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Constipation - Long Beach, CA

my 10 mo. old has constipation, any advice? we have been feeding her fruits and vegs mostly today, is there anything to give her? could rice cereal be the cause? we do make her a big bottle with lots of rice cereal in it before bed and we like to do this because she sleeps 11 hrs. every night and we think this helps

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well, she is already better, thanks for all the advice, I gave her prunes,and water early this morning and that quickly helped, then juice and pears later in the day, I learned a lot from all the responses, I will keep the notes handy in case it happens again, wow karo syrup! I love this website, it's like were all rowin together

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Grains can cause constipation because children don't develop the necessary enzymes to break down grains until at least 1yr. She is probably sleeping for 11hrs because that concoction is sitting in her little stomach causing her to feel full. This something that was done back when I was growing up. I don't understand why parents expect their kids to sleep through the night when most adults don't.

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Hi K.,

Try giving her prune juice. It helped with my son when he was little.
Also, celery water helps. One leaf boiled in about one cup of water. The water will change to a light green/yellow color. Let it cool then have her drink that. It really does help. This is an old remedy that has been passed down thru generations.

J. G.

I have 2 boys 5yrs and 23 month and my oldest was the same way
the best is to slow down rice cereal and use more oatmeal
cereal and the best is prunes from Gerber always work. Is not only the rice cereal is the others type of food you do in.
I know the sleep better with cereal but you can always use oatmeal works good too.For a good sleep is always good a good play time around 5pm or 6 pm so shes tired for the rest of the night. Good look !!!!

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Grains can cause constipation because children don't develop the necessary enzymes to break down grains until at least 1yr. She is probably sleeping for 11hrs because that concoction is sitting in her little stomach causing her to feel full. This something that was done back when I was growing up. I don't understand why parents expect their kids to sleep through the night when most adults don't.

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After I had my c section.....I couldn't "Go" even after a few days. I am sure that you may have experienced this. So....when it had been 3 days after, the nurse suggested warm prune juice. She was this older asian lady with an accent....and she kept saying "ahh.....you need to try it" and smiling. I was desparate, so I tried. Seriously, it worked within 20 minutes. Getting your 10 month old to drink warm prune juice may be a challenge. I would mix it with cranberry or something.

Dear Mom,

Try making a mild prune tea. Take 1-2 prunes and boil them in 2 cups of water, sweeten as needed. This has worked for many generations of babies in my family.

Hi K.,

Both my kids have had issues with constipation, but especially my 4 year old son. For sure the rice cereal does not help. I would suggest moving to oatmeal. Also, I don't know what fruits you are giving her, but stay away from apples (including applesauce, especially the kind with cinnamon) and bananas. They start learning how to "hold" it at this age if it gets too painful, so I would definitely suggest talking to your pediatrician if the constipation doesn't improve...I hope this helps!!

Hello K.. First, rice cereal is a bad idea and if i remember correctly from my first born, this very well may be the cause of constipation. Have you tried a suppository? I know this might seem a bit harsh, but it worked for my son. Then maybe some Pedialyte til you get her to the Pediatrician. Those are my two cents. :)


definitely hold off on giving her any rice and banana products until after her poops have returned to normal.

In my opinion, and also lots of other peoples too, the rice cereal in her bottle isn't really helping her sleep - she is just a good sleeper - lucky you! You can give her more food during the day if you think she needs more calories - but write down what you give her and how much and at what time for about a week and then give your pediatrician a call to see if it is enough or not enough. good luck

While I understand about wanting her to sleep through the night, the rice cereal is what's causing the constipation. You might try inserting a glycerin suppository (rectally) as that usually will move things along but until you reduce the rice, she'll probably continue to have problems...
Good luck

I am a Mom and Grandma, I'm 51 yrs.old mother of 3 youngest being 12. He had alotof trouble with constipation we changed his milk in take to soy ( silk is the brand I use to this day) problem gone. good luck Plus water is a must.

I think that the rice cereal with the night time bottle may be the problem. You can give her some apple/prune juice 1/2 and 1/2 with water.

