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Crawling Baby and Hard Wood Floors....

Hey mommas! My lil one has started crawling. We have hard wood floors throughout our entire house. I've been down on the floor crawling around with him and OUCH is that painful on the knees. I'm assuming that if it hurts my knees (and I'm not crawling ALL THE TIME) he'll likely have arthritic knees by preschool....LOL

I remember that there used to be knee pads you could buy for this such thing. Or I kind of remember people would make their own...I just don't remember how it had been done.

Any suggestions (even better if they're tried and true) would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks moms for all the answers! He doesn't seem to be the least bit phased, so I give up worrying about it. I had no idea about the knee cap thing.....I guess you learn something new every day! Angie--Loved your suggestion about putting him to work with some swiffers strapped to his knees! LOVE THAT IDEA! And as one of the other moms pointed out....no matter how often I clean the floor (often, since he's crawling around on it)....you would never know it to look at his dirty little knees on his pjs. LOL

I appreciate the input! You guys are the BEST!

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I have hardwood floors too. They make baby leg warmers and that is what I used for my daughter. They seemed to helped and it didn't seem to bother her when she was crawling around. Do you have any rugs? We had a couple here and there so that did help too.

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You could put knit "leg warmers" on over his pants for xtra padding. He will be walking before you know it and won't even be crawling anymore...so this is a short term issue!

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It's fine for your LO to crawl on hard wood floors. It does not feel to them as it feels to you. Their bodies at this time are meant for crawling, yours is not. There are so many thing that change in our bodies as walking develops and continues as our mode of locomotion that the comparison you are making is invalid. Can you suck on your own feet? LOL

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Hey dee.. I haven't read the other answers ... so sorry if its repeat ...but babies don't even have knee caps and don't usually until around 3 yrs old... So its really not hurting him at all... But I agree, for us grown folks... OUCH!
I tried climbing through tubes at Chuckie Cheese one time to get Emily and it was awful. lol
However, if you still think it looks uncomfortable for him you could get knee pads or better yet find a way to attach some swiffers to him and get your cleaning done too ..haha :)

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A baby isn't going to do anything to hurt herself, and if she does, you'll know it.

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He will be fine. Relax and enjoy your baby.

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Babies are made to crawl on all kinds of surfaces. Their knees are fine. The knee caps are mostly cartilage till about 3 years old. Once the knee caps are hard and bony (like for us adults) it gets a lot more painful to crawl on hard surfaces. You could make knee pads, but you need them more than than your baby does.

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We all crawled on hardwood, marble, ceramic tile and more... We are all fine.
Relax. Enjoy your baby.

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Babies and small children are not like us. When I was a kid I'd grab a pillow and lay down on the hardwood floor and watch cartoons saturday mornings. It was seriously no big deal. Now, I dislike the floor, couldn't lay on it with a huge stack of quilts and yeah, my knees hurt.

I run a daycare and no matter how I've tried to put blankets out, they end up on the regular floor. I just keep it real clean and forget it. Your baby won't care :)

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They sell these at kid to kid. I'd personally just get thick socks and cut the toe off and put it over his knees.

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