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Could My 8 Year Old Be Getting Her Period?

My daughter has recently been complaining alot about stomach cramps. I attributed it to "poop" pains but have noticed she has started to devlop and has hair under her arms and in the v jay jay. So I have given her the heads up on what to look for.
I didn't start until I was in the 5th grade. I had a horrible history of endometriosis(sp) and had to have two hydrothermal ablasion surgerys after the birth of my second daughter. They say that children can follow the endometriosis path of their parent. Has anyone had experience with this?

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I don't know if she's getting her period, but based on what you shared, I would buy her the American Girl book "The Care and Keeping of You". I found it in Barnes and Noble. It preps girls for puberty with fun quizzes, cartoons, and it describes 'stages' of puberty, so they can be prepared for what their body is going through. My daughter hated to read at age 9, but she flew through this book in a night! She loved it. It was very explanatory, and easy for her to understand. It may help both of you get through this awkward stage.

Good Luck!

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First of all, instead of refering to the female private part as the v jay jay, be at least somewhat mature and call it by its actual name - the vagina.
Second of all, why are you asking this question on a website message board?? If you think your 8 yr old daughter is showing signs of possibly starting her period that is nothing to wait around and wonder about. You should be calling her pediatrician immediately.

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Hi C.,
When I was in 2nd grade (8 yrs) I got hit in the boob by a boy and it HURT. So when I told my mom she took me to the doctor and he was concerned to went to a specialist at the University of Iowa's Childrens Hospital and they told me (in layman's terms) my body was 3 years ahead of my actual age and to expect an early period. I ended up with period in 5th grade and was 5'9" in 7th grade! So it is very possible, maybe worth having checked out...
Hope this helps!

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C. rest assure that your daughter will probably not get her period for at least a couple more years. But she will still get the body cycling like if she did get her period. I had a girlfriend whose daughter went for two years like that before she got her period. She started at 11 then actually got her peioid when she was 13. Her mood swings might be hurendus also the cramping to. What I found out to work for me when i had my period was the therma patch for periods their shaped to fit by that area you just attach it to your underwear and the heat lasts up to 8 hours. When i used them it seemed to last up to 12 hours. Also ibuprofen is a nice friend to use also hot baths don't forget to lotion body after because hot water drys skin. Might sound weird but i also would use a massager on lower abdomen to relax the muscles. Keep your head up high and keep the lines of communicatioin open so she will feel comfortable enough to talk to you about it. Also when she does get it buy the pads with wings so it won't move. Another good thing would go out just you and her and celebrate by telling her welcome to womenhood. This way it will make the transition easier. If she wants to stay home for her first time of getting it please let her that will help her also.

Little about me: Divorced mother, I have two beatiful boys 13 and ten. I'm a LPN for the State of MN. at a group home. I'm also going back to school for my RN. I had a hysterectomy a year ago come March 22 (ovarian cysts,fibroids)

Once you notice she is getting breasts and hair, it will be at least another two years.

Hey C., my daughter experienced some of the same. She finally got her period right after her 10th birthday. Some called is precoucious puberty, you can google that and find many articles.
Her body began changing and I thought her period would be next, so I switched our diet to organic/hormone free and stopped eating fast food. There is a shot that they can take to stop the process, but I opted to not take the shot and had favorable results with the diet. Some think that it is due to the hormones in our foods AND hair products that are causing young girls to get their periods so young. You can't stop it, but you may be able to slow it some. Most importantly, I had a great attitude about it and she has a positive outlook about her period and doesn't dread it. Good luck.

You should talk to your pediatrician about this, as this development is abnormally early. He may recommend treatment to delay further development, as hitting puberty too early can affect her bone growth. When I worked at a Home Health Agency (I'm an RN), 1 of my coworkers had a client the same age with same 'symptoms' who was receiving injections to delay her puberty. Seriously, call your doctor.


I used to work for a non-profit called the MAGIC Foundation and it deals with children's growth (hormonal) disorders. There is one called precocious puberty where girls develop early. The doctor that treats it is a pediatric endocrinologist. I'm not sure what age is normal for a period anymore! That's the first thing I thought of when I read your question. Hope this helps and good luck,


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