C. N.

I am not a doctor...but the old wives use to give a little caro syrup in the bottle for constipation. You take 1 part caro syrup with 3 parts water and make a bottle (around 4 oz) and if you do this for a day or so....be ready with the diapers. Both of my sons (ages 12 and 9 now) had constipation when we started them on rice cereal. The Caro Syrup is just a suggestion. Also chase the bottle of caro with water or wiping out the mouth so suger won't sit on the gums. The other thing that is natural that works is Epson salt. The directions are on the bottle. Just adjust the amount for this size of your child. Personally, I think Caro is a gentler way. Good luck. LOLO

I agree with Alex. First,its a known fact that breast milk is far easier for a baby to digest. Formula is a bit harder to digest. Rice is low in fiber and is (binding)so....If your giving her formula,plus rice before bed...Your really binding her up. Oatmeal and Barley cereal are alot better for digesting.Stay away from the apples and bananas for right now. They are both constipating fruits. Those are good, when diarea is present. If this doesn't help,consider a change in formula. Iron in formula milk,can also cause constipation.You may have to find one with less or no iron,and she can get her iron from another source. The best of luck K..

My daughter had that problem. It can be too much rice cereal but if you add a bottle of apple juice or prune juice that can help make him flow. Also a jar of prunes. If is doesn't work after a few days I would contact DR my daughter has cronic constipation and they but her on natural laxatives to help her and she is now 7 years old.

Hi There,
I found that rice cereal as well a banannas were giving my 8 month old constipation. I swithced to oatmeal instead and stopped giving him bananas for now. You can use the baby oatmeal the same way that you use the rice cereal, this may work for you too. I also started giving him a little bit of prune jusice mixed with water at breakfast and lunch, and added more fruits like peaches, appricots and pears. This has really helped him, and he no longer is constipated. Good luck, it is hard.
H. B

if she is eating solid foods, try sweet potatoes.

When my daughter was under a year old we fed here pureed, stewed prunes every morning (just a little, like 2 oz.) - she was never constipated :)

Give it a shot,

I would stop giving her rice cereal for a bit and see if that helps and also stay away from carrot. That seemed to make my daughter constipated. Instead of rice cereal they have baby oatmeal or barley which could take the place of rice to see if that helps. It seemed like oatmeal was a little easier on my daughters stomach than rice cereal. Good luck. Also if its really bad, they have suppositories at the drug store for babies, but they say not to give it to them unless they are really really constipated. If you use them too much the baby's body could get used to them and it would make it hard for her to go without them... but I had to use it a couple times on my daughter she was badly constipated and they helped soooo much.

I just told this to one of my other friends who has a 1 1/2 year old, apples in any form work like a charm!

Hi K.,

Try giving her prune juice. It helped with my son when he was little.
Also, celery water helps. One leaf boiled in about one cup of water. The water will change to a light green/yellow color. Let it cool then have her drink that. It really does help. This is an old remedy that has been passed down thru generations.

J. G.

I am a mother of an 18 month old girl. At bedtime I would also give her cereal in her milk before bed. The rice cereal never really made her constipated. She did experience a bout of constipation and I would give her 2 ounces of prune juice diluted with 2 ounces of water twice a day. It really worked!! She didn't like the taste at first but I didn't give up on giving it to her. Good luck.

You have gotten some great advice! We had the same problem with my daughter when she was that age. We tried all the different juices - prune, pear, apple, etc... We switched from rice cereal to barley or Oats and I also started limited the amount of bananas as my pediatrician said they can be binding. I also made an effort to give her more water during the day. Sometimes mixed with juice, sometimes not...Good Luck

Hi K.,
When my daughter was a baby we had this problem too~~add some prune juice to the mix. It worked for us.

Try a teaspoon of corn syrup - Karo Syrup lite or dark. Mix it in with the bottle feeding. The rice is binding but a little karo works wanders!

I'd cut back on the rice cereal. You normally only give about a table spoon of rice cereal in the night formula to help with them sleeping longer.

Are you giving her apple juice (mixed with water to cut the sugar down) and have you tried prune juice? They make baby apple/prune juice which is what we had to use for one of our twins. My one twin has constipation every so often, now that she is 18 mos I can cut up a prune & she will eat it. The lots of rice cereal with her bottle could be an issue. Try mixing apple juice with your rice cereal & formula & be sure you are giving her fruits at every meal.

Rice made my kids constipated and miserable...I went to oatmeal...it seemed a little better?

