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"Coughing While Pregnant"

I have had a bad cough for about 3-4 weeks now and i was taking robotussin (its the only thing the doctor said was safe) but i dont want to take to much medicine so i looked up in a home remidie book and it said drink a spoonful of pancake syrup. Now im still a little nervous doing that all that sugar. do you think that the syrup could hurt anything?

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Thank you everyone so much for all your wonderful responses. I am going to go to the store tonight and get some of that Calendula tea. I'll let you know what happens.

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Hi E.,
Hope your cough is getting a little better...
Do not use calendula tea- it is contraindicated during pregnancy!
Here's a link to more info:
and here's another link to herbal tea use in pregnancy:
(although calendula is not on the second link, I'd suggest staying on the side of caution...)
the second link seems to say peppermint is ok but I was told to avoid pepperming while pregnant...
Best wishes, hope you are feeling better...

Hi E.,
Sorry to hear you have a cough...Not fun!
From my understanding, a spoonful of maple syrup isn't going to do anything to you unless you already have diabetes (type 1, 2 or gestational)...
Sugar does not cause diabetes (but stress on the body from pregnancy, too much weight, and sometimes viruses can! Mine was triggered by a virus)...
hope this helps...
Also-while decaf tea can be helpful be sure to consult a guide or google on herb safety if drinking herbal tea as certain herbs are to be kept to a minimum or altogether restricted during pregnancy...
Best wishes!
Congrats on your 2nd babe!

drink caffeine free tea with honey as much as possible. Just try to take the medicine at night to help you sleep. Definitly ask about ZINC. we take it all the time! its good for everything, also vitamin c and other natural remedys just check eith your doc first. some people say they arent proven, but if it cant HURT you, its better then the stuff that has a warning label ten pages long. Good luck and get lots of rest!

I dont thinks a "teaspoon of sugar" or syrup in this cas will harm anything. That is like cutting all sugar out of all your food, impossible!! Or is it a rule that you cant have pancakes with syrup,you certainly put about a spoonful or more on pancakes. Just dont have ALOT of sugary foods and you are fine! Definately good ideas with cough remedies though, never heard of some of them.

no, I don't think that all that sugar will hurt, unless you are already at risk for gestational diabetis, however, if you're still concerned you can purchase the sugar free syrup.


I took the robitussin with all of my pregnancies, it truely is safe to take for you and the baby. It will also relelive your cough much more effectively than syrup alone. Hope you feel better soon. Remember to eat healthy drink lots of water, and most of all enjoy your pregnancy!

Good Luck! D. Mommy of four

I wouldn't recommend drinking the whole bottle in an afternoon, but I don't think a spoonful would hurt ANYTHING, I mean, no one says not to eat pancakes and syrup while your pregnant.

My friend had a cough when she was pregnant. It was persistent and frequent and turned out to be asthma. She had to use an inhaler. I think you should see your doctor :) Good Luck!

Old traditional remedy is lemon & honey tea. Just boiled hot water, squeeze in half fresh lemon and spoon or two of honey. I also agree with the Calendula tea, safe for children and while pregnant, very soothing. Lots of fruits and rest!

Not quite sure what pancake syrup would do- usually just water, corn syrup and flavor. If you were going to take spoonful of syrup, I would make sure it was real maple syrup at least, so it might have some nutritional value. Never heard of it before.

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