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Constantly Sick 18Mo Old

My 18mo old little girl is sick AGAIN!! She has been sick once a month for the past 3 months. She had ear tubes put in at the end of June and that seemed to help things for a couple of months. (Before the ear tubes she had back to back ear infections for 3 months) But, since the last part of September we can't seem to keep her well. I have sprayed the house repeatedly with Lysol, washed everthing that can be washed, give her a multivitamin and just recently started giving her additional vitamin C. She does go to daycare full time and I'm sure that dosen't help matters any. (Not sure if this is of any importance, but she is lactose intolerant. So we give her Lactaid milk.) I"m just thinking by now she should have a little bit better of an immune system.

So my questions is, what else can we do for her??? We hate seeing her sick all fo the time!!

What can I do next?

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I would try giving her probiotics and a drop of vitamin D daily . . This will bump up her immune system.

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I hate to say this, but perhaps by spraying everything down with Lysol, you're killing off everything that will help her build her immune system naturally? Also, kids that are in daycare WILL be sick constantly until their bodies mature.

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Too much Lysol! Your daughter needs a population of "good" microbes in her environment to help control the virulent ones. If the bad guys have no competition, they run wild. Besides, Lysol, chlorine bleach, and other antibactierial cleaners are all toxic when overused, and for sensitive people (like me) they can actually cause difficult symptoms of their own. Bacteria and viruses on any clean, dry surface will die on their own as they dry out over a few hours.

Kids who are exposed to other kids can't help but pick up repeated infections. It's common for daycare children to pass around every bug that comes along.

The good news is, their immune systems are getting stronger with each exposure. My grandson was sick every few weeks for his first 4 years. Lately he catches very little of what's going around. It's common for kids to stop getting sick by the time they start school. That doesn't make the first few years any easier, thought.

In addition to extra C, be sure your daughter gets a dose of vitamin D every day to strengthen her immune system. New recommendations are at least 600 I.U. per day for children. Story here: http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer.html?action=2&am...

Lots of moms also swear by a daily spoonful of Samubucus, or Black Elderberry, syrup. It's yummy! These remedies won't keep her from catching things, but should help her immune system fight them off more effectively.

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I would schedule an appointment with the ENT. Sometimes the tubes can fall out as early as 6 mos after the surgery, and its also possible that she can get an ear infection with the tubes. Also, just make double sure that the she isn't getting into anything at daycare involving milk. My son has gotten a reaction from just touching the table where the kids were eating french toast, and the touching his face or eyes. (He has an egg allergy.) Hope she feels better soon!

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Saline nasal spray and pushign through it. It is winter time, her nose will probably run for the next few months. I notice more kids have allergies than actually back to back colds during this time of year. Let her body fight it , thats what the immune system is for and its all practice. You will see. She goes to daycare, your pretty much screwed from the get go.

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Words from my kids pediatrician.....
Children in school/daycare/or any social setting full time are likely to get colds/virus's/flu's etc more frequently than children who are not. Parents take their children to school etc sick not thinking about other children. Social settings as such do not practice healthy hand washing because they don't want to take the time to show children how to do it properly.
he also told me that children who get sick often at such young ages, builds their immune system up so when they get older, they get sick less often. *Makes sense to me but my kids are still 4 and 3, so I haven't been able to test that theory yet.**
But since my children have started preschool and prek they have brought home a lot of germs and illnesses from pink eye, croup, numerous colds, and the flu.

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I would try giving her probiotics and a drop of vitamin D daily . . This will bump up her immune system.

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Has she been tested for allergies? Are you sure it's lactose intolerance. It could be milk protein allergy? I'm lactose intolerant; been tested for allergy and I'm not allergic, but my body doesn't tolerate Lactaid milk any better than regular milk.

I suggest you stop trying to be so germ free at home. Her system has to be exposed to germs in order to build up an immunity. She gets the exposure at daycare and needs to continue with that exposure at home so that her body can make anti-bodies. It does take time to build up an immunity. I was sick a lot the first year I worked before my body was able to fight off infections.

I'd add a probiotic to your regime. You might consult with a naturopathic physician. If you haven't had her tested for allergies that might also help.

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the 1st two years are usually the worst! In addition to the other comments about over-sanitizing the house, food allergies, redefining the lactose intolerance, etc.....I have one more thought: my son had 1 ear infection prior to age 3. He began preschool & then within 3 months, I began working at the preschool. He was sick regularly & I considered it a part of building his immune system.

By age 4, he was on allergy meds full time. He used Zyrtec, a nasal spray, eye drops.....& repeatedly had strep. Went thru surgery for removing tonsils & adenoids, symptoms persisted. Finally decided to leave preschool & at same time scheduled with an allergist. During our 2 wk interval (btwn leaving the preschool & our appt), my son began to improve. By the time we saw the allergist, my son was almost symptom-free. Thru testing, we were able to determine that my son was allergic to mold.....& as an employee of the preschool, I remembered seeing mold growing abundantly in the back storerooms in the preschool. There were times when I pulled out baby equipmt & it would be covered in mold & have to be bleached clean. !!!!OMG!!!!

In today's world, this would be a huge red flag...but this was before we all learned about "black mold" in homes. I remembered being totally grossed-out & horrified......& the director actually laughed it off. She was one hateful woman! 11 years later, I am still deeply regretful that my son underwent surgery for something that was possibly preventable. & what's interesting is that once he hit elementary school, we did see flareups of his allergies when he was in older parts of the school building. I dread next year when he hits our historic H.S. building! Oh, & he's only on meds during seasonal allergy time now.....

So maybe this is something to think about! Maybe the daycare environment is affecting your daughter.....in addition to everything else.

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