Most likely it is the rice cereal... try adding 1 or 2 ounces of prune juice to any of her bottles. It has workrd for us beautifully!

It is amazing what Gerber prunes can do.

The ratio of fruit to starch should be adjusted until she has stool that is not causing constipation. It is not needed to feed anything but breast milk or water before bed and will start a bad habit for later when she has teeth that will get cavities. For now, give a little prune juice made for babies.
Trust me, you are not helping her by giving her a meal before sleep!
Good luck!

You know they say not to put cereal in bottles to feed your child, but I did it too and it helped lots too for my children. I suggest though that maybe if you switch the cereal and the solids timing around that it may help. I mean is that if you give him cereal during the day and lil less and then feed the solids later in the eve would help. Your putting him down with cereal in eve and with the formula could be thee culprit of the problem, too thick too digest and it just sits in his belly overnite. I cant say for sure it will work, but you never know. =D

My son just turned six, but had trouble with constipation starting when he was a few months and until he was about 4 1/2 it was something I would really watch. Since our family has bowel trouble from both sides I took him to the doctor at 18 months to have everything checked out, our doctor gave us miralax to use a little every/every other day when needed(used to be prescription, now over the counter, my son was a little older, check with your pediatrician to see if it's ok) as it is very gentle and our son thankfully didn't have physical abnormalities as a cause. When we went to the doctor, the nurse said calmly, "oh, he's a holder" now talking to other moms I guess it's pretty common. And my son was solely breastfed until 7 months, so the whole "breastfed babies can't get constipated," I read doesn't hold true for me. So here are some of the tricks I have found that worked well for us. #1: pineapple juice, the label won't say fiber but my mother-in-law's doctor told her the enzymes in pineapple juice encourage peristalsys (squeezing of intestines to move food through) and it's sweet, worked great for us! Good job on the fruits and veggies, watermelon is a great fruit for constipation. If you bake, flaxseed (tons of fiber) can be used for most of your oil, as can applesauce (1 cup of oil: 1 cup of applesause, I always went heavy on the applesauce as you can't taste the difference it just makes things moist). Also "Mission" tortillas has a whole wheat carb balance tortilla that has 8g of fiber per small fajita size; use two with some low-fat refried beans(more fiber) and cheese. My son loved these and worked very well on the constipation. Although our doctor said to go easy on cheese when constipated as they can make it worse. I think as my son got older, he didn't like to poop in his diaper, so he would hold it making things worse. With constipation and as a baby begins to gain control of bowels and himself, our doctor said not to push with potty training, even if he took a little longer, as it could make things worse. You're a ways off from potty training, but we didn't push him and the week before his 3rd b-day, he was naked after swimming, said he had to poop, got on the toilet and that was the end of diapers for us. Although we still had to be on top of making sure he pooped regularly or we would start drinking lots of pineapple juice and have the bean tortillas mentioned above and watermelon for lunch. Good luck, as our constipation started before he ate rice cereal I never connected the two. If constipation is new with rice cereal. My sister in law gave her son thick rice cereal with my nephews diarrhea, so I'm guessing it can be a stool thickener (sorry, that sounds gross, don't know how else to say it). Hope this helps. Have a beautiful day. Just read some of the other responses, great advice, also my son wouldn't take the prune juice but I found "Plumsmart", plum juice at my Ralph's and Trader Joe's that he loved. M. R.

I gave my daughter prune juice (for babies) when she was a baby. She would drink it watered down. That helped a bunch. You may have to play with the amount until you get it right. The rice cereal could be doing it, but babies are trying to get used to "real" food and it takes a while for them to get it all worked out in their systems.

Good luck!

the rice cereal could be the cause... just change to oatmeal or mixed.. and also try giving her plenty of water throughout the day it help a lot...

Kristen, Putting rice cereal in the bottle is not something I would continue to do. Now that your baby is 10 months old she should eaisly be eating 3rd foods and some table foods (scrambled eggs, well cooked pasta, ect.) She has probably gotten into a pretty good sleep pattern and would still sleep w/o the rice cereal in her bottle. I would suggest giving her half juice, half water in a bottle or sip cup (4oz juice and 4oz water) at her feeding times to aleviate her constipation. I use apple, pear or white grape juice and they all have good turnaround time on helping them to "go"! The younger she is the eaiser she will be with change.

