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Cramping the First Month

I'm a little over a month pregnant with my second child and have had some period like cramping,I'm a little nervous about it,and I've read it's normal but I don't remember having any with my first daughter like this,I can't really do anything but lay down most of the time.My husband is super helpful but can't be here to help every second of the day.Any help or anyone else had to deal with this also?Is it normal,and everything is ok as long as there isn't any bleeding?

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Well,I finally got in to the doctors office,it's really stupid,if your on camp pendleton,I'm at the family care center or whatever,you have to take the pregnancy test there first,which they only do the tests on monday,then they will make you an appointment to see the doctor,so those of you wondering why I wouldn't just ask my doctor,the very RUDE nurse i talked to on the phone to make the appointment acted like I was stupid for not knowing who my doctor was,or where the family care center was,even after I told her I had never been there.Anyway,I'm still really irritated about that.But,like I said it was normal from what i read but wasn't sure.The nurse said lots of bed rest,lots of pelvic rest,take tylenol not advil,the nurse freaked out when i said I take advil right?That's what I was told to take during my first pregnancy not tylenol.Anyway,I'd still feel better if I knew for sure if everything was ok due to my miscarriage I had in Feb. but until I see the doctor,I guess it's just dealing with the pain and alot of laziness till my first appointment which is May 11.

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L., I had cramping with both of my children, and my doctor said it was very normal. He explained that the cramping was the membranes of the uterus expanding to accommodate the baby. He also recommended placing a heating pad over my uterus while laying down for relief, and it worked! I hope this helps out and congratulations!

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I would have cramping on my left side the first couple of months of my pregnancy. My doc advised me that it was my body organs making room for the baby. Because we all know that by the end of your pregnancy there isn't room for much in there.
It might be something as simple as that. It might be stress of your husband re-enlisting as well. I would def ask your doc next visit.


You should get in to see your OB/Gyn. I had both cramping and bleeding with my second child and he was born healthy (several months later!) but you just never know. Better safe than sorry.


Dear L.,

Of course, I am not a medical person, but I did have 5 miscarriages and cramps in the first and second months is not a good sign, and I think that calling it normal is not right. You need to see another doctor, or go back to the one who told you that, and nail him or her down with some sensible questions. Sorry, C. N.

I too have been cramping since my first month, my other child is 2 and I don't remember this happening with him.....I've told my doctor about it numerous times and she said it's normal, and told me to not lift anything and lay on my left side...haha I work full time and my guy isn't much help!
I'm now almost 4 months and still cramping and she still insists it's normal....then after intercourse the other day I bled a little and she said that's normal too......
Good luck!

I felt everything more intensely the second time! I am sure you are fine...but ALWAYS ask your doctor....there is no such thing as a dumb question. If they don't listen and you feel the same concern, get another doctor. it is there duty to take care of you, not your privelege.

I have experienced cramping with all 5 of my children when I was pregnant and it scared me everytime. My doctors told me it is normal as long as its mild cramping and there is no bleeding. They also told me that its the body adjusting to make room for the baby. However, if you havent seen your doctor yet, I would definitely advise you to just to be on the safe side. Everyone is different.

Everything is fine. I know that when I was about a month pregnant I had some cramping too and I still do at 18 weeks. It's usually do to either round ligament or it may be near the time you should've had your menstrual cycle. I would just take a heating pad and lay down and I usually felt better. You can take tylenol too.

Good Luck!

You should be fine as long as you are not having any bleeding - I had way more cramping with my second than I did with my first... check with your ob though, they will do an ultrasound just to be on the safe side. Good luck and congrats!! :)

Your doctor would know best. Call him/her! That's what they get paid for! :-) But I had lots of cramping my first 3 months. Most of it was minor and I had no bleeding. Don't worry, you'll be fine.

I wouldn't worry about it. I suggest however mentioning it to your obstetrician. I didn't have cramping with my first either, but I did with my second. I was told that because your uterus muscles are more lax from carrying a baby before, that second and following pregnancies can be more uncomfortable. It certainly was for me. I loved being pregnant the first time, and hated it the second. I spotted with my second pregnancy also, where I didn't with my first. A little bleeding is no cause for concern, but if you do, also call your doctor. Just remember that all pregnancies are different. Congratulations and good luck.

I had the same thing with my daughter. My Nurse Practioner told me that it's normal and that like someone else said with no bleeding it's not a problem. The NP said that with 2nd pregnancies things stretch sooner and that was probably all it was. I was worthless from about 6 weeks to about 10 weeks. My hubby was had to make dinner almost every night casue I could hardly get off the couch. Everytime I did I had to run to the bathroom in fear that I was going to get sick. My cramping was gone by the time I was 12 weeks.

Congrats! I had the same problem with my baby in the first trimester. Accupuncture helped tremendously but be sure to talk to your Dr. about what is going on. Wish you the best!

yep! period-like cramping in the beginning is normal, as long as there isn't (and sometimes even if there is) any blood. talk to your health-care provider if you're worried, but my midwife told me all the twinges and aches and spasms i felt in the beginning of the first trimester were normal. it may be what's called "round-ligament pain" which is different from cramping. look it up on webmd and see if the description matches what you're feeling. that also is normal- just stretching. i have also heard that with subsequent children it can be worse, as the uterus has already been stretched out. my sister had these cramp-like feelings throughout both pregnancies, i only had them in the beginning. HTH! congrats!!!


I had similar with all of my kids after the first child. The first two times they had me rush right in to check for ectopic. Turns out it is like the other mom said, stretching and moving stuff around. I would have it checked if it is debilitating. Also, I had a lot of pain at the begining of my last pregnancy because they were multiples and I stretched out a lot faster than I ever had. Just saying there could be plenty of "normal" reasons so try to keep calm and get checked for your own peace of mind- it will be best for all of you.

Every pregnancy is different. I know all three of mine were. Definitely contact your doctor about the cramping and bleeding. A small amount is probably normal, but if it is actually like a normal monthly with cramping -- I'd be concerned. I had that on my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy which ended up in miscarriages. That is so hard, but when I got pregnant for the 4th time -- i was able to carry it and had a little boy.

I was told the same, lay down put your feet up...... I did and the cramping just seemed to worsen. Hopefully this isn't the case for you and everything works out great. Just be careful.

I think a miscarriage is one of the most awful things women go through who wants to have children. Also try and reduce stress... I know that is alot easier said than done.... put your faith and this pregnancy into God's hands and I'm sure all will work out. Good luck.

Check out twoweekwait . com a wonderful site with other women like this one that is very helpful. Join your months due club and enjoy talking to other Moms there...wonderful place to search for other to talk to who are pregnant.

Bless you
D. Mitchell
Realty Executives
Santa Clarita
Mother of 5 (youngest 5 month old Sarah)

yes i have heard of it. but i have never had it. if you ever need any help just let me know and i can help you out. my husband is in the navy. i have 3 boys my youngest one is 4 months old.

thank you miranda

L., I had cramping with both of my children, and my doctor said it was very normal. He explained that the cramping was the membranes of the uterus expanding to accommodate the baby. He also recommended placing a heating pad over my uterus while laying down for relief, and it worked! I hope this helps out and congratulations!

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