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Could It Be Colic??? - Agawam,MA

Hi. I have a baby girl who was born last month in July. I am starting to wonder if she is developing colic. As background...I have a son who was born in August 2006 and he ended up being colicy and very gassy with bad reflux. He ended up having to go on some medicine and Enfamil Nutramigen for 6 months. I am hoping beyond hope that's not the case with my little girl. Anyways, the past few days/week she's been very very fussy at night...usually starts around 6 and goes until she finally falls asleep around 8 or so. Usually during this time nothing we really do helps except to just walk her around. It is tiring for us. Any advice/stories from anyone would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!

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My first born was Collicky. no food relation. We swaddled, swing and vacuum or other white noise got us through the rough times. My other children also slept the first 3 months in the carseat in the bassinet and I had fewer sleep issues. Good Luck! This too shall pass!

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It is called the "witching hour". Around 6 weeks some babies go through a fussy stage at the same time of the evening and nothing you do soothes them. It is their way of releasing all the stimuli they took in throughout the day. Take a look at these links. I was fortunate to not go through this w/ my daughter (now 4 months), but did with my son. It will pass.



I noticed you had two postings that you are also working on weaning your daughter with formula. My thought immediately was it could be the formula you are giving her. It could be upsetting her stomach or giving her gas. My son had problems with formula and had to go on a soy formula. He is now almost 16 years old and we found out about 7 years ago that he is lactose intolerant and I'm not saying your baby girl is, her digestive system may just not be able to handle the formula you are giving her. Just a thought! Good luck to you!

Hi M. - As someone who has been there with colic, it definitely could be colic that your little one is going through. The "rule of three's" applies with colic and did with my youngest - starts around 3 weeks, crying for 3 or more hours a day, and lasting until 3 months old (though mine went for the bonus version of 4+ months!!). It is usually related to digestion/food issues, though not always, and from your other post is sounds as if that could be the case as well. My youngest would start crying around 4-5 pm, and would seriously not stop entirely until 10 or 11 pm sometimes. Then after her middle of the night feeding, she'd often cry some more and be unable to get back to sleep, no matter what we did. She always had trouble getting to sleep without a little help. This being said, it is common for babies to fuss around dinnertime and not respond to comforting. It is exhausting for parents because you are tired from the day and you have to walk the baby around the house for hours! I understand and have been there. You have a lot happening at once because you are also working on weaning her, so the fussiness could also be related to that. I'd have your husband give her a bottle since she'll associate you and your smell with nursing, and see if that helps a little. Other than that, I would not have survived without the baby carrier during these fussy times, since my daughter seemed to just want to be against one of us and near us. Try wearing her as best you can during the fussy times, then experiment with putting her down once in a while to see if she can get to sleep or be more content after being near you.

Lastly, the one thing that did help a little in my situation was to see a chiropractor who worked with babies and kids. It turned out that my daughter had a lot of digestive backup and the adjustments helped get everything moving so to speak! It got us over the hump a little. Good luck - I know what you are going through!

Hi M., You certainly must be sooo tired! I have two suggestions -- 1. You may wish to have your baby checked by Dr. Ellen Blomerth - ###-###-#### - it takes 5 minutes, and you will be holding the baby yourself. Dr. Blomerth specializes in infants, women & children and is the only Chiropractor on the East Coast who was trained and utilizes this special gentle method. She has ended colic for many babies as well as many other issues, and she feels strongly that every infant should have a gentle manipulation immediately after going through the difficult process of birth. I highly recommend that you contact her right away & she will see you right away - you can even speak with her on the phone first to ask questions. Please tell her that I sent you.
My 2nd suggestion is to try Shaklee's all-natural & organic baby massage oil - gently rub it on when she is crying and can't sleep. Customers have raved about it. You can read about it & order it online through my web site www.emilytaft.com Please call me with any questions at ###-###-#### or e-mail me ____@____.com Best Wishes - I sure hope one of these suggestions works for you asap. E. Taft

I have a lot of friends whose babies got rid of gas, reflux, colic and all of that by using Reliv's product called Kids' NOW. It restored the balance in their system and eliminated all of those problems plus gave them great nutrition, omega 3s, DHA for brain development (fatty acid found in breast milk). Sure beats all those drugs. Let me know if you want more info or a chance to talk to other moms. There's great support available. I wish I'd known about it when I was walking my son around all night long just like you are doing. It's so hard to see them suffer, and it's not necessary!

My first born was Collicky. no food relation. We swaddled, swing and vacuum or other white noise got us through the rough times. My other children also slept the first 3 months in the carseat in the bassinet and I had fewer sleep issues. Good Luck! This too shall pass!


I seem to remember my pediatrician telling me that a lot of babies go through a 'fussy' stage in the late afternoon/early evening when they are around 6 weeks or so, and that we may see many babies out in carriages to soothe or distract them. My kids are 4 and 7 now, so it's a little hard to remember (it's hard to remember last week!) but I don't think it lasted too long.

Good luck!


Hi. What is colic? I just read a book called happiest baby on teh block. I suggest reading it. Dr. Harvey Karp believes that we as humans are born 3 months too early and that is because our brains three months later would be too big to give birth to vaginally so there for we are born early to fit through the birth canal. However our little ones need to be swaddled, put on their side or stomache while awake in your arms, shh'd to or put some white noise on for them, swing or jostled a bit like a bowl of jello, and they need to suck. Those are what he refers to as the five s's I am a postpartum doula and I have used these techniques with much success babies are happier and sleep longer. If she does have reflux and is bothered by it the crying would be any time of the day not just at night during the witching hours. Visit thehappiestbaby.com and there is helpful information on there as well as you can purchase the dvd that shows him demonstrating several times all of the five techniques because getting them right is key. The techniques mimic what our babies felt in utero for the last nine months it was loud because they could hear the blood going through our bodies our heart beating, we moved most of the time so that is jostling to them, in utero they were tightly packaged and that is why they need to be swaddled tightly with the arms by their side so their startle reflex is shut off and to suck they can use a pacifier or your finger, they can be put in a swing swaddled and the swing should be on high for it to work effectively the baby should be calm before putting her in teh swing. I tell moms if baby doesn't sleep well lying in a bassinett or crib let them sleep in the swing day or night. Remember in the first three months they can not be spoiled they are really still a fetus and in utero they had all those things all the time so doing them for 12 hours a day or so is cutting back already 50% of the time.

Good luck I could go on forever, but I won't again visit the site and get the book and dvd it will be a life saver. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at ____@____.com
The directions for swaddling are on the site as well click on the link to the left that reads certification program then in the next window click on for educators then on the next page choose education updates/suggestions/questions and on that page choose the one that says pdf of the dudu wrap flyer. Your baby may still cry when swaddled especially if you have not been doing it since birth however stick with it she will thank you for it later. That alone does not calm the baby then implement some of the other I talked about 2 side/stomache position while holding her facing away from you. shhing or white noise done loudly, swinging, sucking

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