I have 6 year old twins who suffered badly with constipation. Have you tried white grape juice or prune juice? At the same time cut out bananas, rice, pasta and applejuice. It helped with my girls.

B. H

My son had the same problem when he was little. Try giving your baby alittle prunejuice. It works great. I did the samething with the rice cereal, this shouldn't be a problem. GOOD LUCK!

Hi K.
You may want to add a half a tsp of flax seed oil (rich in omegas)to the meals it helps with digestion and food absorption. Fatty acids are a great supplement to have in the diet, as well acidophilus. I have added both of these to my families diet. I too wonder about the rice ceral at night that good be a contributor . I know it seems it induce the big sleep but maybe you can reduce the amount that is given.
I hope this helps.


Hi Kristine,

We had the same problem with our daughter. We started giving her Oatmeal cereal in the morning, which would loosen her bowels and then the Rice cereal in the afternoon, which would cure her loose bowels.


My sister's child had this same thing, and she used to give her prune juice. Also, there is a medication(I think it's called Miralax) that can be given. Ask your pediatrition about it.

Hi K.,
I am a wellness counselor with a food healing system that has helped me in so many ways!!!
You are smart to be concerned about constipation.
Will this help her:
Keep her well hydrated of course,
Increase her intestinal tone with exercise or massage,
Relaxation of course helps,
Medications may cause constipation.
Magnesium importantly is involved in constipation and is beneficial in baby doses or in a magnesium rich food.
Vitamin C has a gentle laxative effect as well as the lubricating effects of the inner heart of aloe vera can be
Your fruits and vegetables for her best be organic as our
produce is not as it needs to be for total health anymore.
Fiber is helpful as you know and the rice is helpful but it might be without proper enzymes in the form you give it to your daughter and not fresh enough.
Need any more advice? I would love to know what happens.
Love and Healng Becky

if it is just today i wouldnt worry. sometimes you just need to find what is "regular" for your child. my youngest used to go about every couple days. also pay attention to what you are feeding her. certain fruits or vegis will do this. bananas for one. the rice cereal can be constipating but not with a good mix of other foods. i do question giving it to her in her bottle. sorry, but bottles are for liquids only. my little one got where she would only go to bed after a bowl of rice cereal and was a great sleeper, too. good luck

Hi K.,

I just experienced this with my 4 month old son. I stopped the rice cereal for now. I think his was due to a long car ride. But, I would suggest not giving her the rice cereal in a bottle...11 hours of sleep is great, but when it comes time to ween her from the bottle, you may be in for more then you realize. Try, giving it to her via spoon before bed, out of the bedroom. But to answer the constipation issue, dilute apple juice in a bottle/sippie cup, whatever your method is and give it to her. Maybe have her take a few sips throughout the day to keep in her system until she is regular again. My son had a bm in 3 hours. If you find that doesn't work, it totally should....white karo syrup and water via bottle/sippie cup should work too.

Try half a Metamucil cracker w/ canned- baby food Prunes.

When my kids went through this phase someone suggested Guava juice. The kids liked it and it really helped with constipation. Rice cereal could also be part of the problem.

Hi K.: Rice and bananas are very constipating. When my kids had diarreah (sp?), the dr put them on the BRAT diet which is Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Is she getting plenty of water? Also juices may be helpful. Have you told your pediatrician just to be sure it's only food related?

All the best! M.

Hi, I'm a 46 yr old mom of 4. My last 2 are twin girls. Starting at age 5 one of the twins got constipation so bad she would scream and cry on the toilet, and often bleed....we took pictures, xrays of her and she was inpacted...doctors had me do like you with 3 to 6 fruits a day...vegtables too...only whole wheat, for fiber, AND natural fiber tablets. It did the job. At 17 she still needs to eat that way...she never out grew the "reasons" for her constipation. We are having her tested for low thyroid...because constipation is one of the main syptoms...I know, I have it too.
K. M.

Try feeding her some prunes (baby food of course) and make sure you are not giving any bananas. They will stop her up. The rice cereal can also add to constipation. At 10 months, I am sure she will sleep through the night still without it. Or maybe lessen it!

