trick and your wall will look super white

Windex has worked for me.
Then maybe get a big roll of white paper and hang it up somewhere special so that your little artist has a wall space to draw on.

M. *~

Try 409 and a light colored sponge (not blue) it takes all kind of things off the walls.

The magic erasers work soo good I had the same thing happen to me when my youngest thought it would be a good idea to draw on the doors with perament black and red markers it works soo good at getting the marks off.
I know they cost alot but go and buy them
Good Luck Danielle Mother of 4

I have to toot the horn of Magic Erasers. They're not expensive... and they really work-- they'll just take off what was on, not the paint. I'd be afraid that if you went the wd-40 route, it'd take off the paint, too! I use them for everything... the dirty hand marks around light switches and doors, crayon on the walls, whatever! Good luck!!!

I had this problem when my 2 year old at the time drew all over my friends wall with crayons. WD-40 works miracles! It came right off. You can also go on the crayola website for other ideas, but the WD-40 worked best for me.

Hi S.,
Try using a used dryer sheet. May have to use more then one but it might do the trick.

I haven't tried it for crayon on walls, but Goo Gone does wonders for a lot of things. I had some crayon and permanent marker on a formica table top and it took all of that right off. It isn't abrasive, so I think it would be better for the paint than some of the other suggestions.

I have a great product for you to try. I work with Melaleuca and our Sol-U-Mel product is fabulous (NO chemicals)! Unfortunately, you would have to become a customer yourself and order the product. Of course all our products are 100% money back guaranteed so there is no risk involved in trying. Especially with children - once you try Sol-U-Mel you won't be able to live without it! We offer a business as well if you are interested in making extra money part-time and eventually working from home! You can email me if you would like more information. L. ____@____.com

So far, the only thing I have found that works is the Magic eraser's. We were able to get our little one to stop writing on the walls when we gave her the magic eraser and had her clean the line off the wall. We havent had any more issues.

Good luck!

It happened at my house too. The only thing that could clean it for me was magic erasers, but the generic ones work just as well in my opinion. I'd love to know if something else works....

use the magic eraser.

Magic Erasers really work. You can find generic ones that cost a lot less and seem to me to work just as well. As a prevention and teaching responsibility measure, point out the crayon marks to your daughter. Remind her about drawing on paper only and have her help you get the crayon off the wall. It goes a long way towards her understanding that her actions have consequences and that she is responsible for her actions. By no means is it a punishment, the two of you can have fun scrubbing the walls and she is simply learning that if she chooses to make a mess, part of that is to clean it up.

use a hair dryer. It'll melt the wax of the crayon and then ya just wipe it off. It takes a little time but it really works if you don't want to invest in the magic erasers.

Good morning,

Solumel works great for taking crayon off the wall.

S. M

I have used Mr. Clean magic sponges (not sure if that is correct name exactly) not for crayon, but I think it would help.

I love, love, love magic erasers for everything including coffee or tea stains in cups and on counters, removing permanent markers, pencil, and crayon from the table and walls, even cleaning my stove top, though I do buy the brand name I buy the cheaper off brand, they work just as well and I cut them in half when I use them, they last longer. If you really do not want to use the eraser then go to the Dollar Tree and buy the Awesome Orange Clean, its only a dollar and and is my second favorite cleaner and while you are there get the plain Awesome cleaner and use it as a stain remover, I have use a lot of stain removers and none work as good, one of my boys suffer from nose bleeds and it keeps his cloths stain free. Good Luck!


Magic Erasers actually work great & fast, especially with the Mr. Clean Spray that goes with it.

The only "warning" I heed, would be to make sure your kids don't rub it on themselves. That's the only thing that is not safe about them.

Happy Scrubbing :o)

:o) N.

Comet/ajax and a damp wrag will also get out the crayon. You will probably have to go over it a second time with just a damp wrag with no cleanser to get the residue off.

I remember hearing that wd40 works on crayons and lipstick so its worth a try.

Magic Eraser will get it off!!!

Love, G.. :0)

Hey there!!! Try the Mr. Clean eraser. It even took permanent marker off of my laptop!!!

Sorry, but my advise is to just go out and get the Magic Erasers. They work great. Takes crayon, pencil marks and just plain grime off of walls without hurting the finish. Target has a house brand that is a bit cheaper too. They can also be used to clean marks on plastic (ie. chairs). Just dampen and scrub away; they do disintegrate pretty fast. Give them a try and good luck.

The ONLY thing that worked for me was the Magic Eraser, and it takes some hard scrubbing on textured walls, but it removes it completely.

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