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Costco or Sam's Club? - Chandler,AZ

We are looking to join one of these stores and was wondering which one was better. We have 3 girls ages 14-4.

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Mmmmmmmmm Costco pumpkin pie! Ok and their croissants. Sorry just had to put in my opinion about Costco:)

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We have both. Overall I like costco better, but Sam's Club has a better grocery selection I think. Whereas Costco carries more of everything else. If you are interested, I just received a flyer on my door for a 15 week membership to Sam's Club for $15 you may have. Yearly membership rates are $40 for Sam's Club and $50 for Costco.

I have belonged to Costco for years. I believe each one has a 'non member' day or weekend where you can go and buy stuff just to check them out. Or ask them and see if you can go into each and see which one you like the best. I personally think they are pretty much the same. Good luck!

Costco all the way. Customer Service is awesome, excellent return policy, and the products are high quality. I feel like Sams is just a glorified Wal-Mart, and when it comes to the food and cleaning products, Sam's brand is Wal-Mart quality.

I think it is going to be a personal choice. Call both stores and tell them that you are thinking about purchasing a membership and would like to know if you could have a one day pass to walk through the stores. Then check things out and see which store has more of what you plan on purchasing.

When we did our walk through a few years ago we choose Sams because they had a better selection of foods. I might have to take a walk through of the new Costco in Mesa to see what they offer now. Our membership with Sams expires in November so thanks for the idea!

I have never shopped at Sams Club, but with Costco, they have different memberships. We have the Executive, where we get, I think, 2% back at the end of the year. We share our membership with my in-laws & between the 2 families, we always get back enough at the end of the year to pay for our annual membership fees.

Good luck with your choice!!

This is different for every person. I know when Sam's Club went to my Mom's city in CA it was short lived and Costco replaced it there. Not sure if it was because Costco was better or if they just couldn't make it there. I have always shopped at Costco because it is located more conveniently to where I live in Tucson. I would Try and visit each store with a friend who has a membership and decide which one you like more if there is a convenient store near you for both. That way you buy a membership based on your needs and not on others opinions.

D. P.

Mmmmmmmmm Costco pumpkin pie! Ok and their croissants. Sorry just had to put in my opinion about Costco:)

I don't really have a favorite. Both of them have products that I buy that the other doesn't carry. If you are looking for appliances and furniture, my friends house is full of things from Costco.

I've tried both, and I definitely say Costco. They are very similar, but I've found that Sam's Club products seems to be more business-oriented and Costco does a better job of also appealing to households. I have noticed that Costco is always bringing in new healthy items in bulk so it's much cheaper than the Sprouts or Whole Foods price, like fruit leather (100% fruit vs. sugary fruit snack, roasted seaweed, trail mix and granola bars with pure ingredients, Clif Protein Bars, 100% whole-grain pancake mix and on and on) and I have not seen that at Sams Club (I went last month with my aunt to check out the current selections and see if I still prefer Costco products and I definitely do). I have been very excited, pleased, and impressed with the healthy options Costco provides. And the produce is above-average at Costco (the organic baby spinach, avacados, and tomatoes on the vine are must haves every time I shop there). But to be fair, Sams Club produce may be just as good. Last time I went there I just perused the store to see what they sold compared to Costco and didn't buy any of their produce. Costco gets my vote for sure!

I do not belong to either of these. But I saw a report once that highlighted how Cosco has a MUCH higher employee retention rate. That means that they pay a fair wage and treat employees well. I also met a family that moved here to work at Cosco. The husband had worked there for years, moving up through the ranks. Sam's Club is Walmart, which does not have that reputation. If I were making that decision, this would weigh HEAVILY in my choice.

Ages ago (probably 15 years or more) we made the decision to go with Costco. At the time, it was because, after checking it out, Sam's carried almost exclusively name brand groceries and Costco had oodles of items in the Kirkland brand. Being a generic brand shopper, it was an easy choice. Not sure if this has changed at all over the years, though.

We have a membership to both. I find myself going to Costco more often. At Sam's club, I have to write a check since I don't have a Discover Card, and I can pay with a credit card at Costco. One may have more of the brands that you normally buy than the other. It's a personal choice. Is one closer to your home which would make it more convenient? Go check them each out with a friend or on a day pass.

We use Costco. I think you can get a day pass at the membership desk so you can try it out.

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