Every baby is so different. Something that doesn't bother one, can bother another. My first son got really constipated after starting rice cereal. I read an artical about rice cereal that said it can sometimes be hard for a baby to digest. And could sit it the babies stomach, and making them even more sick. I think it is definitely pertaining more towards smaller babies. But I would be careful about the amount you give. If your baby has not had a BM in several days they do have baby enamas that can help.

When my daughter was little, she had the same problem. Her doctor told us to give her a tablespoon of mineral oil every morning.

Good luck!

Karo syrup is magic. I put just a little bit in the milk or cereal one time, and within 24 hours I see results. I also used it for myself (I am pregnant and started having constipation) and it works wonders.

Hi, sounds like you are doing too much starch which will give constipation. Maybe cut the rice in half and see if that works. If not and the constipation continues then maybe something else needs to be done. Why do you want her to sleep 11 hours? Isn't 8 good enough?

I remember those days. My son (now almost 14) suffered from constipation most of his infant and childhood life. I totally understand the cereal in the bottle at night -- a full belly keeps them sleeping longer. I did the same thing (though most nowadays would disagree) -- However, I stayed away from the rice cereal and used barley or oat cereal instead. Also, in his bottle, and during the day, I would give him one part water mixed with one part prune juice daily. This helped alot as well as lots of "baby bicycling" exercises, crawling, etc., to help move the bowels. Another trick I bumped into was a warm water bath. I calendared his bowel movements and when I noticed he hadn't "gone" in a few days, I'd draw up the bath. This worked almost instantly. This was into the older toddler years. When he got older (able to swallow a pill) and up until about a year ago, I gave him Citrucel pills (available over the counter). Now, he only takes a Citrucel on an "as needed" basis -- which is not very often at all.

Hope this helps and good luck.

My son had the same problem. Try oatmeal cereal instead if rice and try Apricot or Prune Juice. If that doesn't fix the problem, because it didn't with my little one. We put a little bit of Miralax in his morning milk to keep him going, for 2 years. (It is now over the counter.)I had talked to 2 Pediatricians about it, and they both agree that it is completely safe. He is now 3 and no longer needs it. I guess it is pretty common in little ones. Good luck!

My son is having the same issue. We just had a doctor's visit and here is the advice the dr gave: drink more water, oatmeals/brans, raisins, prunes (puree), prune juice diluted with water, grapes/fruits/veggies, beans, p foods like peas, prunes, peaches, pears, plums, sweet potatoes. Avoid constipating foods like bananas and cheese. Hope that helps.

Hi! I made rice cereal with prune juice instead of water or milk and she slept through the night and had a good bowl movement. God bless.

Aloha K.!

"Fletchers" will help get baby "unconstipated" for that moment, but it may also help to put a little prune juice in her bottle as well. It helps for my 1 year old who has constipation from time to time. She is also a big eater and formerly a big bottle guzzler! Hope it helps......

My kids were constipated too. I added a little less cereal to their bottles. When that didn't work, I massaged their lower stomach area to help loosen the constipated area as well as using an infant medicine for constipation. I can't recall the name, but it has small bulb suringes filled with a clear liquid(I think it's glycerin). This produced a BM within 1/2 hr.

Hi K. -

Hey glad to hear all went well. You seem to have done all the right things.


I also have a 10 month old little girl and I noticed when I put cereal in her bottled she would get constipated. I stopped giving it to her. Give her some diluted apple juice. It will help stop giving her cereal for a two days and see if she gets better.

Hi K.,

Try an once of prune juice in her morning or night time bottle. It worked for my daughter. She is now 4 and has not been constipated since I started using prune juice. I hope it helps.

Take care,


Our youngest son was constipated when he was a baby. Our pediatrician suggested adding a tablespoon of pasteurized prune juice to one of his bottles & it worked. Ask your pediatrician if he recommends that. Rice cereal could be the cause too as it can stop the system up. That is why it's on the list of foods to serve when kids get diarrhea.

Well, I have to say, I am somewhat surprised to hear that you are putting the cereal directly in the bottle-but I will get back to you on that in a minute.

Yes, rice can and will cause constipation. An easy and natural remedy is to get natural prune juice (and not one formulated for kids. A regular adult prune juice). Give to your child in a bottle or sippy cup diluted with either milk or water. This will work well. Start with one ounce of juice, and go with the same amount of water or milk. There is a good chance that your daughter may not like the taste, but keep trying.

