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Craft Idea for Kindergarten Girls

Hi Mamas,
I'm chaperoning my daughter's dance class while they wait for their turn in the recital on Friday night. I'm looking for a fun, easy, inexpensive, NON-MESSY craft to keep them busy. There are 9 kindergarten girls and they're good kids but they can get antsy and things go best if they have an activity. I've used coloring pages in the past, but last year one of the other moms had kits with foam stickers to make picture frames and the girls were absolutely enthralled. Before I hit the craft store I thought I'd see if anyone had any other great ideas!

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Color Wonder markers and paper. The markers only work on the color wonder paper and there will be no marks on their cosumes or bodies :) Have fun!

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Find a big tub of larger sized beads (awesome if you can get the dance theme) precut a bunch of the string and tie into a knot on one end. Explain to the girls that we are making bracelet mementos to celebrate this day and the more we make the more we can give out after final curtain call to the dance teachers and other performers or siblings. Empower them to want to get busy! Have a few helpers ready to tie ends and let them make one to wear in the show and make others for the rest of the team!


For our moms group we are going to be doing door-knob hangers.

It's a foam rectangle with a circle cut into the top and then the kids can decorate with foam stickers. (Markers too if you chose.) Or you can pre-write everyones' names on tehm and then they can just do the sticker part!

Always a hit.

Beads. When my girls were kindergarteners (and even now), they really liked beading. Simple, stretchy elastic string and colorful beads make nice bracelets. My little ones were famous for making bracelets for their friends and teachers.

For a group, I'd give each girl a small bowl to hold the beads. (old butter tubs/ yogurt tubs worked nice) Also, thicker elastic string will make beading easier.

Pipecleaner bracelets with beads. Or, if you want, necklaces with the stretchy elastic string (like they use to tie new pairs of shoes together at discount stores). You can get all the supplies at Michaels. You can get bigger/more diverse bags of beads at Lakeshore Learning Store in St. Louis Park, if you are nearby. My daughter and her friends love this activity. They are 5 years old. Good luck!

Why not head to Michael's Arts and Crafts? They always seem to have the best ideas, kits, etc. Lots of seasonal crafts as well.

If you have some time you want to just poke around the web looking for craft ideas, try some of the crafting blogs out there. Lots of fun stuff.

Check out Oriental Trading Company. They have great little craft kits, probably even some with a dance theme. Very inexpensive too!


Have fun!

Something my kindergartner's sunday school teacher just did in class this last week was she got pipecleaners and beads for the kids. They made crosses, but you could tell them to come up with different shapes. You could also use string or yarn instead and have the girls make necklaces and bracelets. It'll keep them busy/occupied for a good amount of time.

Color Wonder markers and paper. The markers only work on the color wonder paper and there will be no marks on their cosumes or bodies :) Have fun!

I second the beading. You can purchase foam and plastic beads pretty cheap at most stores that carry children's crafts. Plus most little girls love jewelry so you will be stimulating their artistic sides as well as having them make something that they can wear.

Have fun!

I also think a neclace is a good idea.

how about a beading project? you can buy individual kits that are pre-made or just get some string and a big bucket of beads...they will stay busy and it is no mess!

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