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Colors Bled on New Shirt, How Do I Get the Stain Out?

My husband bought a ringer style tee-shirt for our 5 month old, and after washing it in Dreft prior to wear it, the dark green of the ringer bled all over the white part of the shirt. Of course, it went through the dryer before we realized what happened. I tried treating with the spray Oxi Clean stain remover, but that didn't work. I also tried soaking it in the powdered Chlorox oxy cleaner with no luck. Any suggestions for other methods would be appreciated. I'd hate to throw it out!


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I've always had good luck with Rit Color remover. Just follow the directions on the back of the box. Usually you have to let it soak in the wash for a certain amount of time. I think it works really well. I've been able to get red out of white shirts before. Good luck!

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i had a simalar situation i'm a preschool teacher i left a crayon in one of my pockets then forgot washed and dry it i sprayed it with awesome from the dollar store every speck of the crayon came out.

Hi J., rince shirt with COLD water, then wash it again with white vinigar, once the color seams to be fadding out of the white part of the shirt. You may also use Rave pump hair spray to get stains out. If all else fails, use Brake Cleaner, found a Murrays Auto, then wash, again wash again, in cold vinigar water, vinigar sets the color, so not until you get stains out, 1C per load should do the trick. Mom of 4 daughter's 4 grandchildren, and one more grandchild due in July. Best of luck, we have all been their.

The only thing I would suggest is getting one of the "bleach pens" where you can "pencil" where you want the bleach to go - then wash that separately and hang dry. I have had that happen to me before when they have a, say navy, cloth "ring" around the inside neckline of t-shirts.

Hope that helps!

I hate it when this happens!!

RIT makes a think called something like color bleed remover, you might try that. I've had some luck with it. There are often other brands of 'stain' removers in that same area that you find the RIT dyes that might be of some help as well. (In Meijer, its not with the laundry stuff but over in the household stuff near the clothes pins, laundry hampers, hangers, etc.)

Good Luck!


You might want to try blotting the stain with rubbing alcohol and a white wash cloth or towel. Every time color comes off the shirt and onto the towel move to a clean part of the towel and continue blotting. Here's the trick with clothing: you will need to put another colorfast towel behind the front of the shirt to prevent the color from bleeding onto the back of the shirt.

This technique worked for me when my son put a few black sharpie marks on our antique green couch. The marks are gone and the couch looks great!

Good luck!



Hi! I am a mother of 4 boys,now ages 26,23,18 and 17.I have 2 suggestions. #1: Try a product by Carbona --- I think it is called "Color Run Repair" or something like that. 2nd:In every load you wash use a product by SC Johnson called "Shout Color Catcher". It will save you this headache in the future. Hope this helps.


I've always had good luck with Rit Color remover. Just follow the directions on the back of the box. Usually you have to let it soak in the wash for a certain amount of time. I think it works really well. I've been able to get red out of white shirts before. Good luck!

Usually once it goes theorught the dryer you can't get the stain out. In occasions I have been lucky enough to do so. Ok Try to spray it with shout take the oxi xlean powder and pour it on top of the prayed saturated area of the shirt let it sit for a day or two. It will lighten it or take it out it has done bothe for me. Another thing you could try which you need to be very talented. Take a cotton swab and dip it in clorox bleach and try wiping the printed area really really good with it. The color won't disappear immediatly you may have to let it sit. For a little heads up if your towles smell or you have some clothes in the future that smell like pee when you start potty training or you know how towels can smell like mildue. You can stick a tbsp of bleach in any load. I do my towels mainly but if my kids have been sick with a virus or one of them peed there bed I will add that much or a little less. to the load with detergent and it takes care of the smell. Plus the laundry comes out bright and fresh. If you use a spray bottle with water and a tabsp of bleach rest water in the bottle works awesome for disinfecting everything when cleaning. But OK back to the shirt. Becareful too because depending what the writing is made of it may crack. The bleach might be too much for the writing. I would do the shout and oxy and leave it alone.

Try adding 2 cap fulls of Clorox Bleach to a bucket of water and let the shirt soak, u have to keep checking on it to make sure you don't bleach the whole shirt. Trust me it works and you don't have to go out and buy any thing!!

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