Now about the cereal in a bottle. This is what moms in the past generations did. Today's medical advice is to feed cereal via spoon, and not in the bottle. This teaches baby to eat food with utensils, not drinking food down. The recommendation is definately feed, not drink. If you feel that she sleeps better because of the cereal, feed it to her, and give her a bottle right after.

You can also change to other kinds of cereal or mixed cereals to avoid the constipation issue!

I feed my 5 year daughter oatmeal, regularly, and she does not have constipation problems.

Add more juice to her diet. I gave my daughter rice cereal as well, for the same reason. Make sure that the consistency of the rice cereal is not too thick. This is what I did and it seem to help. I hope this helps.

I use baby pear juice on my son and it has helped greatly! Hope your little one feels better soon.

Hi - yes, the rice cereal could be part of it as most are iron fortified which is so important for the baby. Try mixing it with apple or pear juice instead of formula and this should help. If your baby does not have a bowel movement for more than 3 days and seems very uncomfortable with a harder stomach than normal, you can give her a baby spoon sized amount of dark karo syrup - this usually works within 6-8 hours - sometimes you need two spoons. This was advice from my mother's pediatrician when we all were little and sure enough it worked for me with my little ones and my ped agreed that it was safe and good to try. Good luck!

Hi K.,
My daughter had the same problem. I took her off the rice cereal, as this in a binder. Try oatmeal instead. Also if he is eating solids try giving him fresh grapes cut into quarters or prunes!
Good Luck.

Please check out simplypreventive.com. Besides being so good for you, Juice Plus has worked wonderfully for several customers of mine whose little ones had chronic constipation. At that age, you can break up the capsules and pour it into their cereal. Take care, S.

My daughter has consiptation as well. Her doctor recommended Pedisure with fiber, also fruit juices don't mix with water. The best thing to do is increase the fiber in her diet. Don't give her anymore rice cereal, it may be the cause. Try oatmeal instead of rice. also don't feed her bananas they constipate as well. try giving her prunes and apples, it's been working well for my daughter. Good luck

I'd cut out the rice cereal--rice is known for its constipating effects. Also, I know that you didn't ask for this advice, but don't give her the bottle at night with rice cereal to make her sleep eleven hours every night--she'll do that on her own when she's ready. Are you still nursing? Because breastmilk usually keeps a child regular.

You can feed your little girl some cut up papaya it will help her tummy to digest the food properly. Also mix a little bit of baby prunes in her food.
Basically anything that starts with a P will help. (Peaches, pears, prunes, etc.) Applesauce is binding, so avoid it for right now.

(Remember when they have diarrhea up you put your kids on the B.R.A.T. Diet <banana, rice, applesauce, toast>) So those are things you don't want to give them.

My son has had alot of problems with constipation. I have even given him glycerin suppositories when he was having a really hard time.
Let me know what happens.

Try to give her water to drink. Sometimes taking her temperature rectally can help "get things started" for her too.

hello,,,yes there is other cereals? barley & ? i can't remember now. but if she will take a little prune juice w/water about 2oz & 2oz of water in the middle of the day. give it a worlllllll!? good luck! J.

Try prunes...but not too much...they sometimes get a build up of diarreah after the constipation...and it may just be from a maturing digestive tract, so I wouldn't worry too much about the rice cereal, also get some gas drops, in case there is gas build up, making your baby fussy.

Hi K.,

You have received some wonderful advice. I agree with adding more water to the baby diet. This is the first thing I ask people during my healing sessions how much water are they getting. You would be surprise the dis-ease and illness one can help heal with adding more water to the body. Even with nursing, formula, juice,etc., the little bodies needs and craves water. The body will let you know.

Here is a site that is pretty mind blowing about the miraculous effects of adding more water to your diet.

The water cure - http://www.watercure2.org/

Blessings to you and family,

Don't be afraid to give your daughter water. It helped my son. He was getting constipated from all the iron in his formula.

Hi K.,
I'm sure you gotten a lot of advice, but give her some water. When adults get constipated most of the time it's because we are not getting enough fluids. My daughter got constipated when I stopped breastfeeding and switched to formula. I gave her about 2oz. of water and within hours she was able to go. I forget if 10 month olds can have juice, but if so really water it down so she's able to get those fluids in. Hope this helps:D

This might have already been said, no time to read the other posts!

