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Constipation with My 18 Month Old

My 18 month old has had problems with constipation her entire life of 18 months :) We have tried everything and nothing is working. We have done apple juice, pear juice, straight prune juice, glycerin supp., baby enimas, and now we are on myralax everyday. The laxative seemed to have worked for awhile and we even ended up in Children's Hospital because we didn't go poop for a week. My ped. just says this is ok and will be fine for her to take the lax. for the rest of her life if needed...but momma thinks different. I don't think she should still be having constipation the way she does. If she doesn't go one day it will be so hard for her to the next. We literally have to help it out and when she is able to pass it it is hard as a rock and is, I kid you not, at least 3 to 4 inches long. This is not normal for someone as small as she is. She eats anything she wants, and we even went back to baby food to see if that would help and it didn't. She drinks milk and juices and I am just frustrated with the whole thing. If anyone knows of something else we can try please help me out. Thank you all so much.

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Thank you all soooooo much for the advice...I now have a happy pooper!!!!! I put her on lactose free milk and plumsmart juice and not so crazy about the craisins....I have also found cheese that is for the digestive health...All of these have worked we have not used myralax in over a week and we have pooped every day with no problems!!! You all are life savers well mommy sanity savers!!! Thanks for all of the wonderful advice! We are also drinking crayola water...just flavored water but at least we are drinking the water and she loves it along with the new milk and juice!!! Thanks again!!!

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I might have somethind you can try: it's worth a shot any way. Go to the store and buy the clear karo syrup. Put just a little in her bottle or sippy cup(not everyone) that might help at least that is what I have been told by several people

You mentioned that she drinks juice and milk. What about plain old water? Also, if she eats a lot of cheese, that could contribute to it as well. What I have found is that fruits, not just juice, but the fruits, apples, raisins, plums or prunes, work wonders. Too much iron can cause constipation as well. See if she will eat cheerios, or raisin bran cereal. Does she run and jump and play a lot? As an adult, I have found that exercise helps me.

Hi J.
I am a proud mother of 2 boys that are 10 and 12. My oldest boy was constipated from day 1 and we finally took him off of the Isomil milk and the Doctor put him on Goats milk. We added a teaspoon of syrup to it and he did not have no more problems not pooping and pooping hard stools. Maybe this will help you too. Try it. Later N.

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I agree with you. I don't think being on a laxative long term is an answer I would want to accept nor do I believe it is healthy for her. You may need to get another physicians opinion. Here's what I know - fiber, plenty of water, and exercise are important in helping to prevent constipation. If your daughter has been on a lot of antibiotics, you might look into whether or not it could be related to yeast. Yogurt with active cultures, acidophilus (you can obtain from a health food store), eating whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables,and cutting back on sugars and processed foods can be helpful. Hope you can find the help she needs.

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Go to Advocare.com and look up the products. There is one that is called Probiotic Restore. It is a capsule and you can pour it in a drink or bottle or bowl of oatmeal or whatever. It can be taken every day. I know of a 9 month old that had infant reflux and could not keep anything down and used the upper GI product of Advocare and it worked. I myself have used Restore and was just about to order more. Please look at the Company's creditials and let me know if you have any questions. Yes, we do sell the products, but I care more about the health of your child than making a little money off that product. Please check into it. Hope it helps. My 2nd child had trouble with that and he was that age and I have wished that I would have known about it when he was going through that.
Good luck. K. F.

My son had this very same problem at age 2 months to about 6 months. I had to put milk of maganesie in his bottle every day. If I missed a dose he would go a few days before he would go again. I was very worried, my doctor did an x-ray of his tummy and everything was normal. The good news is he finally became pretty regular on his own just like the doctor said. I still find myself making sure he has had a bowel movement for that day. And on occassion he will skip on day or so and rarely has more than one bowel movement a day. He is 13 months old now and healthy. So hopeful let the medicine do its work. My doctor told me to keep giving it to him everyday until he becomes regular it may take awhile but hopefully as with my little guy it will work itself out in time. I hope this helps a little bit, I know its not a solid fix to your problem. Good luck and God bless.

I used the yogurt Activia for my son. It worked and it is safe to give him every day! I wouldn't want to do laxatives every day....I am not a Dr, but that doesn't seem right. Hope this helps!

My daughter had the same problem when she was around 1 year old. Pureed peaches and apricots let her go more often and now we feed her oatmeal and strawberries regularly and she hasn't had a problem since. I still give her whole milk and cheese, but the key is to balance her diet. I looked on the internet for other ideas and which foods hold more fiber. Hope this helps and good luck. Hugs to you, I know how tough it can be.

Im not sure if I have any answers for you but share your frustration. My daughter who is now 9 has had constipation since birth. We have made several trips to the dr with stomach pains just too find out her intestines are full of poop. We get the same response "use myralax, mineral oil, high fiber diet". The also keep telling me that she may hold her poo for days because it hurts to pass it. This is not the case, since she has had it since birth and she is old enough now to tell me she doesn't hold it. Another sign that I see which im not sure if it's related or not, but she has dark circles around her eyes all the time. Im not sure where to go from now but something has to be done. The last few times she has gone to the bathroom has resulted with blood in her poo from her strain to pass it. We thought she had torn her rectum but after checking it it had not. Im quite curious to reading any other's remedies to this problem as well.

My child is 11 years old and has had the same problem since she was 3 years old. We went to a specialist and she said that she needed a very high fiber diet. She must have at least 25 grams of fiber per day. She is also on Miralax and I've added Benefiber as well. I have switched her foods to higher fiber foods. I buy high fiber bread, tortillas and other foods to help. I have reduced her dairy (milk and cheese) to only 8oz per day. This is a very common problem in children. If you can get it under control before your child starts potty training, it will make that process easier. I didn't and it took much longer to potty train my daugther. They also said that bed wetting is connected to this problem. Don't panic, because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

My daughter has not had constipation her whole life, but once i started her on regular milk, she had very bad problems. I switched her to soy milk. She loves it and i get the kind with fiber and we have not had a problem since. I hope you will find answer to your problem soon. It can be very frustrating to see your baby going through pain to have a bowel movement, and there is nothing you can do!!

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