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Crafty Shower: Anyone Tried Decorating Onesies & Bibs?

Hi, crafty ladies. I'm throwing a shower for a friend in about two weeks. We're thinking that instead of the usual shower games, we'd have a craft or two for people to try. We like the idea of decorating onesies. Anyone tried it? What did you use and how were the results?


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Yes!!! My friend threw me a shower for my first where everyone got to decorate a onesie for my baby and here I am, 8 yrs later and my babies have all looked adorable in them! And everytime I pull them out for my new babies, I am reminded of my good friend and some wonderful memories with my first baby and first shower!

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I recently went to a shower where that was one thing we did for the mommy to be, we decorated plain white onesies and plain white bibs, we used fabric paints and fabric markers that were bright and fun! the mom to be loved all the special notes on the bibs and onesies! it was a huge hit! not only did the mom to be love it we all had a blast just writing a special note and doodling little pictures! we also did the safety pin game where you cant say "baby" it was a very creative and fun way to share with the parents to be, and by far the most fun baby shower I have been to yet! good luck!


We did this at my shower and it was great b/c i then had all these wonderful, original onesies. We used puff, fabric paint. good luck!

Four years ago at my baby shower onesies were decorated using the puff paint and other clothing paint I still have 24 onesies where my daughter uses them to dress her baby dolls. Enjoy!

I went to a shower last year where we decorated onesies. They were in a variety of sizes from newborn to 24 months with a ton of fabric markers. Cardstock was available for the center insert to make it easier to draw on them. Some ended up being just a few words on them, but others were more elaborate. It makes it more fun to have all different degrees of art expertise. Have all of them signed by the artist too.
We even had a fun little voting contest for our favorite design. The winner won a nice door prize. (Mine ended up being one of the faves because I also drew on the back. Most people forget the back & only draw on the front. I only made multi-color polka dots all over it - nothing special.)

As far as not being cute enough to wear.... the intention was to have them as undershirts or wear them in the house anyway.

Yes! Cut cardboard to put inside the onsie to prevent colors from bleeding through and to give stability. I bought a variety of onsie sizes so the baby can wear some right away and then some later as he/she starts to grow. Buy fabric paint at a craft store and provide lots of paint brushes in case someone wants to use them. Or they can just squeeze the paint out straight from the tube. Have some ideas to get them started, like looking at the designs on their baby wrapping paper, or the baby card they bought. If you have any templates for tracing shapes, that's nice too. You'll have to keep them all for a day or two to dry and then deliver to the mom. Make sure you have lots of room for everyone to spread out and work on tables.

How fun and thoughtful, baby showers are my favorite parties to plan.

Puffy paints worked great. I bet you will find lots of crafty women at the shower and for those not as gifted buy some stencils.

If you decide you want some shower games I have many ideas for them. One is the pacifier necklace made from life savers and jelly beans. They are so cute and look like pacifiers so if you want to know how to make them, let me know. You can hang them on a light fixture and give them to people as they walk in the door to wear as necklaces. Then you can play the game whoever says baby, or whoever crosses their legs, or something like that- the person catching them gets their necklace and whoever ends up with the most wins.

I also saw this at a shower recently where someone had purchased a scrap book and purchased all the supplies for making theme pages. So each ladies at the shower decorated a page i.e. Baby Shower page, coming home from the hospital, grandmother page, daddy and me page, mommy and me, and many other creative ideas. Then the mom could take it home and use it as the holiday or event comes up by placing the baby, family pictures inside. I thought it was so creative and fun. The ladies were able to use the stickers to write or markers to write something on the page.

I also saw where there were some beautifully decorated cards and each person was to take a card and write on it a piece of advice they would give to the new mother to be.

Something else, I'm sure you've heard this one - buy packages of thank you cards and as each guest arrives have them fill out their address so that the mom can just write the thank you and pop it in the envelope. After all when you are pregnant you are too tired to look up every address.

I know I have given you many more ideas than you asked for, I hope it helps.

For the bibs you could also buy preprinted ones that are for cross stitch or embroidery and give to any ladies you know of that know how to do this ahead of time so they can be done in time for the shower. Or you can use fabric paint on them too which is different from puffy paint. One other thing if you are good at doing dying or know someone who is you can do a station where they dye the onesies.

If you want to give everyone a laugh. Have someone either record or write down everything the mom to be says while she is opening gifts. It is hilarious read back. My friends mom did this and she was amazed at what she said, and how many times she said cool. We were all like yeah, that's one of your favorite words.

Take care,

Yes!!! My friend threw me a shower for my first where everyone got to decorate a onesie for my baby and here I am, 8 yrs later and my babies have all looked adorable in them! And everytime I pull them out for my new babies, I am reminded of my good friend and some wonderful memories with my first baby and first shower!

Buy a bunch of the iron-on decals from Joann Fabrics. You can set up an ironing station for guests to make one and then you can hand sew on ribbon bows if it is a girl or add some crystal bling.

I love my daughter's onesies. At my shower people were given the option to decorate them. I do not recommend puff paint though. I do not use those. I think bibs would be a cute idea as well because you can use them even if they are tacky. Fabric markers and paints with stamps worked well.

My sister actually did this a few weeks ago for my baby shower. We decorated onsies and bibs. She had gotten fabric paint and it seemed to work fine. The onsies and bibs are cute and washed fine. I washed the onsies inside out and didn't dry the bibs. Obviously we haven't used them yet, but I look forward to our little one being able to wear them soon. She had also gotten some beads and had everybody take two. The string went around twice and with one bead, my friends and family made a wish for me and the rest of pregnancy, and the other bead was a wish for our son. It can be used as a necklace, but we'll just put in in our sons room. Good Luck!

We did this craft at my shower and I will be honest, my daughter has never worn any of the onsies. I don't know it you have really creative people around but most of my onsies were not very cute or had mistakes, and looked tacky. It sounds like a cute idea, but I wouldn't recommend it.

We've done tie dye onsies. Check out Dharma Trading company (dharmatrading.com) for commercial quality permanent dyes and fabric dye pens. They make great stuff and the onsies last through a couple of kids!

I have used the fabric markers and fabric paints for years on several different projects. You can buy them at Wal-mart, Michael's or Joanne's (use the coupon from the Sunday paper for Joanne's and Michael's.) They also sell the rubber stamps with different designs - use a paint brush to put on the stamp and start decorating.

At one of my baby showers the hostess put out a onesie and at the top she wrote "I could have been named..." everyone wrote a boy and girl's name to give me ideas. Cute keepsake.

Good Luck!

We did that for my second baby shower and it was a hit. Fabric markers, paint and iron ons all worked wonderfully and we actually found white bibs to decorate at hobby lobby for 50 cents and onsies weren't that expensive either. The decorating supplies did add up. I have also been to a shower that did onsies and everyone had to choose
a different holiday to make babies first Christmas,thanksgiving, etc.

Good luck with the planning and have so much fun!!

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