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Combs/brushes for 4 Yr Old Girl

Hi Moms
I am looking for a good comb or brush for my 4 year old daughter who has long thick hair. She doesn't fight w/ me but does say it hurts some times when I brush her hair. She tries to do it herself but can't get all the knots out. I've even used detanglers and bedhead spray but they don't really help. What do you use? Thank you!

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Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I've been braiding my daughter's hair before bedtime and she LOVES it! I love it too, it's so quick and easy and her hair looks nice in the morning. A couple of times I was in a rush in the morning and her braids looked fine to go out, so we did. :) Also w/ the weather getting warmer the braids keep her cooler when she sleeps. I bought the Suave kids 2 in 1 shampoo and the conditioner, LOVE it! Also bought a wide tooth comb and a boars hair brush, both wonderful. I've added an extra day of hair washing to the week and plan on getting her a trim in the next few days. Thanks again for all your great ideas. My daughter and I are much happier now when it comes to brushing/combing her hair.

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Hi W.,

I have long wavy hair and have trouble with knots often. I use Arbonne's Before Sun Hair Protectant before I take a comb or a pick through it. It works wonderfully on the knots AND protects my hair from the sun AND there aren't any harsh chemicals or ingredients in it!!

Let me know if you have any questions about it.



Hi W.,

My daughter also has long thick hair and one thing I do to make mornings easier is to braid her hair at night before she goes to sleep. That way it's not tangled in the morning. I also use a pick to comb her hair (even though it's straight). It seems to make it easier. Keeping the ends trimmed also helps!

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I am also the mother of a 4 year old daughter with long thick straight hair. I am not sure what type of hair your daughter has (i.e. straight, curly, wavy, etc), but hopefully I can help.

First let me say that I agree with you on the detangler sprays, as they just leave the hair greasy looking and feeling. And, because our daughter's have thick hair, the amount you would need to use is just not worth it.

Second, I realized that when brushing my daughter's hair with ANY toddler brush, the process seems to take forever, and her hair inevitably gets caught and pulled. Because their hair is long and thick (which is not too typical of toddlers), I do not think that the brushes are geared for them. Their hair is too adult like, and needs to be handled differently. One day I decided to use my own brush (just an adult sized Revlon cushioned bristle brush). I can not tell you how wonderful it works! Not only does the larger surface area make for faster overall brushing, but her hair does not catch on the bristles so there is no pulling. And, because there is no excess brushing, her hair looks so much healthier. (Sometimes after a long fight with a smaller brush, her hair was left frizzy).

I would suggest saving your money on any fancy toddler brush, and just start using an adult sized cushion brush. I usually brush her hair entirely before handing over the brush for her own use. Also, I brush before bed to make the morning brush more bearable for us both. Many times I will put it in a loose braid, which helps avoid knots too. I have also noticed that getting her hair trimmed has a lot of benefits: it makes her hair look and feel healthier, it makes her hair seem to grow faster, and it helps discourage knots/tangles.

Hope this helps!

After shampooing use a cream rince to soften and untangle her hair. Rince both out well. Johnson's shampoo and Johnson's no more tangles should work well on a child. If not use adult products but be careful of her eyes.
Use downward strokes during the process...never mush the hair around the head....and comb the hair through during the process using a wide tooth comb.

Towel dry back from face with downward strokes...again never mush the hair around the head in the towel.

BRUSH AND COMB: Use an adult very wide tooth comb and brush.....make sure the bush and comb you use DOES NOT have those little balls at the tips.

When hair is wet, only use the wide tooth comb.

Only use the brush when the hair is dry and free of tangles.

When hair is tangled, section hair and work with one section at a time...the smaller the section the better. Begin combing at the nape (neck) first and work your way up to the crown...and do the same on the sides.

When working a tangle out....hold the hair right above the tangle with one hand. Start combing from the bottom of the tangle working your way up it using small easy strokes with the other hand using the comb (((against the other hand, not the head)))but staying close to the head as possible......that way you wont be pulling the hair at the scalp which hurts.

You might want to try making braids for bed time or a side pony tail (((not the side she sleeps on))) or a night cap so that the hair doesn't tangle while sleeping.

NEVER use rubber band ties on hair....

Hi W.:)

I have a 4 year old daughter who also have very long and thick hair, but it is curly. It is very hard to brush through every day. Even if I wash it at night and condition it, by the time the morning comes it is tangled again. I use the suave detangler spray. However, I really use alot of it. and I use a comb with teeth that are far apart and thick. I am not sure what it is called. Then I use a brush that isn't supposed to hurt, its bristles or whatever are also far apart... If all else fails I use more conditioner mixed with water and gently rub it through her hair...it is quite a process, but I have to actually do her hair everyday, I can't stand leaving it down because it just looks messy to me.... I hope that helps somewhat...sorry for all the babbling:)

Hi,I recommend a big detangling comb with detangling spray and a boar's hair brush.

Welcome to the wild hair club. My daughter has corkscrew curls and I have always looked for products for her hair to make it easier on the maintenance. Shampoo her hair with Sunsilk for straight hair and use the conditioner as well. They both come in the purple bottle. When you condition, comb it through with the OUCHLESS comb made by Goody. Goody has a comb and brush known as the OUCHLESS. The comb is wide toothed so it can get in there and detagle during bath time. Once out of the bath, dry her hair by squeezing the water out, not shaking it within the towel. This lessens the knots. Then spray INFUSIUM into her hair. INFUSIUM is a liquid that conditions hair after the bath. You will have to get a separate bottle because INFUSIUM comes in a regular bottle. Brush through with the OUCHLESS hairbrush. The bristles are plastic and wide spread across the brush so there is no pull to the hair. At bedtime, braid her hair or put it up in a bun. This lessens knots in the morning. Good Luck! AUSSIE makes great shampoo and conditioner as well, look for the MOISTURE shampoo and conditioner, it is great!!!
Good Luck!

Lots of good advice here. I struggle with this with my DD as well. I am a huge believer in Pantene products - especially the conditioner marketed towards helping straighten hair. Even if she is a curly head, this makes the hair smooth. After I work through the shampoo/condition/comb out process, I either braid her damp hair (2 loose braids) or I blow it dry. I do not know why but when she has had a blow dry, it does not get as knotty in the days that follow as it does when I let it air dry.

You are lucky she does not fight with you - mine is a nightmare. She has copious amounts of fine hair that make knots like I have never seen or had in my own thick wavy hair (Even as a kid).

Good luck!

You might want to start with a pick and then when the basic knots are done, use a brush. My daughter had knotty, fine hair and did well with a natural bristle brush but this doesn't work for everyone. You might need a wide comb.

Getting regular haircuts are helpful too for making the hair easier to comb. I don't know any 4 year old who is capable of looking after long hair. Is there any reason that it needs to stay so long? You might want to consider just cutting it a bit shorter. Long hair is a big burden (had it most of my life and love my short hair now, not that most little girls would like it short, but long enough for a pony tail is long enough to keep most of them happy).

French braiding it will keep it tangle-free. All the best!

S. Hoehner

They sell brushes called "ouchless brush" that are not supposed to hurt as much. I also like the Suave for kids detangler because it works good and it's cheap!

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