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Constipated 7 Month Old

My 7 month old gets constipated just about every time I introduce a new solid to him. I don't like to use suppostories. Any other suggestions?

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My doctor told me to use 4 oz. of boiled water, cooled to room temp. and either 1 teaspoon of brown sugar or prune juice. My baby was only 8 weeks at that time so you may need to use a little more brown sugar/prune juice.

My daughter was the same way (she's 9 months old now). I had to put her on miralax(it's over the counter in the isle w/ metamucil) 1/2 capful a day in 4 oz of white grape juice. I tried the old karo syrup trick and it didn't work. So far the miralax is all that has worked on a consistant basis. Her peditrician recommeded this for us.


My gasterologist says that constipation is a reaction caused from not enough liquids. Try lots of water if he will drink it. Hope this helps! SC

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Hello C.,

I have found that Jarrow baby acidolphulus and plenty of water does a lot to keep them regular. It is also excellent for their immune system. Don't give during a round of antibiotics because it can count-act the effectiveness, but certainly after. You can put it in their drink, or sprinkle it on their food, like bananas. However, I didn't give any of my children solid food until they were at least 12 months old. I would stick to baby food, homemade or pre-made. If this isn't providing enough for the baby, try supplementing rice cereal w/ fruit juice or mashed bananas.

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Our babies are about the same age. My son was constipated for about 3 months of his life. We finally switched formulas and he was great! We're actually using Parent's Choice Wal Mart Brand formula now. We also had the same problem when we started feeding him solids. We switched brands of foods and he was ok. Not sure, but it worked. When he was little, we gave him half strength apple juice (half water, half juice) and used dark karo syrup in his formula once or twice a day. you can give him water in a sippy cup now, he should be old enough (just a little water a few times a day...maybe an ounce). if nothing else works, i would go see your pediatrician or a gastroenterologist. Hope your little one gets regular soon!

C., I am a Great-Grandmother, and the Mother of 3 Daughters, the best old fashioned remedy for constipation of a baby is a tablespoon of Karo white syrup in a formula bottle twice a day. It has worked on all my babies, and doesn't have any side affects. You won't have to do it forever, it is just hard for some babies to adjust to solids.

Try applesauce as part of the meal. That always works with my son or Apple Juice. Be care not to overdo it or he could get diarrhea.

My ped recommended 1tbsp dark karo to 2oz of water. Mix it in a bottle and voila!

My youngest had the same problem. I got George's brand Aloe Vera juice from the health food store. It is clean and tasteless. I added a bit to her bottle and that solved that problem and a host of others. No more diaper rashes or thrush which we had battled for months. Good luck!!

Try giving him apple juice. This always helped when mine were small.

My daughter was the same way (she's 9 months old now). I had to put her on miralax(it's over the counter in the isle w/ metamucil) 1/2 capful a day in 4 oz of white grape juice. I tried the old karo syrup trick and it didn't work. So far the miralax is all that has worked on a consistant basis. Her peditrician recommeded this for us.



If your child does not have allergies to prune or apricots try these. Even if you have to disguise these - they work. My son was the same way and it truly helped. I did juice and he like the prunes with a little rice cereal mixed in. And note: ease into this.

Good luck.

I used the gerber baby prunes. I would mix the whole jar with their cereal. They took it just fine.

Hi C.,
My 19 month old has problems with constipation also. First I would reccomend increasing his water intake first. Try prunes or apples. My pharmacist suggested adding a little Benefiber to his water everyday. She also reccomended Fletcher's laxative for children. That seems to work in about a day. Our pediatrician also reccomended the Miralax, which I have heard about from lots of moms. Either laxative seems to work. Just be sure to talk with your pediatrician first. My 5 year old also had this issue and has completely grown out of it. Hang in there.

Hi C.,

My children are older now, 8 and 11, but with my first child, we were seeing a specialist. She was born premature and had "wet lung". She was constipated quite often, and he told us to use a teaspoon of sugar in her bottle. I had heard of corn syrup and molasses but never granulated sugar. He explained to me that it's the high concentration of sugar in the corn syrup and molasses that helps babies pass their bowel movements. He also explained it works much faster and easier on the babies' tummies, because it doesn't have to be broken down. Made sense to me, and I've recommended this method ever since. My children have been constipated through the years, and this has always helped. I hope it helps you!

