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Cost of Groceries per Month

How much do you spend on groceries each month? Please indicate the size of your family. Does the number include visits to Target for various items or JUST food?


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Family of 5. usually spend around $550 month. I wish it was less! I need to cut coupons, but find it annoying that they are usually for nothing I buy. :)

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I feed a family of 6 on about $400 month. Add about another $100 for sundries, cleaning supplies, etc... We're lucky to have a local wholesale produce and meat market where I live, so I save a ton that way. I only buy my condiments at a regular grocery store. We get pizza twice a month, which is all of $10 each time, and make a salad at home those nights. IF we have some extra money, we will take the kids out but we never spend more that $50 doing that.

I am married and we have an 11 year old daughter. We are vegetarians and don't eat out that often. I spend around $700 a month on food and drinks.

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Hi there. I live in Mass where everything is expensive, so our grocery bill
(including Target,etc too) is about $300 a week for a family of 4. Waaaaaayyyyy too much!

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If anyone is looking to help reduce their grocery costs, check out Angel Food Ministries.


You don't have to be a certain income to order through them... they buy in bulk and have cut out the middleman, passing on the savings to the customer. Some of it is the exact same brands you would find in the grocery store, also. They are not out-dated, but current food items.

You order a set box by a certain date, and usually pick it up the next Saturday at a set location. Much of this is done by volunteers (the pick-up locations), which helps reduce costs, also.

Order date is usually the next last Sunday of the month, with pick-up on the last Saturday of the month.

If you are using food stamps, you can still order through them.

They say that the average savings on the "Bountiful Blessings" box is $50, from prices sampled across the United States. This box usually costs about $46, and contains about 12 different meat/main meal items (enough for a family of 4 for a meal, usually... about 20 lbs total, I think?), and probably 12 lbs of frozen veggies of different types. This would probably help feed a family of 4 for close to 2 weeks, I think?

There are a number of food boxes you can order, including some specialty things, or boxes with things that are useful for kids after school.

It has really helped my family with their food budget, and given us a more varied menu. We even get steaks and pork chops in these boxes!

Print out a menu, and take it to the grocery store and see how the prices compare....

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Ugh, this is depressing for me :(. I am in awe of you ladies who do so well on a budget. It is just my husband and I, and our 10-month-old, and we spend about $400 per month, which is mostly just groceries but the occasional toilet paper, paper towels, and diapers thrown in. Target trips are separate and probably another $100+/month. I was just thinking today how I have to get better at budgeting for groceries, because I can only imagine how much it will be when our daughter (and potential other kids) are older!

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We spend an average of $866 (see? this is why I love using Mint.com lol!) on just groceries and for our family of 6. I usually get cleaning products and toiletries and paper goods at Target or BJs, When we factor in restaurants, quick trips to the convenience store for milk and bread, the occasional lunch that I buy at work etc. we spend an average of $1,113 per month on food - my husband works out of his car and has a bad habit of having lunch on the road and it really adds up quickly.

This is by going to a really cheap grocery store that's totally inconvenient, using sales and coupons, and buying as little processed food as possible. Our main grocery bill alone started topping $200 per week when my SD moved in last January so we changed stores and scaled that back to about $150 (the other part of the weekly bill includes the farmer's market and local deli).

@Rachel K., west of 495 where you are is like living in another part of the country when it comes to cost of living. It's amazing how much of a difference 100 miles makes!

@Gina I'm glad I'm not the only one with a high bill!

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JUST food and drinks....oh, anywhere from 300 to 500. That doesn't include going out to eat(which we do often) Its My husband and I (im pregnant, but i really don't eat much more than i did, just a lot more fruit) Our two daughters are 8 and 2. My two year old eats non stop, but at least EVERYTHING she eats is healthy.

The reason we spend so much is because we eat mostly fresh and organic with a lot of focus on specialty foods and super foods. Plus we have a water service that is 50 dollars a month.

In every other way we are quite thrifty, and spending so much on food means spending less at the doctor.

*******might i recommend a website called Mint.com..?..its a budgeting website we love it!

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Family of 5. usually spend around $550 month. I wish it was less! I need to cut coupons, but find it annoying that they are usually for nothing I buy. :)

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Groceries only!
Does not include any non-food items.
Eating out is a separate budget.
This is for me, my husband, my 15 y.o. son, my 8 y.o. daughter, and my 19 y.o. when she is home from college.

Family of 4 (only three eaters right now).

We spend about $450 per month on groceries. This DOES include trips to Target. I buy almost everything to make my own food - little prepackaged meals other than some KAshi or Smart Ones in a pinch, and the occasional frozen pizza, waffles, etc. I make meatloaf, turkey chili, tacos, lasagna, baked ziti, etc on my own, not that yucky freezer stuff! I also make my own dips, etc. We do have other prepackaged snacks and some potatoes, noodles, etc for sides. Lots of fresh veggies and fruits!

We buy Organic Milk, Meat and Eggs. Other than that, we buy "regular" stuff....and I try to get deals when I can.

I would love to hear suggestions on how to cut this number down WITHOUT sacrificing health!

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