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Cramping While Weaning

has anyone experienced cramping when they were weaning their baby? is this normal? i'm still pumping 2xs a day. i've been having cramping for probably 5 days. it feels like i'm going to get my period (this feeling usually lasts only 1 day), but i haven't gotten it. funny enough this is how i felt when i was first pregnant with my 1st baby, but my husband had a vasectomy about 9 mos ago, so it's not that. i also feel this way sometimes when i've worn pants without give in the waist or can't get to a bathroom for a while when i have to go - somehow it seems to bruise my bladder or something, but that usually lasts only a day, 2 tops. i'm wondering if maybe the uterus starts contracting again because of the hormonal flux. could this be? has anyone had this happen? and how long did it last. i'm very uncomfortable and i'm not even done pumping - i'm worried that i'm going to be experiencing this for a while.

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well, thanks for everyone's responses. it turns out that it had nothing to do with weening. i actually had an ovarian cyst that ruptured and was causing pain throughout my entire abdominal area. this is really common for women my age. i'm still getting a couple more tests to see if i have a prolapsed bladder from childbirth and check on a couple other things that give me trouble from time to time. but - i'm feeling better and happy that i'm getting answers. you all had very good advice. thank you for your help and caring!

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I had cramping whenever my son would cluster nurse (right before growth spurts) and then pretty badly while weaning. I called my doc about it, and she said it was not uncommon. But I'd call your doc, just to make sure. It can't hurt to check everything out, right?

It stinks to have extra physical pain, while weaning. It's a hard enough time, both physically and mentally!

K., please go to the doctor, you never can be sure what is normal or not.

If you haven't been told by now - go get a pregnancy kit.

Good luck,

If you missed a period do a pregnancy test just to be sure. Vasectomies are not ALl 100% effective!!! A.

I am hoping it's normal...I started weaning my daughter about 3 weeks ago and have been having some cramping. Mine comes and goes and I feel it particularly strong when I am urinating (sometimes). I don't remember having this when I weaned my son. However, I was still breastfeeding him when I got pregnant with my daughter, so I may have attributed any symptoms to my early pregnancy. (I did get mastitis, though - yuck!) I was just thinking that it was my body getting back to normal??? I might give the doctor a call just to be sure. You might be right about the contractions?? Well, I know I am no help, but good luck!!

When I weaned my kids, I vagely remember some cramping. These days it's always best to call the doc and listen to his/her opinion. For some, cramping may be normal. For others, it may be a sign something else is happening. Only a doc who knows you and is qualified can put your mind at ease. Don't hesitate to give your doc's office a call --- just to be on the "safe" side. It's better to hear from the doc than to worry, especially since your kids will pick up on the "worry" part and make your day less productive!

very normal to occur

When I started to wean I started having horrible cramping for atleast a week, worse than any period cramping (I mine were bad) and felt more all over. Then I had my first period and after it was over, all was good and never had that kind of cramping agin, thank goodness! If it last longer than a week or so just call dr to make sure, hope it's over soon.

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