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Coughing 11 Year Old

My son is 11 and has a very deep cough. He has no temperature but the cough won't go away. I've given him cough syrup. Any ideas? Help. He hasn't been to doctor yet but I'm getting concerned as it won't go away. Seems to get worse at night. His nose is slightly congested-doesn't have allergies. Been coughing almost a week.

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I would take him to a doctor. Whooping cough (Pertusis) has been showing up in record numbers in hospitals. For older kids and adults it is a deep cough that you cant seem to shake but for babies and toddlers could be fatal (and if he has it he will get better quickly with medicine, but if he spreads it to other kids/young children they could get very ill).

Better to be safe than sorry. I hope he feels better soon.

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Well, I just got over whooping cough. Take him to the doctor, please. They told as at the PTA meeting the vaccine wears off at age 11...I thought I just had a bad cough.

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My, at the time, 11 yr old son had a cough that started on a Friday back in the spring (March). It didn't seem anything out of the ordinary. Saturday morning he played out side just like usual. But when Sunday rolled around, he seemed tired. Sunday afternoon he started running a fever. The cough worsened. Cough medicines didn't seem to help at all. During the night I kept a close eye on him, because of the coughing and his breathing rate was much faster than usual (which in and of itself is not unusual if someone has a fever, but his seemed even faster than that). I took him into the doctor first thing Monday morning. He had double pneumonia.

I didn't think much of the coughing at first, because my son DOES have allergies. He also acted fine at first. And had no fever. I would take him to a walk-in clinic in the morning, unless he worsens during the evening/night. Keep a close eye Mama. Your gut will keep you watchful and let you know when you start to get that uneasy feeling, that it is time to take him in.

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My son (6yrs) was coughing for about a week...no fever, little congestion...but sounded like he was going to cough up a lung...it was horrible. But sense he didn't have a fever, I kept waiting to take him to the doctor.

Took him last Thurs...double ear infections (he never said his ears hurt and I asked many times if anything hurt), bronchitis with severe wheezing. He is on an antibiotic, an inhaler and singular. I have to take him back for a recheck in 3 weeks...doctor really didn't like the sound of his lungs.

So go ahead and take him in...best case it is just a cold and they send you home...worst case, bronchitis or pneumonia. Either way you both will feel better. Hugs!!

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TAKE him to the Doctor... it can be anything from Pneumonia, to Bronchitis, to Pertussis (Whooping cough), to Asthma...
He needs to see a Doctor.

Do not guess at it.

My Mom for example, had a cough. She said its just a cold. Well, finally it would NOT go away... she went to the Doctor and she had Walking Pneumonia.... then, because she had had other lung problems before and didn't go to the Doctor right away... she now has PERMANENTLY damaged lungs... which will never go away.

Giving cough syrup... will not make your son's cough go away... unless your KNOW what is wrong with him.

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BE very careful with this one. My 10 year old son may have the same thing and last Monday at Midnight he woke unable to breathe. Luckily my husband heard him struggling and we were able to get him to the ER after a steam shower had no effect.

AT the ER, they gave him two breathing treatments and did chest xrays.

They told me the same thing could happen the next night and gave us some medicine to open his airway. My husband slept next to him too.

Earlier on Monday, I had taken him to the doctors just to make sure it wasn't serious and the doctor said he couldn't hear anything in his lungs so just because it doesn't sound serious doesn't mean it isn't.

Good luck...I hope your son does not have what my son has.

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When I was younger I had whopping cough, my mother sucked so I was coughing for a good month, it got worse at night. I'm only 25 so it wasn't that long ago. You should call the hospital or dr. office. They usually have a nurse that can answer your questions. Also this may have nothing to do with anything but when I get sick now I end up with a lasting cough for like 3 weeks.

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Well, I just got over whooping cough. Take him to the doctor, please. They told as at the PTA meeting the vaccine wears off at age 11...I thought I just had a bad cough.

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Could be post nasal drip or asthmatic cough. Trip to doc will give you your

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Take him to the doc or clinic - possibly could be whooping cough but could also be asthma! Either way, you need to know!

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