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Coxsackie Virus; Remedies for Tongue Blisters?

Dear Moms, My seven year old daughter has the Coxsackie virus with tongue sores that cause her a great deal of pain. I've given her Tylennol as the doctor recommended, but it hasn't helped very much. Does anyone have any suggestions to help relieve her pain? She's really suffering. Thank you in advance!

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Thank you SO much for all your great suggestions, advice, and remedies! As of today, my daughter is doing much better! Her sores are healing up nicely and she even resumed eating solid foods! Thank you all for your help!

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My son also had Coxsackie virus just last month and the doctor prescribed him "Magic Mouthwash". It is a combination of equal parts of Benadryl, Maalox and Viscous Lidocaine, this combination really helps numb the mouth so she will be able to eat and relieve her pain. Good luck. His blisters lasted about 6 days then cleared up rather quickly

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You can ask your ped for a mixtture of equal parts of viscous lidocaine, benadryl and non-flavored liquid mylanta. Have her take a teaspoon of it, swish it around her mouth and spit it out. It will topically numb it. If your ped won't give you the meds, try just a teaspoon of benadryl, swish and spit it out. This will help some! Also, avoid spicy, citrusy, fried or salty foods/drinks. Continue the Motrin...will work better than Tylenol. Lots of cold ice chips will help also. Hope she feels better soon!

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Gargle with salt water

Have her drink non citrus drinks such as milk, apple juice, and water.

Maybe let her suck on some ice, this may help.
Numbing ointments used for teething may temporarily ease the pain.

Have her eat yogurt daily. Active acidophilus in yogurt helps to heal and prevent the outbreak of canker sores.

Try and give her these vitamins, even if you have to mix it in her food:

Zinc Fights viruses and stimulates immune system function.
Vitamin C heals and helps with connective tissue
Vitamin A and Essential Fatty Acids help heal skin.
B vitamins are important for stress, a common trigger.
Lysine is one of the most important things to use when you have a mouth sore. The amino acid fights the virus and can be taken in any form, but not for more than six months at a time.

Hope this helps!

M. *~

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This is an old family remedy for canker sores and mouth sores. I recently recommended it to a friend who had horrible mouth sores as a side effect from chemo-therapy, and it was the only thing that gave her any relief.

Go to a larger grocery store and look in the spice section for a spice called alum (or powdered alum). I'm not sure what this is used for in the real world, but I think it has something to do with pickling.

Wet a toothpick and dip it in the alum so there's some alum stuck to the toothpick. Then gently apply a bit of the alum to each sore. It may sting for a second, but probably won't be worse than the pain she's already experiencing. Here's the cool thing about it, especially to kids: it makes you drool like crazy! So make sure she's hanging over a sink when you use it. Then, have her rinse her mouth out with warm water.

We call it "drooly medicine" in our house, and honestly, it takes care of all kinds of mouth sores, usually within 24 hours. When you use it, it feels like it cleans the sore out and cauterizes it or something.

Good luck!

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I used to get mouth blisters really bad, and my doctor gave me something to numb them, I think it was lidocaine, you might want to ask her ped. Other than that all I did was suck on ice and eat lots of popcicles. GOOD LUCK

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Wow, poor little thing. I would and have give the Tylenol and the Ibuprofen an hour after the Tylenol. It will help more than just the T. The Ib reduces swelling and is a pain reliver as well. Best of luck. My son and daughter both had Thrush...it is a mouth infection, much like a yeast infection but they had to be on antibiotics.

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My son also had Coxsackie virus just last month and the doctor prescribed him "Magic Mouthwash". It is a combination of equal parts of Benadryl, Maalox and Viscous Lidocaine, this combination really helps numb the mouth so she will be able to eat and relieve her pain. Good luck. His blisters lasted about 6 days then cleared up rather quickly

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Not sure if this will work for your daughter but there is a great mouthwash made for oral wounds that is natural and had golden seal, which is anti viral it is a very basic solution which is inhospitable for viruses. it is made by Eco Dent, Ultimate Essential Mouthcare, and is alcohol free. I buy it at natural food stores, like Staff of Life if you are in the Santa Cruz area and it works great any time I have a mouth sore or feel like a canker sore may be coming on
Try it, it may work

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Not much you can do for hand, foot, and mouth. Her blisters should be completely gone within a few days - you can try orajel, the topical mouth pain relieving gel, but take heart in the fact that the mouth is THE fastest healing part of the body.
Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) will relieve her pain better than the tylenol, as it is an anti-inflammatory and will help treat the actual source of pain.

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Hi D., I took a look in my Melaleuca Wellness uide book and they suggested combining 5-10 drops of the T36-C5 Melaleuca oil in half cup of warm water. Mix the solution well and then use for a month rinse and/or gargle. Hope that helps!

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Here is a remedy for pain. Aloe vera.

My sister has had nerve damage for many years (rsd, AKA: chronic pain sydrome.) She just started using Aloe and can now function because it has reduced her pain so much. She was on big time pain meds, but the aloe vera is helping her more.

You will also see a big improvement by having her take a vitamin B complex pill, 2 times a day. Make sure she eats some protien around the same time to help her absorb it. Deficiencies in B vits cause mouth and tounge sores and also b vitamin is the NERVE health vitamin.

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I gargled warm salt water often when I had tongue blister with Epstien Barr virus. I imagine that would help your daughter too. I feel so bad for her. I know how bad they hurt.

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My 4 year old also has this - my pediatrician offered Lortab. At first I refused , not wanting to give pain meds. but after 2 days of not eating or sleeping I called her back and started the Lortab. I used it only at night and he was finally able to sleep. I am using Motrin during the day with popsicles. Hope this helps.

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