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Constipated - Salinas,CA

my five year old boy has been constipated since one month i had tried many things but none of them work what should i do

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Have you tried magnesium? There's a great supplement on the market called Kid Calm by Peter Gillham. Call around or find it online. The label says to start with their dose and increase until stool is comfortably loose. It works wonders. It's helped my baby and a lot of other kids we've shared it with.

Hi M.,

Water that is alkaline along with good enzymes.

I have helped many individuals get this condition changed.

If you want more info let me know and I will share.

Have a great day.

N. Marie

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a small glass of prune juice ALWAYS works for my 5 yr old daughter, evn if she is having "hard" poopies we give her some to help soften things up..if you feel you have tried most things without working you may want to call the dr.


Give him about 1/8 of a cup of mineral oil two times a day. Mineral oil is all natural - can't hurt him at all. It will go into the bowel and will soften up anything in there and will help it to "slide" out. Please note that he will not be able to "hold it" because the oil will allow it to come out so be sure if he goes to school the teacher knows that when he says he has to go, he must be allowed to go. Also, you may find some "skid marks" in his underwear - like I said when he has to go. If he's been constipated this long, he probably now has an aversion to going. That has to be dealt with as well. Get him a foot stool to put his feet on so he has security while he's there and he has something to "push" against. At first, all you may get out is the oil, but the oil will eventually soak into the feces and soften it up so it will come out easier. My grandson was constipated for most of his life up until about five when we finally found a doctor who told us about the mineral oil thing. It worked great. Also, after you get him going, give him Activia every day. That also helps keep them regular. Good luck to you and your beautiful boy!

Hello M.,

Not sure if you already got some results from the previous responses. I had the same problem w/ my 14 year old when he was a baby and then again w/ my 2 yr old when he was also a baby. What I did was grandma's old remedy. A tespoonful of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Yes I know it sounds nasty but when they're small like that they don't even seem to mind it. I gave it to them once a day, usually in the morning. I would give it to them before their bottle so it could get watched down into their system. Believe it or not shortly after they went pooped and had no probelm through out the day.
Just another option.

Have him see a pediatrician, my two grandsons are having the same problem and the doctor put them on Miralax. It can be a very serious problem when they are constipated--one of my grandsons was even hospitalized. Good luck.

M., it would help to know exactly what you have tried. Anyway, there are many natural remedies you can use, including massage in clockwise circular motion on the tummy, and acupressure, but you'll have to look that up in a book or online WITH pictures so you know where to put the pressure. And of course, I'm sure you already know, lots of water. Sipping throughout the day, not gulping and downing a cup at a time. Oh, and for some reason, bananas always seem to make some people have a bowel movement, but more than one banana per day will make constipation worse.

lots of water and high fiber foods!

Magnesium. There is a product called Nature Calm, which is a drinkable magensium citrate you put in water. There is another product called magnesium oil, which is magnesium chloride hexahydrate, which you spray on the skin and it soaks in. The third option is epsom salts, 1/2 c put in a warm water footbath and soak for 30 minutes, every day. of course another option is magnsium malate /pills.

If it were me I would a combination of the Nature calm and the magnesium oil, and I would use it daily. Magnesium supplementation is something that should be ongoing and not just a short term fix. It takes 4-8 months to get cellular magnesium levels where they should be with transdermal exposure and foot baths (daily). Why we are so deficient as a nation is because we consume to much soy, which blocks uptake of MANY minerals, We consume too much milk in which the high calcium content pulls magnesium out of body stores (calcium needs magnesium to assimilate it), and three, because the farmers use potassium on our crops which depletes magnesium in the soil. 80% of us are deficient and 20% consume LESS THAN HALF of the USRDA of magnesium, which is already on the lower scale to begin with. Refined foods, sodas, illness and other issues contribute.

Much of our current issues with hyperactivity, ADHD, agression and learning problems in children is due to low magnesium stores which aggitate the nervous system.

Minimize dairy products, or at least counter the high calcium with MUCH MORE magnesium.

Minimize SOY as much as possible.Dont use soy milks. Soy additives are in almost all processed foods so it will be tough. Soy casientate, soy isolate, soy protien, soy extract, any word with soy in it is the suspect. Besides depleting a large bevy of vitamins and minerals because of their phytates, they are highly estrogenic. High estrogen is proven to reduce fertility and contribute to cancer.

Mirilax works by pulling water out of other areas of the body and into the colon. This is a temporary fix. It creates bodily dehydration, and more dependency on the product as it dehydrates a person further, creating even less water available to the colon. A much better and permanent solution, besides magnesium, is to drink more water and put a PINCH OF IODINED SEA SALT in each glass. Mirilax is a poison. It is in essence anti-freeze, and I personally wouldn't use it.

Have you tried magnesium? There's a great supplement on the market called Kid Calm by Peter Gillham. Call around or find it online. The label says to start with their dose and increase until stool is comfortably loose. It works wonders. It's helped my baby and a lot of other kids we've shared it with.

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