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Complications After Tubes Tied

It's been 6 months after I got my tubes tied and it feels like it was a month after I had it done. Almost like 2 weeks after... I had a simple surgery in the belly button. Now the belly button is hard and whenever I wash dishes or when I stand my baby girl on my tummy and she accidently steps on my belly button, I feel an uncomfortable pressure like there is still a stitch in there. And from my belly button to about 3 inches above, my upper stomach is hard too(it feels like muscle but the skin is an inch above the rest), like there is some muscle damage. I had gone to another OBGYN, one that is highly recommended, and he told me the same thing my initial post preg. OBGYN said, to give it time and let it heal. But I had a feeling something wasn't right so I went back to him recently at 6 months and he says there's not much he can do other than to recommend me to see a gastrointestinologist. And if that Dr. can't help me then he or the Dr. that performed the procedure can do a small cut and see what's going in under my belly button/skin.

Has anyone had this happen to them? Have complications like this? The Dr.s are making me feel like I'm just overweight, but after my second child things went back to normal after 4 months and I just had loose skin. I totally understand that with each pregnancy my stomach stretch to the max and with my last one, it seemed like I had twins which didn't help my situation, but something's telling me there's something wrong. Do I keep seeing more OBGYN's until they hear me? Help! I need advice.

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Just wanted to update to everyone who took their time to share their thoughts and provide me with some consolation to move forward and get that 3,4,5th Doctor's opinion. It has been a year but I finally now know that I have a hernia and most likely peptic ulcer too (runs in my family). I am in the process of waiting to meet up with a surgeon to see my options. I believe it will lead to an operation since the symptoms have worsened. Not extremely bad but bad enough for me to want something to be done so it doesn't get to the point of no return. If you want to read about hernias, here are some articles I found that really shed light on what I was going though. I know there was about 4 ladies who were going through the same thing I was but didn't know what they had either. Thanks again for being such a great lifeline!





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I would go see another dr. If your body is telling you something is not right then listen! I have a heart condition that went undiagnosed for two years until I found a dr. who listened to me that something wasn't right. Doctors don't know everything and are not perfect (they are human after all!) so I say listen to your body and go see another doc. I use Dr. Sandra Makeala in Long Beach and she is great. Good luck!

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It sounds to me like you may have adhesions, as what you are describing sounds very similiar to what I have from my abdominal surgery. The area is also hard and painful to touch and stretches and pulls when I move. Adhesions are scar tissue that attach themselves to places they would not normally be. I've done a lot of research online on them and from what I've found out, sometimes they will go away by themselves, while other people are bothered by them forever. Apparently, most doctors don't offer much help and you have to be persistent in asking for help. Sometimes surgery is the only way to correct the problem but that of course can set you up for more surgery. Hopefully you have the type that just needs to stretch out and heal by itself.

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Sounds like scar tissue. Get another opinion for your own sake. It may be only a long healing issue, and you might try massaging the area and some heat to help the healing. Don't just give up and take it though. If you have been seeing male doctors they don't really understand some things. It could be a hernia?? Just a last minute thought.

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See another DR -- not just OBGYN. I actually had something wrong for years and tried to explain to primary DR. but got no where. Turned out a urologist dx it immediately when actually I was there for something else (kidney stones). Good luck.

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Hi! Yeah having your tubes tied really messes with your body. I had it done 5 years ago and now I have no really issues due to it. But for quite some time by belly button hurt or felt weird. I kept thinking it's just a freaking belly button but I feel your pain... it's still a part of your body. It did take quite sometime to get back to normal but now I can tell no diffrence. Hang in there it will get better!

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Hi, I had my tubes tied a little less than a year ago. I have healed well. Except for a tiny bit of hardness (in the skin) directly at the incision in my belly button, I feel just fine. My advice to you is to find a doctor that will work with you to do whatever tests are neccessary to find out if anything is wrong. I am not a medical professional but I do know that there are simple tests they could do, for example an ultrasound/XRays or such. If I were you I would not give up until you get some solid answers. Your health is too important to ignore. The OBGYN's are female reproductive doctors and may not be the type of doctor to help you with the complications you are experiencing. I hope this helps and good luck to you. L.

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Honey.....go with your gut! Get a third opinion, and then a fourth. Or you can have the doc perform that procedure to see whats going on in there. I would want to know. But first, get that 3rd opinion and see when they say about the procedure too. Try to go to a woman if you haven't already. Sometimes they tend to be a little more concerned.
I believe you shouldn't be in pain anymore so, something is wrong. That's my opinion.
Good luck!

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Hi D.W. it sounds like you might have a hernia. Check with your regular Doctor.

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Hi D W, I don't have any advice, but possible consolation. I had an appendectomy back in October of last year and my incisions, mainly the left one, is still sore. My doctor said (when I went for my follow up) that the sensitivity I was feeling was normal, especially since I didn't take any pain meds, and that my healing process would be slower because I was doing it on my own (without the meds). I believed him at first, but it still hurts, and like you, I have trouble washing the dishes or when there is any pressure placed on the area. My surgery was also (initially) done through my belly button, but because of my weight (I believe)I had two incisions, a small one on the right and a large one on the left. I was also told the pain was because the left sided incision was larger and would take longer to heal. While I do realize the procedure I had is not a tubal ligation, and the pain I experience is not in my belly button (although because of various surgery's, my belly button looks pretty jacked up and is hard from the scar tissue in places), I just wanted to offer some sympathy, and let you know that I experience a similar sort of pain.

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I have never heard of pain like this after a tubal. Keep bugging the doctor's. Find another one, get an x-ray or ultrasound, Maybe the doctor left something in there, he does use a camera to see what he's doing in there. maybe he caused damage to something else. You know when something is wrong, who are they to tell us were fine deal with it. Maybe this has nothing to do with a tubal, but the tubal earitated it or brought on stronger simptoms. It sounds like you have a mistery diagnoses. Good Luck to you your in my prayers. J.

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D W, I am no professional, but what comes to mind when I read your story is scar tissue, that may have been caused by your procedure. I have dealt with scar tissue (brought on by medical procedures) and it is a tight hard feeling as you describe. It can be broken down and eventaully go away. There is a procedure called "endermology" that is a machine that can help with this. It's kind of a message process. It helps break up the scar tissue, helps circulation and helps tighten and smooth the skin. I know of two places, one Encinitas and one in Palm Desert. I'm sorry I don't know if there is one in Temecula. But do some research and you might find one near you.
Good Luck.

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D W,
I would recommend that you do insist on seeking help. After all only you know your body.
Best of Luck

Dear DW: You've gotten advice from two OB/GYN's and they're both saying the same thing. You could get a third opinion, or see the GI specialist like the one OB recommended. I would follow your doctor's guidelines and pray that God will give you and your doctors wisdom. I wish you the best of luck - and congratulations on your new baby!

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