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Will massage and prune juice help baby constipation?

problem solved- thanks!

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Thank you to all of you for your advice. I gave her a massage and gave her some prune juice this morning and she went! yea! My pediatrician says some babies cant digest the rice cereal well and to stick to fruits and veggies for now so that's what I will do and then maybe try oatmeal cereal later.

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Karo syrup always worked like a charm for my daughter. So did apple juice, but it also gae her diarrhea and a rash as well if she got to much.
With the Karo just use a very small squirt in her bottle and she'll go in no time!
S. G.

My Baby is 5 months old, he did not go for a week, I finally had to give him a dipository, he went an now only goes every 3 days. I think it is pretty normal, my doc didnt seem to concerned about it.

Hi S.-
I gave my son unfiltered apple juice (the cloudy one!). It worked like a charm! Also watermelon. When he was too young for it, I blended it up and gave the juice to him in a bottle. That also helped.

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Rice is a binding agent and will help with diarrhea. If you want to reintroduce rice cereal again after her constipation clears up mix it a fruit like prunes.

Give pears prunes and peaches....get rid of the rice and use barley mixed with the fruit. Rice is very constipating.

S.-- It's N. from the Santuary! How are you??? How's Jaya???

I give Zahara the Target generic brand of Mylicon. you can put it in the prune juice or just give it separately, but if you give the max dosage, most likely she'll poop. Zahara would 2xs/day from it, but I slowed down assuming 1x was ok...

anyhow, good luck. i've been thinking of you two and happened to respond to this message later seeing that it was you!

let's get together sometime (even if it ends up being after the holidays...)

Epson salts bath.

Here is the info from another list that I am on:

Start at 1/4 cup Epsom salts = 1/8 cup baking soda...you can work up to 2 cups + 1 cup baking soda (for bigger children, not the little babies).

TONS of benefits: provides sulfates to balance phenols in the PST cycle, attaches to toxins so they can be excreted, adds moisture & magnesium to
help overcome constipation, improves sleep quality, helps remove natural lactic acid build-up that causes muscle aches, helps maintain electrolite balance, helps assemble glutathione from the amino acid precursors, suuports the adrenal glands, decreases tics, helps create melatonin ...and the list goes on.

A long, hot bath usually helped my little ones loosen up.

Good luck!

Try Apricot Juice. It works with our son. Hope this will help your daughter too.


Your doc is right--just to let you know the oatmeal cereal works the opposite of rice cereal. It always made y daughter go more when I gave it to her. You can also buy a "mixed" cereal that has rice , oatmeal, and other kinds mixed together. : ) (That's what I would give me daughter)

My pediatrician recommended 1 teaspoon of Dark karo syrup be mixed with 8 oz. of formula. You do this when the baby has not gone poo in 2 1/2 or three days. It worked for us every time we had to do it.

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