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Cramps 7 Months After Giving Birth?

I have a 7 month old son. He was born July 19. I have not had a period yet, which is totally fine with me. :) I have been charting so that I have an idea if my period is on the way or if I get pregnant accidentally I will see it on the chart. For the last couple of weeks I have been noticing cramps, very like menstrual cramps. They are not painful, but I am just curious if anyone else had these around this time period and whether you had your period shortly after. I expected something to happen, but it hasn't yet. I've had some signs of fertility in my charting, but no signs yet of ovulation and no spotting or anything. I don't think that it is very likely that I could be pregnant and not know it as my temperatures are still in the bottom half of the chart. This is my third child and the longest I've gone without my regular cycle returning.

Edited to add:
I am still breastfeeding, though he is on solids now and also gets some supplementing with formula.

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Thank you ladies for all your suggestions. AF is back today, so I'm assuming that is what the cramps were. I'm sad I have to start dealing with AF again, but then again it is so much easier to chart when you have a cycle to follow.

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BEWARE, just because you are not "bleeding" you are still hormonal and can get pregnant. Been there done that. The cramps are indicating a period or change in hormone levels. I would at least call the doctor. The breastfeeding will slow the onset of the bleeding. I haven't ever checked temperature and all of that. But it sounds to me your body is getting normal.

HI M.,
Congratulations on your little boy! Our son was born just two weeks before him and I did have the same issue with cramping when he was almost 6 mo old. Mine turned out to be another pregnancy! We are excited, although surprised to say the least! (my only sign was intuition and then some cramping)Have you taken a pregnancy test or called your healthcare provider? I am still breastfeeding too and I know breastfeeding can contract the uterus, even once it's shrunk back to pre-pregnancy size...so you may just be feeling that too. I would definitely have it checked out though, just to be on the safe side, especially if an ectopic pregnancy is involved.
I hope this helped. Good luck to you!

They say you won't get a period while you are breastfeeding, so maybe your are still nursing him just enough to keep your period away. I've been reading alot about this since I just had a baby and I am also breastfeeding and do not want to get pregnant right away. They say that you will most likely ovulate before you start your cycle so unless you are ready to be pregnant again I would be very carefull.Good luck!!

are you still nursing your son? if so, that may be a contributing factor of a delayed period?

Same thing happened with me. It coincided with my daughter drinking less breastmilk than normal. It's your body basically saying, "Hmmmm, should I start this period or not?" The more your baby nurses the more likely your body will answer itself with, "Not yet."

It could be your system "waking up." I've had similar things happen, then my period started a month or two later. And while breastfeeding, that's one of the wonderful side effects, no periods for up to a year in my experience. It's Nature's way of spacing babies out.

The down side of that is you can get pregnant without even having a period, on your first ovulation!

I never started my period until after i quit breastfeeding totally. I also started having ovulation cramps after my 3rd, took me nearly a year to figure out why i would not start my period for 2 more weeks!LOL!!! If the cramping only occurs after sex, you need to see your doc.

I nursed for a year after my son was born and it took 3 more months after I stopped for my cycles to resume. Oh, that was wonderful!!! It's almost worth getting pregnant again so I can skip them for 2 more years!

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