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Constant Runny Nose Disrupting Everyone's Sleep!

Hello. My daughter is 22 mos old and her nose NEVER seems to stop running. She has been to the DR several times and her lungs and ears are clear. No fever. They are not sure if it is allergies or just a cold that won't go away. But no anti-biotics.

Problem being as soon as she lays down she coughs, and coughs, and coughs some more. It is keeping her up all night and hence keeping me and my husband up all night.

We have tried Claritin, Benadryl, warm mist humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers, elevating her crib, an air purifier, Vicks Vapor Rub, running a steamy shower and keeping her in the bathroom for 15 minutes (and repeating in the middle of the night), tried keeping her window open in her room (which then only wakes her in the morning when the birds and neighbors are up), BUT - NONE OF THIS IS WORKING.

HELP! Anyone have anything they have done to stop a constant runny nose?

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We have noticed a lot of sneezing and runny noses lately.
Not colds, just allergies. I
blame it on the wet spring we had there's still a lot of mold around and now vegetation is dieing. Just a thought.

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After reading your post it sounds like you have done everything possible. You've covered all the common sense bases. The constant runny nose gets worse when she lays down bc it goes down her throat, causing her to cough. Here is another suggestion that I have not seen. This happens to my kids too since we all suffer from pollen allergies. Try the Hylands cough syrup w/honey for kids. It's an all natural brand (I am not big on the drowsy, medicated stuff). It worked great and my kids didn't cough and were able to sleep. The bottle says to give it every 4 hours but I did not do that since I didn't want to over do it, plus why wake them up if they are sleeping just fine. I gave it to them right before bed. I warm up some lemonade bc the heat helps break up any mucus and mix the cough syrup in there. For my kids it is the only way they will take it. Milk thickens mucus so perhaps try to encourage her to a glass of water per day (she still needs the milk so I wouldn't cut it out completely). Drinking enough water will help thin out the mucus which will eventually decrease the runny nose. That in return will decrease the cough, make sense? BTW, since the Hylands has pure honey and your daughter is 22 Months, you might want to check w/your dr first to see if she should take it. I think it is ok by that age but I can't remember (my kids are 6 yrs old and youngest is almost 4 yrs).

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Eliminate refined sugars. That will help alot. Also fresh ginger and powdered ginger is one of the best things for a runny nose and cold. Sprinkle it in her "warm" milk or cut some fresh ginger up and add it to her freshly cooked meals. Serve plenty of fresh saute'd vegies too.
Add a small amount of fresh ginger or powdered to hot water for her to drink too.
Good Luck,

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I too think it is worth looking into allergies.
I would also look at the bedding you are using and the detergent. Maybe there is something there that aggravates her coughing? Switch to a no dye, no perfume detergent. May that will help!
I am sure you haven't had the heat much on, but with forced air (hot or cold) there could be a lot of (invisble) dust in the air. Make sure that your air filters are clean (if you have any).


We have noticed a lot of sneezing and runny noses lately.
Not colds, just allergies. I
blame it on the wet spring we had there's still a lot of mold around and now vegetation is dieing. Just a thought.

Zyrtec helped dry my son out we used to use benadryl but taht worked better. good luck

I'm afraid I don't really have any advice for you. I just wanted to say that I am sorry and it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Have you thought about taking her to see an allergist or another pediatrician?
Best of luck!

It could be seasonal allergies or a food allergy. Milk can produce a lot of mucous. I would recommend covering her mattress and pillow with allergen barrier covers and to see an allergist. Keeping windows open during high pollen times can also make allergies worse.

I have always used Pediacare Decongestant on my daughters to stop the runny noses in order to help them sleep at night.

I am not sure how accurate this is but our pediatrician said that when they look for allergies they look at the lining inside the nose (up on the nasal passageways)and if it it is red and inflamed it typically signifies a cold and if it is purple it is allergies. I would ask your ped again and if they aren't any help consider seeing a specialist. I hope you get it figured out soon so you all can get some rest!

Also, have you considered raising the back of her bed? I keep pillows under my daughter's mattress and I find that really does make a big difference.

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