Cost of Babysitting?

Updated on August 12, 2009
R.A. asks from Island Lake, IL
5 answers

Looking for help with what to pay a babysitter. It would be only to babysit my 13 week house work or other side things to do..

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We pay our babysitters $10 an hour for two kids (7,9) who are pretty self-sufficient and just like to play with their sitters. I prepare all meals in advance. No cleaning is expected.

Over the summer, I agreed to a $15 an hour nanny, but that is usually way out of our budget, but in a pinch was necessary.

For an infant I would think $10 an hour would be sufficient, especially since she/he would not need to cook and babies nap!

Good luck!

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Is this for full time or part time? If it's for full time usually $35-45 a day is adequate. If it's part time, probably $8-10 an hour.

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I live in Hyde Park and use a babysitter to watch our 13 month old daughter once or twice a week. We pay our babysitter $10-11 an hour on weekdays, and if she comes on a weekend night, we usually give a little extra.

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Hi R.,

I am looking for a part time position and babysitting will fit me great. I have a 15 month old girl that if allowed I will like to bring with. I have allot of experiance young energetic Mom of three 12,6,& .15months.
Please let me know if you are intrested and I will give you my number so you can call me thanks.


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Most daycare centers charge about $300/week for a full time infant who is cared for by a certified/licensed adult. Do some research on what child care costs in your area. If you want the person to be certified in child care and first aid/cpr expect to pay close to $300/week for full time.

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