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Cramping Six Months Postpartum

I am six months postpartum and still breastfeeding my little girl several times a day, though she has started eating solids lately. Over the past week or so, I have had mild cramping that feels like the kind I get before my period hits - but it's not coming. It also feels kind of like early pregnancy, so I have taken a couple of HPTs, and they were both negative. Anyone had this? Should I wait a bit and try a HPT again? It's kind of annoying to keep feeling like AF is on her way, but nothing happens. Any advice is welcome.

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Thanks everyone for your input! It hasn't been bad pain, just a little achiness. It sounds like it is pretty normal to feel like this for a while before your period starts postpartum, so that is a relief. I will keep an eye on it, and if it continues to be a problem, I will go see someone about it. Thanks again!

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i had this too - i was weaning my dd and she was beginning to eat more solids so therefore AF was gearing up to return...and she did

It could just be from breastfeeding.
I remember having some cramping like that while i BF my son.
It actually causes your uterus to contract. So that could be what you are feeling.

Most likely AF is returning soon...could be ovulating as well..so if you don't want another one, take cautionary measures! :) AF returned for me when my babies were only 3 months old and only breastfeeding!

After both my pregnancies I had period-like cramping on and off for at least two months before I actually got my period. The first time I had cramping periodically from June through October when I finally got my period. Not fun, but I think it's totally normal from what my doctor and friends say.

I had this as well,I put it down to my uterus contracting.

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that sounds almost exactly like I was feeling about a month ago--like AF was coming but nothing was happening. It got pretty painful actually. I eventually connected it to dairy, and it turns out I've developed lactose intolerance! If it continues with no sign of AF, maybe trying avoiding all dairy for a week and see if symptoms lessen after a few days? Then have a glass of milk and you'll know for sure within the next hour or so!
But then, hopefully it's just AF :)

I had a little bit of cramping off and on for about 6 weeks before my period returned. It was a little uncomfortable, but not horrible. If you're concerne, see your health care provider.

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