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Cranky 9 Month Old--only in the Afternoon

My almost 9 month old has always been a happy baby--except for the time between his afternoon nap and bedtime, roughly about 4 hours. I know this is a common fussy time for a lot of babies, but the last few days it has gotten a lot worse. Even if I'm on the floor playing with him, he just crawls over to my lap and isn't happy until I'm holding him. Since I'm at work all day, I could use all the hugs I can get, but it's making it really hard to make dinner for my 3 year old and myself! Any suggestions for how to keep him entertained and happy? He might be getting teeth in as well as starting separation anxiety, and I know there's not much I can do about those, but I am willing to try other mommy tricks to keep him satisfied. Thanks!

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Hi S.;

What I used to do is put my baby in a lightweight aluminum frame backpack so that I could cook and he would be close to me to entertain with songs and talk about what I was doing. I think dinnertime is the toughest time in any household with kids! Good Luck!

Hello S.,

My second guy was pretty cranky all the time. (He still is at age 3!) He was the happiest when he was on my back in the Ergo baby carrier. I wore it A LOT! He is still happy in there even though I can't carry him nearly as much.

Good luck, and try to remember "This too shall pass."

I used to put my cranky child in an Ergo carrier on my back to cook dinner. I like the back position for while I'm cooking becuase it keeps the baby away from the knife and the stove. It may be harder when there is a 3-year-old who doesn't get to do that, but maybe the 3-year-old can help with basic cooking prep?

Good luck, E.

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My son Niko (seven months) is really cranky on days he does not get enough sleep. Could your son be getting too short of an afternoon nap. It helps me significantly to use a sound machine so he sleeps longer.

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He sounds tired to me? I think I recall that babies at this age like to sleep a LOT. Maybe if you put him down for another nap at around 1:00. check out the sleep requirements on line for babies this age. You might be surprised. He sounds a little overstimulated. My preschools is going through the same thing because his adjusting to the new "preschool" scheldule. Even at his age, they say they need about 14-16 hours of sleep. At 9 months I think it is even greater.

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If he's teething, you can try Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets.

If he's just cranky/tired, you might want to try adjusting his nap schedule, so that he naps during the time you're making dinner.

If he's clingy/experiencing separation anxiety, you might try a sling.

Best of luck to you!

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The same thing happens with my 10 month old from time to time. It's usually teething. As the day wears on, the babe can't handle the pain as well. I can understand! I'm the same way! So, I give her some teething tablets, or the sure-fire solution is to give her some frozen teething toy. We use the Munchkin Feeders:(http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-Fresh-Food-Feeder-Pack/dp/...) with frozen carrots, peas or green beans in them. Works like a charm.

Put him in a backpack on your back while you cook and talk to him about what you're doing.

Since he just wants to be held, get an Ergo baby carrier and carry him around on your back. He'll get the comfort he needs right now while you'll have 2 hands free to make dinner and get other things done.

We used the excersaucer when my girl was 9 mos. I set it up in the kitchen and gave her some spatulas and plastic bowls so she could help me cook- and I used the crock pot a lot so that dinner prep was at a minimum during her cranky time. We also tried moving her afternoon nap a little later in the afternoon, but it didn't work for us- she slept her own scheduled nap time!

Girl, you need a baby carrier pronto! That will keep your little one close to mama and happy while you tend to your 3yo and get things done. I don't know how anyone survives 2 kids without one.

The new Beco Butterfly is awesome, the 4th Gen model doesn't suck either:

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