I would try not putting the rice in the nighttime bottle, at least once. Chances are the baby is now used to sleeping 11 hours and doesn't need the cereal to make that happen. My kids all slept 12 at night by 8 months and this was just with regular nursing before bed.

For constipation, I always tried juice, but my DR also recommended Benefiber in food. Add some to baby food, it should work. If the problem gets really bad, a DR can give you suppository. Good luck!

Since Tyler was Born 4 months ago, we have been incorporating Extreme x2o (www.xooma.ca) into his formula. What we found, was if we didnt HE GOT CONSTIPATED..As soon as we went back to adding it, he was relieved...This is because there are over 70 trace minerals in it..The body needs minerals for all of its bodily functions..Baby formulas only have 11 or twelve.
If you would like more info, e-mail me and I will give you the step by step on how we do it.... ____@____.com

Hi K.,
You might try 2 oz. of straight pear juice (not watered down) in a sippy cup for her. That usually works for us better than prunes. Good luck!
J. :)

Prunes is the magic potion for constipation with my little guy. It seems to work within hours.


When my son was an infant I used to put 2 ounces of prune juice in a bottle. It was really messy going in but, it got things moving.


When feeding your daugther rice cereal in the bottle, make sure that it is not thick. If the rice cereal is to thick, than yes, that could be the problem. Anything that has berry at the end of the start of a fruit name, that is usually good for your child, for ex/strawberries, raspberries, or you could give her a bottle of prunes (gerber stage 2) and that will also help your child move her bowels as well.

Our pediatrician said that rice cereal is the most constipating food. Next is bananas and apples. Try giving her diluted prune juice. Best fruits to feed her to get the bowels moving are pears, prunes, and plums. I think apricots help too. Doctors also say that putting cereal in the bottle is not good for them. Maybe just feed her the cereal before bed rather than put it in the bottle? You can also try giving her oatmeal rather than the rice cereal, if you haven't already. It won't constipate and it tastes better. :) The prune juice w/ mostly water will be a sure bet, though! Always works with my baby boy.

Hello my name is J. mother of a three yr old and 16 mo old and when mu daughter was around your baby's age I had the same problem...my pediatrician recommended kerns pear nectar without diluting it...about 4oz a day in about three days you'll see results...

i know your daughters all better just wanted to try to respond anyway. i also had problems with my daughter at an even younger age with constipation. well my mother stepped in and it may sound weird or hard to do or even crazy. this is what she said: soap, you need to put soap in her butt, just a little and preferrable ivory. so we did it and no sooner did we put it in that she pooped it right out along with a much better bowl movement. just a little humble advice. thanks for listening.

Hi K..

I would bet that the rice cereal is causing her constipation. Rice cereal can be quite constipating. I would try cutting out the rice cereal and giving her a big bottle of formula or breast milk before bed. My baby boy (who is now 19 months) slept 11-12 hours a night by 3 months. I would bet that your baby girl might do the same thing without the cereal before bed. We did not give him rice cereal before bed. He had rice cereal in the am. You could also try giving her a different grain such as oats. We go to the local health food store and buy oatmeal from the bin. You can either put it in a blender to make it smooth or keep it as is. I would also recommend a book called, "Super Baby Foods" by Ruth Yaron. This book is helpful for healthy recipes for your baby. I hope this information helps!

my son had lots of problems. We eliminated bananas, milk for 2 weeks until a return to normal and increased fiber foods. Also, LOTS of water. My son is 2. His issues started when he was 1. Lots of visits to ped doc for this. Mineral Oil if he hasnt gone for 5 days

My grandson has the same problem. Yes, cut out the rice cereal especially at night. Rice is a binder. Steam a few zuchinni squash, season with a little butter, salt and pepper, cut into pieces. Give to her as her dinner meal. This will do the trick. Also, push water--even if you have to flavor it a little to get her to drink it. Watered down Tang or o.j. works great. Start her day with water and end with water rather than milk, formula or rice cereal.

Hang in there.

