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I don't cook. If I can microwave it - I'm happy. However, I don't want to burden my daughter with an inability to cook and don't want to teach her bad eating habits. So, I would like to START SIMPLE and begin to learn to cook simple kid friendly healthy meals that we can both eat. I'm looking for some recipes and/or a book that someone can recommend. Again I am not good at cooking and I'm a single full time working mom so time is limited. The simpler and quicker the recipe the better. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I wasn't taught to cook either and am now cooking almost every meal! That was 3 years ago. My cookbook of choice is the more for less cookbook ( http://www.amazon.com/More-Less-Cookbook-Janzen-Longacre/... ). It has REALLY easy instuctions and can be used by one such as I who messed up Kraft Mac and Cheese multable times.

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You should invest in a pressure cooker. You can season almost any meat turn it on and its don in 15 minutes or less. I've cooked a whole chicken in mine in 10 minutes. They come with an instruction guide on how long to cook the items and also one pot recipes. Mine is a six quart pot and it was $30.00 at Walmart.
Hope this helps,

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a good idea would be cook books designed for men. they are normally very simple and easy to follow. be careful of the pre pared stuff, high in sodium! roasting a chicken is easy and cheaper then publix. wash it inside and out, no soap. then in a roasting pan, alittle garlic powder, paprika, maybe a spritz of pam for crunchy skin, breast side up, 25 minutes per pound at 325, cut deep in to the bird tomake sure its cooked all the way through. meatballs are good too, 1lb of chop meat, a raw egg, spices, diced up veggies (what evers left over) make in to golf balls and then fry or bake, fryis easier, bake is healthier. bake on a cookie sheet, 350 for about 20 minutes...

You can find great recipes that are kid friendly in parenting magazines. I also find a lot of great little cookbooks at the check out counter in the grocery store or Target. I have also found some really great inexpensive kids cookbooks at Ross and Barnes and Noble in the discount book section. You could also check on Amazon.com for used kids cookbooks.

If you just do a goole search for recipes for kids, or easy meals you should be able to find a lot of sites that offer recipes for free. allrecipes.com is a great site. Also Kraft and Campbells have good recipes too.

I'm also a 32 yd old single working mother of 2 two year olds! I keep it very simple for dinner. I make breakfast a lot, scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, french toast, stuff like that. And lots of frozen veggies. The little boxes of Green Giant and Birds Eye veggies are perfect for a couple people. Maybe a rotisserie chicken from your deli? Thats always good for a quick dinner. I try to stay away from canned food and already prepared meatloafs, mashed potatoes, etc in the grocery stores because that stuff is amazingly high in sodium. I make soup (heat from a can of course) and grilled cheese (sometimes with ham) sandwiches a lot. My kids LOVE Ramen noodles, you can cook a package or two of those and swirl in an egg towards the end for some added protein. Any kind of pasta is good and easy. I always try to serve either a veggie or fruit with every meal, so sometimes I cut up an apple for a side, sometimes I just use applesauce. I'll tell you, if you have a crock pot, its nice to stick some sort of a roast in there in the morning and let it cook while you are working. I've just recently become a fan of those dinner preparation places like Dinner My Way, thats been a saving grace for me and when you figure out the price per serving, its not bad at all.

there are soo much easy stuff now days it doesnt even take a genius...LOL!!! I am not the expert in the kitchen either. There are things like uncle bens boil in a bag those are great, or your favorite there are the microwavable ones great too. publix always sells some chicken pre seasoned and then all you have to do is pop it in oven for about 30 minutes or soo....thats how i started and you could even go online and get recipes from campbells soup they are fantastic very very simple and taste delish... Hope this helped a little

Rachel Ray's cook books are easy and quick. There is also whole foods for the whole family and a kid version I believe.

I think it's great that you want to teach your child how to cook! I tend to go mediterainian (spelling) which is really healthy and tasty. I wish I could give you the name of the books I use but I just packed (we are moving) them. Go to the bookstore or a used bookstore and sit down with the books to look at them. You might even want to watch some of the shows on the Food Channel. It would help with technique. Trust me, this can move you to many other hobbies (herb growing, veggie planting, to taking some classes together) One of the funniest thing I learned is that so many cultures are similar in their cooking, only the herbs are different. So fried chicken is in every culture, just tweeked abit with the flavor.
I don't love to cook, but I like the challenge of making something better each time. Look at it this way and you might find you will like this. PS. I read in the Parade second of the newspaper at age two the bitter taste buds grow in...so don't be surprised if she's objecting to anything that isn't sweet.
Good luck! Jen

My favorite two words when it comes to no-time cooking: Slow Cooker :) Check out http://allrecipes.com for some great recipies. Search by ingredient, method, dish type (like main dish, vegitable so on). I love it. I have a virtual recipe box on there and you can even create shopping lists to print and take to the store!

Hope this helps


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