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Congested 1 Month Old

My 1 month old has been congested for a few weeks. Doctor says it's normal but it's so hard to hear him at night struggling to breathe. Does anyone have any suggestions? Most med's say baby has to be at least 3 months so I'm not sure what I can do. I've tried a humidifier and saline drops so far.

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Hi A.,
I have a 2 1/2 yr old who suffers from allergies and at times gets a bad cold. What's worked for me besides saline drops and humidifier is also "baby vapor rub" and when taking naps or asleep--elevate baby's head. Good Luck~ :-)

When my kids were young anytime they were congested, I would tilt up their crip mattress. I would put a telephone book and a couple if needed. This will tilt them up just enough that they are not lying flat on their back. This will allow them to breath better. Even at age 7 & 10 if they are congested I place a pillow just above the back & then another one to tilt their head up more so they don't sleep in a silly position. Now my 10 year old does it on her own when she is congested b/c she knows it works & so do I!

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I totally understand how you feel, my 10 mo. old just got over being really congested. We finally took her to the doctor after two weeks of her feeling miserable. They gave her an antibiotic, which I usually don't like but I knew she had something. It is very frustrating cause there is really nothing you can give them. What I do is the classic suction, with bulb. I use "Little Remedies" saline drops for noses. I also would prop her crib mattress up with a small pillow. I just found a new "Little Remedies" nasal cleaner thing. It has a nozzle on it and it will squirt the saline solution in the nostrils cleaning them out. Of course the baby does not like it but it seems to work. Hopefully it will pass soon, just hang in there.

I would take him to a chiropractor and have him checked. Many people don't know this, but spinal misalignments begin with the birthing process. Not only is it traumatic for us moms but also our babies. It's very safe and if he has any misaglinments putting pressure on nerves it could easily cause him to be congested or many other symptoms could appear. If you'd like more informations just email me and I would be happy to help. Good luck.

Turn shower on full heat and sit in bathroom with. Humidifier worked great for my son. Make sure you keep warm when getting in and out of baths because that will keep congestion from getting worse.

just a suggestion but you may want to change his sleeping position or jack up one end of the mattress so that his head is up higher than his feet. maybe try a johnsons vapor bath, my friend said it works for her baby.

I dont know if someone already suggested this,,but ask your doctor for a nebulizer. When my first son was 4 months he was really sick. They gave me a nebulizer to take home and prescription for the medicine to put in it. Now that I have one Im so thankful. I have since had 2 more boys and they each have used it at some point. Especially now not being able to give babies under 2 cold medicine, I use it on my one year old when he has a really bad cough & cold and cant breath easily.

I know how that feels. When my little one was about 6 months, she had an awful cold- wheezing, congestion, coughing... It was horrible. My pediatrician was wonderful. He told me to sit in a steamed bathroom with her for a while. Then, go to the freezer and have her breath in the cold air for a few seconds. It really worked. I still do it, even for myself. I can't recall how long it last though.

Good Luck and God Bless,

My son (now 2) go the flu when he was 10 weeks old and we had this battle for 2 weeks!

I would definitely talk to your pediatrician before administering anything over the counter. including Vicks - I'm not sure that is safe on a baby that young. The only thing that my doctor allowed us to use other than saline was little noses decongestant, which has since been pulled off the market. If you can get some it really worked. The catch with this medicine is to not give too much (overdose)and my dr stressed that it could not be used for more than 72 hours.

Outside of that steam baths worked, no humidifiers or vaporizers ever did. Inclining the baby definitely helped him breath better too. The car seat or swing is ideal but the phone books under one side of the crib legs helped too, just not as much.

I would also definitely look into the allergens in your home as well. This can help alleviate it altogether if he is allergic and it still helps somewhat if its from a cold. I would start by changing the air filter and making sure its clean. Then you ask the dr what products he/she recommends in case its allergies. My son had to have a bath with the Aveeno bar and we still use only ivory snow detergent to wash his clothes. Beleive it or not, these minor things help. Soemtimes it can be your perfume or your husbands cologne that's irritating his airways.

My son is now asthmatic and if my husband or I hold him with a shirt of second hand smoke that's enough to get his nose itching.

Good luck!

I used to place a small pillow under the mattress to elevate it a bit. This works for a while before the baby starts to "travel" in the bed. Purpose is to aide digestion and relieve the congestion. Keep up the humidifier (I swear by Vicks...maybe a little on the his chest, in the humidifier or on the sheet near his head, not directly on or in his nose) Forget meds...Check for allergy causing items in the home: wool, feathers, synthetic carpet, animals, that could be irritating him. Clean your a/c filter regularly?
I also worked for a medical intuitive who will tell you the "root cause" and recommend herbs. Let me know if you want his contact info.

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