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Cracked Finger Tips

What can I do for cracked finger tips? I have several fingers that seem to keep cracking open and bleeding. It's very painful. I wash my hands with liquid soap many, many times a day and I use Suave sensitive skin hand lotion 3 X a day because I can't use anything with fragrance. I have been using antibacterial salve on the wounds and cut the fingertips off rubber dishwashing gloves to keep them covered. It does help heal the cracks but doesn't prevent them from coming back.
I have also tried Eucerin intense healing lotion but didn't like the feel of it. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Ouch, that sounds painful...I have excema and the eucerin works for me but I have also used the Lanolin nipple cream. It is so thick it worked great for my hands! Good luck!

I have had the same problem due to ezcema...It is so painful! Nexcare makes a "skin glue" it comes in a small little bottle that looks like nail polish. It helps keep the skin togehter as it heals and keeps water out. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.

Good luck!

This sounds really crazy, but the same thing used to happen to me. I used Desitin on my cuticles and finger tips at night and they were great by the morning. The desitin creamy seemed to work well. Also the Gold Bond Ultimate (it has blue on the label) or the one with shea butter works wonderful too. It doesn't leave that sticky, slimy feeling you can sometimes get with lotions. Bath and Body works has another great product I just discovered called Mega Butter. Its in a blue and white plastic jar. Its shea, aloe, mango and avocado butters all in one. I used it on my hands and feet with gloves at night, helps a lot. I saw bag balm posted a lot too. It does help if you can get past the sticky feel. I sensitive and very dry skin and these 3 have been my favorite remedies. Hope that helps!

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I had this same issue after many years of working outside.What worked for my problem was good old vasaline and wearing cotton gloves at night. Also bag balm. For during the day vaseline and bandaids to wrap your fingers, with sergical gloves over that. I know its not easy with kids because you are always washing your hands.hope this is helpfull
D. d

I have all my life had this problem. Here are the things I do. First of all, if the cracks are extremely bad - you can superglue them together so they can heal. Truly. My brother actually superglues every single finger crack he gets. I don't do every one, but if it is really bad and just won't heal, I do it. Second of all, the only liquid soap I can tolerate are the ones that have aloe added - specifically Softsoap. Anything else just eats my hands raw. Third of all, give the "original" Eucirin lotion a try for a week. I hated the oily feel originally. But my kids pedi insisted I use that and that only on their dry skin, and so I had to get it on my hands. I came to appreciate it, and now other lotions feel drying to me. My pedi said "Check the ingredients on every other lotion. They have alcohol in them, so they won't feel greasy and will evaporate. But that alcohol is drying out your skin." He's right. Check the labels. Finally, if you can find it - Zim's Crack Creme is a miracle in a bottle. It might STING like crazy in some of your cracks at first. It is worth the sting. It will help your hands heal quickly. You'll want to get a pair of cotton gloves and put it on at night. During the day it is way too slippery and greasy. Don't even bother with the Zim's day creme - it is useless. Oh - one other thing - dishwashing soap. Get Ivory dishwashing soap. It's the only one that doesn't eat my hands raw too.

Ouch, that sounds painful...I have excema and the eucerin works for me but I have also used the Lanolin nipple cream. It is so thick it worked great for my hands! Good luck!

My dad has a similar problem and I bought some soap free/fragrance free products from Bath & Body for him. He said they really helped. The products were C.E. Bigelo or C.O. Bigelo or something like that. They have a soap free hand wash (soap is very drying) and a fragrance free hand lotion.

good luck - I hope you find something to help.

The lotions you are using have a lot of chemical fillers in them that are irritating. You need to use something all natural and very thick and soothing like straight shea butter (www.sheabutterhut.com) or coconut oil (available at the health food store or healthy section of the grocery store). These things are very thick and greasy but they work! Put them on at night and then wear gloves to bed to keep them moisturized. Look for lotions with a 0 (zero) rating on www.cosmeticsdatabase.org - that means they don't have any dangerous, irritating chemicals in them.

A very good remedy is simple....each night before going to bed,put good old vaseline on your hands and put on some cotton gloves. You will see a difference in the morning.

Hope this helps you as it has helped me over the years.


Aquafor... it is what my doctor recommended to me. Do not buy the "store brand" equal...

I used to use a lotion by Goldbond Ultimate Healing lotion. It worked pretty good and it didn't have that greasy feeling that some lotions can leave behind. I also found that Burts Bees products work pretty good too. I like the Eucerin cream in the tub over the lotion in the pump bottle to me they feel different. I use the tub cream on both of my boys. You could also try aquaphor and balmex makes a daily skin protectant which is very similar to aquaphor. They both have a vaseline type of texture and feel to them so they are greasy but will probably be the best to help your fingers. I hope you find something that works.

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