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Craft Idea for Slumber Party

Hi Ladies just wanted to get some cute craft ideas for my daughter's slumber party. She will be turning 7 in December. She has recently been to two parties where they decorated pillow case which I thought was a great idea. Please help me out with some different ideas. Thank you so much.

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You can decorate flip flops. All you have to do is get a bunch of that fuzzy ribbon and tie on or you could use jewels. You could decorate hats, shirts, canvas bags.... Another fun activity would be to paint their nails and toe nails and put the little stick on jewels too.

Make sit-upons! Use old jeans and newspapers. )Each girl can bring her own pair of old jeans that they don't mind cutting.)

Cut the legs off below the pockets (like a short pair of shorts). Then, either sew or use basting tape to close the leg holes. Put the newspaper inside (enough to make it comfortable to sit upon) the shorts and (again) either sew or use basting tape to close the top of the shorts together.

Have the girls paint the shorts (we used tempra paint when I was growing up - but fabric paint in tubes works, too) however they want. Then, hang them up to dry (in case the girls paint both sides of the shorts!!)

Use some sort of ribbon or decorative yarn in the belt loops and whalah - situpons! (I actually still have mine and I was probably about 7 when I made it - and I have my daughter's, too - she was about 7)

Good luck & have fun!!!

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Everything mentioned here can be purchased at Hobby Lobby...

Decorate t-shirts. Buy some little squirt tubes (empty bottles that will fit in their hands...) and fill them with a water/paste mixture that comes out a little thicker then Elmer's glue. (Make sure it isn't runny at all. Must have a thick consistency but still be easy enough to squeeze out of the bottle.) Have them squirt the mixture out on their shirts in a design/picture/words. Let dry for several hours (if you put it out in the sun, it will dry quickly. I stuff the shirts with cardboard to help keep it flat.) Buy the spray fabric dyes that are already premixed. The kids spray over their dried design and the rest of the shirt. They can use all different colors and love to choose their own. If you want a theme for the party, only buy three different colors and tell them they have to use all three.

After the dye has dried, the kids then sit outside and pick off their dried glue mixture. Everywhere it comes off, the t-shirt is white. So their picture/words are in relief to the color of the shirt.

Throw in the dryer and set the dyes. Voila! Ultimate cool t-shirt they all love.


My daughter went to a couple of those when she was younger.

Once they decorated a solid colored bandana for the hair. Another time, they took group pictures and decorated a picture frame for the group picture. This one was really cute!

you can order the no-sew fleece pillows from S&S crafts and it is so cute-you can get all kinds of designs, it's cheap and they have their own little throw pillow. My girls (8 & 5) love theirs. All they have to do is know how to tie a knot. S & S catalog has tons of ideas you could look them up online another is Oriental Trading.

You can have them make a small scrapbook/journal take individual pictures of the girls, in a group, decorating their books, eating cake, the "sleeping" area if you get lucky enough for them to actually fall asleep, and other fun things, take them and have them printed (unless you can print them at home) and they can put them together and "sign" each others book on the page that their picture appears. Then they would have a Slumber Party Souvenior book. I have several items that you could look at that could help you come up with something that would be quick and relatively simple and cost effective. Contact me @ ____@____.com and we'll chat.

You can decorate flip flops. All you have to do is get a bunch of that fuzzy ribbon and tie on or you could use jewels. You could decorate hats, shirts, canvas bags.... Another fun activity would be to paint their nails and toe nails and put the little stick on jewels too.

At Michaels or Hobby Lobby they had tennis shoes and ballerina flats you could decorate which I thought was so cute.. Or buy aprons and let them decorate them. They can make their own pizza etc. I use jiffy pizza mix and all kinds of toppings.. Also what about making her own cake. My friends daughter made a choco cake with white icing and gummy worms. It was so cute and all the girls were so excited. Also at Walmart I saw some purses that looked like skirts you can decorate.. Hope this helps~

Familyfun.com/magazine has tons of great ideas for things like this. I remember reading in the magazine once the idea of making fleece pillows for a slumber party. I know someone else mentioned a kit, but you could also just buy the fleece, cut them yourself, and buy the stuffing for them. Then the girls tie up the fringed edges. They would probably love to all have the same fabric, and therefore "matching" pillows.

What about an old fashioned sock doll? I made one at a birthday party years ago and still remember it!

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