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Constipation in 7 Year Old

Hello all. My 7 yr old daughter seems to be constipated all the time. When she does have a bowel movement it it hard with a little blood in the stool. Which Im pretty sure is from her haveing to push so hard. I took her to the docter ( not the fam doc he was on vac.) He told me to give her over the counter laxitives. But did not even give me an idea what brand. So I am at a loss. I would love some ideas on products. Or even ideas on more natural ways to help her. I dont want to give her anything that it going to make her cramping any worse. The doctor also said it might be due to her weight. My fam doc has never expressed any concern about my DD weight. My DD is really big for her age. She weighs more then her 11 yr old sister whom is a tall string bean. Her dads side of the Fam are bigger but not over weight. Just more wide in the shoulders a bit bigger boned. But the doc did get me thinking. Do I need to change my cooking habits? My kids do get fruits and veggies every day along with milk and healthy snacks. I do not let them junk very often at all. Sorry Im just going on and on. I am just so frusterated because I dont what what to do. Thank you all for letting me vent.

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Thank you all for the responses. I have up'ed her fiber intake. Also cut back on dairy and having her drink more water. I know it might take alittle bit to get everything perfect or at least close to perfect for her. But with all the words of wisdom I have recieved I know we will find what works best for her. I have also used some of the tips for my other 2 kids. Just to make sure hopefully they will not have to got throught the same thing as thier sister. You all are so great and helpful.

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Miralax in whatever she is drinking - I put a pinch in my kid's drinks until the issue is resolved.

Also - lots of fiberous fruits, and things beginning with "P": pears, prunes, peas, etc.

My pediatrician recommends miralax. It is tasteless and safe to use. Just put it in their drink once a day. You can also adjust the amount if a full cap makes her too runny then scale it back.

Miralax. It recently became over the counter. My pediatrician prescribed it for both of my kids around age 5. Very gentle. We tried everything dietary and still needed something. Experiment with the dose. I only give my kids a couple teaspoons and it works like a charm.

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M. my daughter was the same way at aged 7. Doctors told us to stay away from foods that cause constipation like carrots. Dairy causes the same problem. Have her eat more green leafy veggies. They act as a laxative as well. Less juice and more water. you will need to take away one food at a time and look for the reaction. Just like when you began feeding your baby and you added one food to make sure she wasn't allergic. It takes time but you'll figure it out.

Hi (again), I would suggest you try a couple of natural laxatives. Our kids both seem to have a bit of an issue in this area so we do the natural stuff and it seems to work well. Almonds are at the top of the list as they seem to help the best. We also use grapes, raisins, prune juice and even avacados. All of the above stuff is great but I cannot stress how important water in their diet is. Plain old water..no flavored stuff, nothing sugared, just water and lots of it. God Bless You, L.

Drinking Aloe is a great natural way to help. Aloe is a healing agent and it's soothing and helps things move through the digestive tract. I'm a Personal Wellness Coach and I have a client who's 6 year old son had to be on medication due to constipation. It used to take him an hour to have a bowel movement. He started drinking the aloe and now his bowel movements only take 5 minutes and he's off the medication. If you'd like to take a look at it, my website is www.shopherbalife.com

Hi there,
I know what you are going thru, my daughter has had tons of problems, along with myself. My daughter also had blood in her stool and we have been dealing with this almost 1 1/2 years.
A few things... Lots of water as many have recommended, prune juice or prunes that have been boiled in water for 10 minutes or soaked over night. Berries are also great. I was told any berry - rasberries, blueberries or blackberries.
Sparkling mineral water with a high mineral content is also very good, it has a high magnesium count that can naturally soften stools.
The one thing that has completely turned my daughter around after being on Miralax for over 6 months and not seeing ANY improvement was taking her to a chiropractor. It helped after only 1 visit and I was able to switch her from the Miralax to 1 tsp daily of benefiber mixed w/ prune juice. I also give her prunes or pears every day to every other day depending on her b/m that day.
I know the doctors say Miralax is safe, but I believe anything natural has got to be better than something that is not natural.
Good luck to you!

whole grain breads and cereal, make sure she is also drinking plenty of water. even still her body isn't creating the right bile--I have gallbladder problems. I would track her BM's when the are if they are pebbles or runny or normal for a few weeks so you have info to take back to the doctor. There are stool softeners out there, but I think going natural first if you can is best and if not find out why it isn't working. I had to have my gallbladder out, and then special supplements to get my body making regular BM's. My whole growing up life I didn't know what a normal BM was supposed to be like when I had my first normal one I was freaking out my dh was laughing at me kept saying are you serious? that's a normal poop!lol

My seven year old son had the same problem. i tried everything from fiber to enzymes to medications, and nothing worked consistently. Last year I discovered a product called Jus -- it's chock full of fruits and veggies, is all natural and it works like a charm. One ounze a day, and the taste is fine, so the kids will take it. Our whole family takes it, and in addition to fixing constipation, it boosts the immune system. My little boy has not been sick a day since he's been on it, which is amazing because he had such a weak immune system that he could not even go to preschool.

check out my website at www.myjus23.com/C. for info. the corporate website is www.jus.net. If you want more info, call me at ###-###-####. I'm not trying to sell you anything, but trust me, this will work and you will be so pleased! It also has a money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk.

All the best,


My daughter gets constipated easily (due to diet--she is a picky eater....But I have noticed if eliminate bananas and applesauce from her diet when she is constipated it helps tremendously. Also on days she seems fine I limit her to one serving of applesauce or one banana a day that is it. Apple juice will loosen my daughters stools up easily. I do know that milk can cause constipation in some kids. Make sure she is drinking more water than milk and that she eats her apple peels etc. Explain to her that fiber will help her and find cereals she like that are high in fiber. Activia yogurt may help her also, it maitains the good flora in your intestines and can help a ton!


My pediatrician recommends miralax. It is tasteless and safe to use. Just put it in their drink once a day. You can also adjust the amount if a full cap makes her too runny then scale it back.

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