Louise H.

two words: apple juice. prune juice causes too much gas.

try prune juice ;)

do it in the morning so you won't have the storm in the middle of the night.

epsom salts have also worked with our little one.

my son has the same problem - the doctor says it's genetic in his case (since he's been constipated even when on breastmilk). feed you daughter prune juice - 2 oz juice cut with 2 oz water. if she won't drink prune juice, try pear juice. also try massaging her lower belly. do 3 finger widths below the navel and feel for hardness. massage the poo out. you'll have to be patient though. it usually takes an all-day massage.

good luck!

instead of rice cereal use the oatmeal or barley it has fiber where rice does not. and I put an ounce or two of gerber baby apple juice in the bottle as well. also I mix my daughters food with a little juice too. we have been constipation free ever since.

i'd recommend switching to oatmeal and giving her peas & pears & plums (typically any veg or fruit with a "p" has more fiber). if that does't help, you can try prunes (we found plain organic prunes baby food) or prune juice (for adults, the baby prune juice has added apple juice.) I'd avoid bananas & apples until she's regular. i'd also recommend stopping the cereal in the milk for her night bottle - at 10 months, she should be able to sleep thru the night just fine & adding cereal doesn't do much except add extra calories.

Yes, rice cereal can be the culprit. If cutting it out doesn't work, try Flaxseed oil (just a tiny bit does the trick).

Prunes and prune juice seemed to help my son. Also, try oatmeal instead of rice cereal as it might be too binding. Rice can make her consitpated. Good luck.

Yes! Rice can cause constipation. Give her some prune baby food, and give her rice as a small serving.

I have 2 boys 5yrs and 23 month and my oldest was the same way
the best is to slow down rice cereal and use more oatmeal
cereal and the best is prunes from Gerber always work. Is not only the rice cereal is the others type of food you do in.
I know the sleep better with cereal but you can always use oatmeal works good too.For a good sleep is always good a good play time around 5pm or 6 pm so shes tired for the rest of the night. Good look !!!!

My son had horrible constipation-to the point where I was stocking rubber gloves when I had to "help" him along. Try prune juice-half juice, and half water. It worked for us!

Try undiluted apple juice. I mean if you get the juice for babies then give it to her straight without water. I always up the juice in with their cereal, they seem to like it better that way anyway.

Give her straight organic pear juice, and watch out! She'll be fine in no time.

My daughter has constipation really badly as well! She will be 3 in March and she has been suffering with it for her whole life so far!
I found the miracle cure for her! It is called baby-dophilis! It is like acidophilis for adults! It is very important for kids to be on some kind of a pro-biotic! It helps with elimination as well as the adverse affects of antibiotics she has been on and all that stuff! You can get it at Henry's or on line! I hope it works for you!

Hi there,
I know from experience that rice cereal constipated my baby. As soon as I stopped feeding her the cereal, she was back to normal.( I switched to oatmeal instead) You just might want to try not giving her the cereal for at least 4 days in a row (to make sure it is out of her system) before you determine if that was the real problem. You just might find that she will sleep the 11 hours without the cereal in her bottle.
Good luck!

prune juice with little corn syrup.

Hi K.,
I don't know if anyone suggested this yet or not, but you can use oatmeal instead of rice cereal. That's what we did and it worked so much better. Prune juice can cause stomach cramps so I wouldn't give it to your baby on a regular basis. We had the same issue and once we cut out the rice cereal, the constipation was gone.

Move to barly cereal, rice is constipating. Even the oat is better. Stick with giving the P's pears, peaches and prunes. Lower the rice and bananas. If that doesn't totally do it put about half a teaspoon of miralax in a bottle in the morning. It's sold over the counter now for like 10 bucks. I went through this with my daughter who is now 3. I still give her the miralax once in a while.


Rice Cereal always consitpated my babies. Give the kid applesauce. Prune juice is good if she'll take it. I bet if you didn't give her rice cereal in her bottle she'd still sleep really well. And she wouldn't have the pain of constipation.

YES! The rice cereal can ABSOLUTELY be the source of the problem. I would suggest giving her oatmeal with some fruit mixed in. I breast feed, so I mix my baby's (also a 10 month old girl) cereal with apple juice and water, and add a little bit of fruit (prunes with apples) to it. Give it a try and good luck!

My pediatrician recommends Kern's Apricot Nectar, and it always did the trick for our kids.

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