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Constipation Relief in a 2 Year Old

My almost 2-1/2 year old daughter is constipated for the first time ever. She cries really bad when she's about to have a BM and tries to hold it in. This just started yesterday a.m. and she finally had a BM last night and it was very large and had to have been extremely painful to pass. She was fine afterwards so I thought she was o.k., but tonight she's having the same problem. I know that prunes have a laxative effect, but does anyone have any other tried and true natural remedies for constipation?

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I have 4 wonderful kids. I have found with all of them that if they got constipated I would feed them mandarin oranges. That seemed to work the best. I always try to keep around those little fruit cups or little applesauce cups for them to eat some everyday. But the mandarin oranges always seem to do the trick. Good luck!

Mineral Oil is very effective and safe for young children. You can mix it with some juice to make it easier to take. Directions are on the bottle.

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Try papaya and drinks lots of water..it works with my daughters..

White grape juice works great. A full cup a day or twice a day will keep her going smooth with out the gas that prunes can cause. There are also glyserine suppositories that will help get her cleaned out and then maybe you can look at what has changed in her diet, there has to be something that is causing the change...

I had this problem with all of mine at the same age. We used warm apple juice or warm white grape juice. Grapes work well too. And prunes. My kids love prunes. Good luck!

My daughter had the same problem since she went on table food. Now at 3 and a half she still sometimes experiences constipation. For her though, using the potty has helped tremendously. However, you are probably not to that point, so here is what we did: the Dole fruit cups that have jello and fruit pieces in them act as a natural laxative. Whenever my daughter would get constipated, we would get her to eat two to three fruit cups during the day and by the next day she had a bowel movement. It did get so bad at one point that her pediatrician put her on a stool softner which is now available over the counter, Miralax. You can use it up to one year without any problems. Also, her pediatrician told us that if the problem was immediate to also give her half a teaspoon of Phillip's. She loved the cherry flavor so that went well. Hope this helps.

My daughter used to have a lot of trouble with constipation, things that worked, straight apple juice, and if she was really bad, a teaspoon of dark karo syrup. Miralax also helps, I was told to mix a half a teaspoon in with water/milk/juice whatever. It's really gentle on them and works to help them get regular again. Stay away from apples, bananas, cheese, etc until she gets going normally again. Any fruit that starts with a P is good to help them get going though. GL :)

have you tried caro syrup? it's an old remedy for infants but i know it works for others too. try putting a teaspoon in her milk and see what happens. it's harmless so you can feel free to experience with it as you or she needs. good luck with it!

My daughter has the same exact problem. She shakes just to pass a BM. One time I think that she nearly passed out. I talked to the dr and he said to give her 1/2 cap full of Miralax in her juice or milk and mix really well. You can get it at Walmart, Walgreens... anywhere that has laxatives.
HOWEVER... It IS NOT a laxative. All it does is soften it so she won't hold it and will go.
The dr said that it use to be perscription but now can buy it over the counter and said that we could use it every day and it won't hurt anything. I think that the iron in the vitamins is stopping her up and I can't find liquid vitamins without iron. I usually use the Miralax every other day and sometimes every day.
Try it... it works for me.

My son has the same problem off an on, and he is 2 as well. We took him for a well check-up on a Thursday. They were supposedly checking him thoroughly right? Oh no. Friday, he had a temp of 104 when I picked him up from his paternal grandmother. He was hospitalized for 4.5 days. He had stool the size of a baseball lodged inside of him, and it was hard as a rock. There are lots of things that can contribute to this problem. Keep track of bowel movements on a regular basis, provide her with lots of fluids such as water and juices. Do increase the bulk of her food by watching and increasing her fiber intake. When it's hard for us we don't want to go either, and when you imagine how it must feel for them it makes you cry. Eating take out on a regular basis contributes to this problem as well. We as a society do not prepare meals like those super parents before us, because we are busier due to work and other activities. Always know what she eats and how she tolerates it. A good way to tell is by seeing when she actually does have a bowel movement after eating different types of foods. If she doesn't have a bowel movement within her normal time frame do not give cheese filled things like pizza. It only makes the problem worse. Our pediatrician suggested Milk of Magnesia, and it helped but not long term. So, I simply modify his diet when he is with me, provide him with lots of fiber and fluids and he is pretty regular. We have a joint parenting order so it's hard to say what he has with his father. Mineral oil does work wonders, and so does warm apple juice. Try increasing her fluid and fiber intake plus some mineral oil. Let us know how things go. Have a fab weekend.

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