I would dilute a little apple or grape juice and give it to him after the solid food. That always seemed to help with my 3. In fact, I had to minimize juice due to diarrhea. I would STRONGLY advice not to use karo syrup, could lead to botulism. Hope this helps!

try sticking to soft fruits and veg. if it's making him constipated then he's not able yet to digest it properly. do not switch to skim milk or put him on a low fat diet as another posted uggested. dairy, meat and vegetable fats aid in brain development and natural fats are good for your baby.
grapes and berries tend to have laxative effect, so maye a few spoonfuls of strawberries or quarter dup of grape juice mixed with water.

There is a powder that is now available over the counter called Miralax and it is a non habit forming laxative that both of my children were on for a long time and my daughter still has to have some every once in a while. You just mix it with any liquid and give it to them. It is a very easy way to help them without having to traumatize them with suppostories. We just played with the doseage and then eventually weaned my son off it and he has been regular since. When my daughter gets constipated I just give her a little with her juice and she is able to go. It is not an immediate thing like suppostories are but if they are on a small dose daily it keeps them from getting constipated. You may check with your doctor and see what they have to say about it but I think it is a great thing. My son was prescribed it by a GI doctor and my daughter by her peditrician. Hope this helps!

I have a young boy that has struggled with constipation as well. Our doctor recommended pear juice it works. I know with my first son we used to put a tablespoon of kayro syrup in his bottle when he had problems and that seemed to keep the bowel movements on track. Good luck to you and hope that this helps you a bit.

give him some apple juice or prune juice mix prune juice with a little water it may take time because you don't to give him something too harsh for his stomach

When my kids were babies our family secret was a 1/2 to 3/4 of a teaspoon of light karo syrup depending on how much warm milk or warm water you mix it with. If your baby will drink warm water, the warm water mixes better with the karo plus the syrup adds just a little sweetness.

My 9 month old daughter has been doing this same thing. All I did was watch what I was giving and tried to give a prunes or applesauce everyday to help with this issue. Try to avoid bananas during this time because they thicken the bowels. If you are breastfeeding, it is normal for the baby to not go every single day as well. Just relax and give it a little time, nature has its way of working if we only give it time.

Good luck, S.

To get my little girl to go number 2 I will just give her some apple juice, with your little one being only 7 months I would dilute it with water. I used to also lay my little one on her back on the couch or on my lap and rotate my her legs like a bicycle. This will loosen her up and I can almost gauarantee you this will work. My mother in law told me you can give the baby peppermint tea(from Walmart) just put a tea bag on the stove in some boiling water and when you put it in a bottle dilute it with some water, make sure it is a little warm and this should relax her belly also.

Is he a breast fed or bottle fed baby? If he is a bottle fed baby the best way I found is by adding a little prune juice. We had similar problems with out youngest daughter, and the doctor strongly warned against using suppositories unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Start with about 1/2 once prunce juice in each bottle and if it's still not working up it a little each bottle. Prune juice is totally natural and won't harm them unlike other methods. Hope that helps :)

My 7 month old girl got constipated from baby cereal. it happens each time she eats it which is not too often. The thing that worked best for me was to give her a warm water enema. I used an extra bulb syringe ( it was never opened so I know it was clean) and about 1/4 cup warm water. I used vaseline on the tip to make it easier to insert. I put it in about 3/4 of an inch and squeezed the water in. 5 minutes later, she had an easy and large bowel movement. Worked like a charm and she didn't seem bothered by it at all. Absolutely no tears! I hope this helps.

Hi there....
What seems to work with my little girl (now 9months old) is prunes! I always keep a few packs of gerber prunes in my pantry and whenever I see the obvious signs of constipation (also arising as we try new foods) I give her one serving with her cereal and it does the job!
I like this option better than meds....it's natural and she loves the sweetness of the fruit.
Hope this helps!

