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Constipated 2 Year Old

My 2 year old daughter has been constipated for a couple days now. If she goes at all, its these little hard turds. I've called in to the doctor's office, but its likely to be this afternoon or tomorrow morning before a nurse calls me back, so I thought I'd try Mamasource! Does anyone have any recommendations of what I can feed her to get things going again, as well as foods/drinks to avoid so it doesn't continue? Thanks.

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Thanks for the advice everyone...she finally had a full BM last night. Probably because we mixed Prune juice with her apple juice. :-) She already likes stuff like Oatmeal and those Fiber One bars, but also loves her milk & cheese. I will just have to cut down on the amount of milk & cheese that she has.

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My daughter drank Gerber apple/prune juice. We called it "special brown apple juice". She's 10 now and still drinks it when necessary. Her doctor also had us use mineral oil - a tablespoon to a cup of juice. Keep it cold and mix it really well as she drinks it or you'll just end up with the oil on the bottom when she's done. The mineral oil will lubricate the track and it will "slip" out.

Hope this helps - been there with my daughter over the years.


Think fruit... fruit juices--- whole fruit- and dried fruit with water or juice on the side all work. My kids expecially like dried cherries and prunes... Avoid dairy and cheese in particular - it is famous for causing constipation. A warm bath helps, too.
Take care.

My daughter needed prune juice daily to keep her going - formula was constipating chronically. But once I got a hold of pear juice it was much more affective. I had a hard time locating it at first as it was not in the fruit juice isle of the grocery store but rather near the baby food.

Best wishes!

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Try giving her a little prune juice, or a few cut up dried prunes, to eat.

Also, too much dairy can cause constipation in children. If she eats a lot of cheese, yogurt and milk, it can sometimes contribute to this.

Bananas actually constipate so remove those from the diet (if they are in it of course.) Prunes are wonderful! If needed Beechnut has a pureed version.

Prunes or prune juice, pears or juice are good. Avoid apples in any form, as well as bananas. Also give her lots of green veggies, the other colors are constipating. Make sure she drinks lots of water. You can also add benefiber to her water or milk, my pediatrician had me do that for my son. good luck.

your nurse will probably tell you to get glycerin suppositories. they are sold at any pharmacy. get the ones that say 2-5 years and read directions. they work wonders. if you are a little iffy about those prunes or juice really do work!

I had to use glycerine supp for my dtr. when she was potty trained as she wanted to hold it in. I put a litle lotion to help it slind in her rectum. We did that for 2 years or so. Every other day and now she goes without them. She was told at daycare that her butt stunk and refused to have a bm there...Ahh the joys of having someone else be with your child all day...

Prune Juice works everytime for my kids, just be careful not to give too much or you will have the opposite problem! If she won't drink it, mix it in some food or you can dilute it with a little water.

Greens always do the trick at my house or prun juice. And you could always massage her lower back and under her belly button.

Good Luck!

You didn't say what her diet is like. whole grains, vegetables, fruit is what she needs. If she gets sugar, white bread, hamburgers most of the time she will be constipated. drinks should be water. lots of it.

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