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Craft Ideas for 15 Month Old

Ok, I need some ideas for arts and crafts. My daughter is 15 months old and I just want to get her little creative side brought out. I also think that if I can get somethings to do it will keep her a little more occupied. Any suggestions?

Just want to also say thank you too all the moms involved with mamasource. It is wonderful to have ideas on multiple topics. THANKS in advance!

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Get some finger painting paper or paper with a wax back. Finger paint with pudding! It's wonderful and tasty! Kids love it! It's a great outdoor activity as well.

Finger painting is fun, Play doh is good, puzzles, water color painting - all these things would be fun but also require you to be nearby.

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If you don't mind the mess, finger paint is always a huge hit. Also, my 2 year old is totally into shapes right now...loves them. I put a sheet down on our kitchen floor and drew shapes on colored paper with glue. I gave her glitter to sprinkle in the glue and let her go to town! She loved it, made a big mess and is very proud of her glittery shapes! When all was done, I just folded the sheet so the remaining glitter would fall into the crease, shook it down the crease and into a bowl for later use (there was LOTS of unused glitter all over the sheet).

www.dltk.kids is a fun resource for children crafts- My children love to cut and paste and color since the time they were about 18 months- I helped them with kid sissors and tearing paper. If you don't mind a mess, watercolors are fun- playdough is good to, I used to put my youngest in a highchair where I could see him and he would play with playdough forever- easy clean up too. I would be able to clean while he was occupied, all I had to do was keep an eye on the tasting of the playdough. However he was using a binki still and if I gave him a binki he wouldn't even try to taste it. Really crayons and blank paper are the best tools for a child... It is hard not to want to give them more though. There's some pretty cool craft stuff out there.

color, finger paint with paint or food, building blocks sand or mud creations, introduce her to nature and butterflies

I did this with my daughter when she was a little older then 15 months, but I don't think she's too young. At that age they can handle a glue stick well enough (or with help) so have her glue tissue paper that you have torn up onto anything. Old cereal boxes, paper, anything you want really. I just rip up a bunch of tissue paper that we have saved from all the birthday parties we've had. Because I know I'll never use it all! This is a great craft for any age (my 4 year old loves it too) because they love using the glue stick and as long as they can pick up the paper they can just put it on the glue. You could also glue for her and then have her put the paper down. Just a suggestion that we like. Good luck!

Get some finger painting paper or paper with a wax back. Finger paint with pudding! It's wonderful and tasty! Kids love it! It's a great outdoor activity as well.

I found another request that may help:

Also, I have some favorite websites that I think you would really like and find helpful:

Fisher-Price online games - once your child is old enough you can put them on your lap and play on the computer:

This is the free online version of Family Fun Magazine - they have lots of great stuff and ideas for families:

This is a church magazine produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has lots of great lessons and activities for children. Any part of it is printable and I highly recommend you take a look at this one:

This is a great website I saw on a TV show. It is full of activities, crafts and you can recieve a weekly/monthly email full of fun things for you and your kids:

I hope these help and good luck!

Stickers...lol. I buy them at the dollar store and we have fun making cards and decorating papers with them. We've also used several of the "make and do" books from Usborne. and my dd loves to color...generally with a pen and paper. I got her an easel for her 2nd birthday because it is a favorite of hers. We buy extra's of the paper to go on the easel and we roll it out on the kitchen floor and draw our hands, feet, her body, anything she wants. Hearts. We've also done finger paints and something really fun is to fingerpaint with pudding. You have fun eating some treats while you paint. There are so many fun colors out there now!! Playdough is also a hit--I haven't done homemade like one of the other poster's suggested--but the store bought works good for us. dd did put it in her mouth once and it came right back out--not so yummy as the dog food I guess!
another thing we have done is make necklaces. Yarn and frootloops are fun. My dd loves to use beads as well. and we play with sea shells and create things with them on paper. I have a drawer in the kitchen that has her art supplies in it so she can access them anytime, paper, crayons, pens etc. She drew on the wall once. I've been lucky I think. She loves to draw on the easel--so that has worked out well.
feathers and yarn make fun necklaces too (we got that idea from the Treehouse Museum)
We also put on music and dd makes up dances for me to watch, and learn with her, exploring all the arts!
We have lots of windows in the house and so we get the dry erase markers out and draw pictures on the windows sometimes too.

Hi J. - First off, find a big roll of butcher paper or craft paper - the white kind - I got one roll free just by asking the butcher (after I made a purchase of course) It's usually 18" wide so it's easy for little ones to stay on the paper when finger painting or coloring with crayons or markers.

It's also an easy way to make a homemade banner for fun occasions - (I write the message and the kids color and decorate)

If you don't have a wipe down table, you might consider putting a vinyl table cloth on the table. Or better yet, just lay one down on the floor and work there.

Playdough is always a hit at this age and is a good mom and me activity.

You could try some glue activities - either on foam, paper or a paper plate - use big foam shapes, stickers, pom poms, big buttons, wadded up tissue paper, colored feathers, even scraps of of felt, construction paper or scrapbook paper. You could help her with the glue and she could do the sticking - or better yet, make the glue a little thinner with some water and let her apply it with a paintbrush. You can even add just a little bit glitter or food coloring to make it a color.

Here's a couple of craft ideas you could help her with at this age or at least soon.

Watermelon: Cut a large triangle out of red construction paper and another curved piece of green paper to make the rind. Let her press her fingers into black stamp ink and let her put finger prints on the red paper to make the seeds. Apply glue and then help her put the green paper rind into position.

Caterpillar: Glue or staple together 3 or 4 small paper plates in a rolling pattern to make the body of the caterpillar. You could use colored plates or help her paint the plates with washable paint or use markers or whatever strikes your fancy. Glue on pompoms or buttons for feet and decorate with whatever you have that looks fun. Finish up with a glued on googly eye, smile and feathers or curled up pipe cleaners for antennas.

Butterfly - cut paper into a butterfly shape and decorate with whatever strikes your fancy - wadded up tissue paper, stickers, etc. Finish up with googly eyes and feathers or pipe cleaners for antennas.

Have a great time!

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