I have three kids and my last one is 8 1/2 months old, she gets constipated alot. I have put brown Karo syrup in her bottle. it helps. Also I give her pear juice, they make apple/prune. My mom used to say that a warm bath will make them go. Good luck!

My daughter is 6 now, but since birth has been constipated. We found the answer for her! Mixing about 2 tablespoons clear karo syrup in her formula. Now we feed her the activa yogurt and it is also wonderful!

Are you nursing him? C. H

try about 1/2 tsp of dark karo syrup in 2 ounces of water....or apple juice or pear juice also try the stage 1 prunes

Well I have a 6 month baby , almost 7 months. She was born on August 2007. I started solids at 4 months and noticed her getting very constipated, so a friend of mine who has 3 kids of her own recommended to give her some apple juice or pear juice (2 oz. of juice mixed with 2 oz. of water twice a day); so I did and she's been pretty regular.

hope this helps

C. P.

My nephew had the same problem and still has problems with constipation every once in a while still today. He is age 10. My sister and brother-in-law found that switching him to skim milk helped alot. Not sure what age he was when they started it, but he takes syllium (sp) every day and this really helps curb it. If he starts getting constipated, they just cut back on the dairy products until his bowel movements get back to normal.

First of all contact your pediatrician. As much as we all like to help, we are not licensed professionals and your son could have something like a food allergy for all the rest of us know. However, having gone through chronic constipation with my daughter for a couple of years now, I recommend Miralax. You can buy it over the counter and you just put it in their drinks or food. You Dr. would have to tell you the dosage though. Also, a home remedy is a drop or two of Karo syrup in the bottle or sippy cup. Some people say that honey does the same thing, but you can't give your baby honey until they are at least a year old. Hang in there!

Do not use Karo or anything that yiou think is unhealthy. When my 8 month old had this problem at 6 months the dr. suggested I introduce a "p" fruit. Peaches, plums, prunes, pears. I did prunes and gave it to her for breakfast. I always do fruit for breakfast. Anyway, that got her going and she has been fine every since. I rotate them and add banana and oatmeal with it.

You can use mineral oil -- it's safe.

have you tried pear juice? it can sometimes work better than apple juice at clearing those little ones out. its a staple at my house....then of course there are glycerin suppositories or warm sitz baths. good luck!

Hi C.,
I was 28 when I had my first child. It is an experience indeed even with a wonderful husband. But like you said thanks to God, we've made it thus far and He'll see us through. When you say a new solid, exactly what do you mean? Like a new solid baby food or table food? He may not be ready for table food just yet. Are you introducing it slowly. Has he had any changes in his formula that could be causing constipation as well. Apple juice and water always helped my kids. Have you tried some Kayro syrup in his milk? Keep the faith and let me know if anything works.

I always used a Tbl or so of Karo Light Corn syrup in a bottle or sippy cup with water. Lubricates them with out the use of medication. Tastes great too. Hope this helps.

My doctor told me to use 4 oz. of boiled water, cooled to room temp. and either 1 teaspoon of brown sugar or prune juice. My baby was only 8 weeks at that time so you may need to use a little more brown sugar/prune juice.

If it happens everytime you introduce a solid may his body isn't ready for solids yet. I would lay off of them awhile and stick to baby food, try again later.

when my son was around 2 months old I was concerned about his constipation and the doctor told me that babies could go as much as 5 to 7 days without a b.m. I wouldnt use suppositories without talking to the doctors office first. Usually the nurse can even answer your questions over the phone. When my daughter was a baby her doctors office told me only to use suppositories in extreme constipation. You could also try giving him prunes when he hasnt gone in a while. It works for my son.
Good luck
K. N.

My sister's newborn takes Karo syrup for constipation on a daily basis.

My gasterologist says that constipation is a reaction caused from not enough liquids. Try lots of water if he will drink it. Hope this helps! SC

try sdding a tablesoon of dark caro syrup to his next bottle of formula it should loosen him on up it is possible that your child's stomach just isn't ready for real food yet

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